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SnowRii – Fashion ♡ Beauty ♡ Travel ♡ Life. – Traveling the world, experiencing life from America to Japan! Zooming Japan (Travel Guide & Photos) Maneki Neko figure (26)Posted on January 29th, 2012 Cat Café Nyaoshima (4)Posted on June 6th, 2013 Kyoto Geisha Doll (0)Posted on November 26th, 2011 How to Find a Japanese Partner Online?

Zooming Japan (Travel Guide & Photos)

(14)Posted on December 29th, 2015. Wander Tokyo - Travel and Lifestyle Advice Centered on Tokyo, Japan. Dave’s Logs – Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day. You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way. A perk of being a long-term resident in a country that is currently sitting atop most lists for “cool vacay destinations in the world”, is being asked on a weekly daily basis: “So… What are your Tokyo/Kyoto/Japan tips and recommendations?”

Dave’s Logs – Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day. You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.

To which I politely smile and internally try to decide whether the person asking is mentally diminished or just hailing from an Internet-free country. Because all I hear is “Could you google Lonely Planet’s Top 10 List of Things to Do in Tokyo for me?” … Since there is clearly no useful or interesting answer to that question, and since it is a lot easier to be negative than positive, I instead decided to compile a near-exhaustive list of places and things that you should stay away from, when you visit Tokyo. Rule of thumb: if you are the sort of tourist who loved their visit to London’s Piccadilly Circus, Paris’ Champs Élysées, NYC’s Times Square or SF’s Fisherman’s Wharf, this list of don’ts is emphatically not for you. Maid Cafés. Sharla in Japan. Kamsinkaneko. Wattention : Hidden gems of Sugamo, the ‘Harajuku for obasans’ This street could hold the secret to Japanese obasans’ longevity Sugamo is known affectionately amongst the locals as the ‘Harajuku for obasans’, or aunties.

Wattention : Hidden gems of Sugamo, the ‘Harajuku for obasans’

It’s not as flashy or famous, but oozes character and confidence from the many hidden gems it has to offer ? From food, shopping, sights and even an onsen. This area makes for an enjoyable day-trip, if you’d like a change from cosplay spotting and futuristic fashion at Harajuku. Simply replace Takeshitadori with Jizodori Shopping Street, crepes with shiodaifuku (salted red bean mochi) and gothic girls with fake eyelashes with genki obasans wearing sun-visors and forearm covers, and you’re in obasan playland! Sugamo is the pacesetter when it comes to red hot underwear ?

One can’t go to Sugamo and not try the shiodaifuku, or salted red bean mochi ? Any shop that can survive in a street where the clientele are demanding obasans has to be good at what it’s doing. So go compare for yourself how the buzz at Sugamo compared to Harajuku! Micko - Predicando en el desierto. Motomachicakeblog. Posted by Javier Serrano on 20 January 2015 Una vez más un artículo de mi amiga Montserrat Sanz Yagüe viene a ennoblecer las páginas de este blog.


En esta ocasión se trata de una hermosa reflexión acerca los dos principales eventos que tuvieron lugar en esta ciudad a lo largo de la pasada semana: la celebración del “seijinshiki” (成人式, momento del año en el […] Un español en Japón - Blog sobre Japón. My First Fukubukuro! (ScoLar Fukubukuro 2016)

New Year’s in Japan has almost become synonymous with Fukubukuro (福袋) or Lucky Bags which go on sale on January 1st.

My First Fukubukuro! (ScoLar Fukubukuro 2016)

Fashion, cosmetics, accessories and even electronics (Apple Japan has lucky bags too!) And niche stores all start selling these lucky bags that you buy for a set price but contain contents that are worth many times more how much you paid for it. Sometimes it is a way to get rid of old stock, but there can also be limited edition items (or a special bag that the items come in) that you can only get through fukubukuro. Shoppers eager to get a good deal usually line up hours before the shops open to snag one, with the lucky bags from popular brands selling out in under an hour!

You can also order them online in advance so you don’t have to wait in the freezing cold, but be prepared, they sell out fast as well! Cat Foreheads & Rabbit Hutches. A book about life as a foreigner in small town Japan. Novel Metropolis. KARYÛKAI 花柳界. Japan Australia. Aaronsxedge. Life as scripted: travels, experiences, musings, and more. Texan in Tokyo (Blog & Comics) Miyagi Mermaid - Alaskan in Tohoku.

Lost In Translation. Construyendo un puente hacia el futuro, entre los países de Habla Hispana y Japón. 日本とスペイン語圏の未来への懸け橋.  …Japan from a Human Perspective! Hiko's Blog. CANDY KAWAII LOVER. Stories of Haikyo, Ruins and Urban Exploration. Impressions of daily life in Japan. The Rainbowholic Me. A look at the overlooked. Finding Love, Self, & Home on the Far Side of the World. Kirai – Un geek en Japón. Tales of a Kiwi living in the 47th most desirable prefecture in Japan.

Japanese Culture, Dating, Sex, Communication. Tokyo, Japan – Feb 3, 2015 – Yuta Aoki, a Japanese blogger, has published a book about international dating in Japan, featuring interviews of 15 people of 8 nationalities, including straight and LGBT people.

Japanese Culture, Dating, Sex, Communication

The author, who grew up in Japan, offers cultural perspective on each story. The book is titled “There’s Something I Want […] Vinny on the cliff by the sea. Banana Yoshimoto - A Blog. Sophelia's Japan. Los gatos electrónicos ahora se van a Londres. El Reino Unido y el transporte público Si hay una cosa que me gusta de Bilbao es de nuestro servicio de transporte público.

Los gatos electrónicos ahora se van a Londres

Puede que no sea el más completo, pero para una ciudad medianamente pequeña (al menos si lo comparamos con las grandes urbes del mundo), … El Reino Unido y el trabajo. Wings for Liberty - An Airhead's Personal Fashion BlogWings for Liberty. Hobo ceo - Business, travel and shabby trousers. Nihon Arekore. ★ Japan Lover Me ★ ♥ Dolly Kaye ♥ Life of an American mommy living in Japan. - Japanese gyaru and street fashion, japan travel.