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What can you learn on youtube? - Tomash.soup. 10 Fascinating Food Facts. Gregs Gypsy Bowtop Caravans - Home. America's Regional Hot Dog Styles. As we head into the 4th of July weekend, hot dogs are everywhere.

America's Regional Hot Dog Styles

It's Official- Cell Phones are Killing Bees. Scientists may have found the cause of the world’s sudden dwindling population of bees – and cell phones may be to blame.

It's Official- Cell Phones are Killing Bees

Research conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland has shown that the signal from cell phones not only confuses bees, but also may lead to their death. Over 83 experiments have yielded the same results. With virtually most of the population of the United States (and the rest of the world) owning cell phones, the impact has been greatly noticeable. Led by researcher Daniel Favre, the alarming study found that bees reacted significantly to cell phones that were placed near or in hives in call-making mode.

The bees sensed the signals transmitted when the phones rang, and emitted heavy buzzing noise during the calls. The signals cause the bees to become lost and disoriented. Bees are an integral and necessary part of our agricultural and ecological systems, producing honey, and more importantly pollinating our crops. Via Daily Mail. The Before I Die Project. Jun 09, 2011 / Category : Misc / 15 Comments Before I Die transforms neglected spaces into constructive ones where we can learn the hopes and aspirations of the people around us.

The Before I Die Project

This amazing project is started by Candy Chang a public installation artist, designer, urban planner, and co-founder of Civic Center who likes to make cities more comfortable for people. Food-Facts-Infographic.jpg (JPEG Image, 580x6350 pixels) Dude Eats Bacon. Narf-4746862f60197f6995298b1cbdcc0daf957bb9c3.jpeg (JPEG Image, 750x600 pixels) - Scaled (98. Genesis 1:1 Bible Browser. Entertainment Technology Resources - Humour - Things You Will Never Hear in the Theatre. Happy Birthday Mommy! I hope people have a little more sense about this post than the analogous entry about the six-year old tattoo artist.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Personally I agree that having your child’s artwork permanently made a part of your life is a wonderful way to hold onto a timeperiod that’s all too fleeting… And maybe will help you deal with them when they’re miserable teenagers, ha! Anyway, Spiderlilly‘s daughter gave her a little self-portrait tattoo for her birthday, with some help from the folks at Suffer City Tattoo in Dallas, Texas. Fitbit. Art Inspired Outfits III. 12 Things You'll Wish You'd Never Seen Under a Microscope. If you shrink yourself down to microscopic size, you're suddenly living in a completely alien world.

12 Things You'll Wish You'd Never Seen Under a Microscope

Whatever you're picturing, perhaps based on your experience from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, is way, way off. At that scale, everything is unimaginable horror. SWAY ROCKING CHAIR. 276 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU MARRY. 1.


Are you working on your chosen field? 2. 20 Awesome Literary Tattoos: Pics, Videos, Links, News. Interactive 3D model of Solar System Planets and Night Sky. The Meaning of Life. 50 Things Everyone Should Know. When Someone Insults You: 12 Neat Comebacks. When Someone Insults You: 12 Neat Comebacks | PurpleSlinkyList of Good Comebacks to Nasty Insults | AnswersList of Good Comebacks to Nasty Insults – iWonSnappy Comebacks to Stupid InsultsWhat are the best comebacks when someone insults you?

When Someone Insults You: 12 Neat Comebacks

– QuoraStumblers Who Like When Someone Insults You: 12 Neat ComebacksWhat is a really good comeback when someone insults you? – Yahoo! 7 …When Someone Insults You: 12 Neat Comebacks – Free Blog DirectoryReally Good Comebacks And Insults -mean insults comebacks – Keyword Stats. 10 Creepy Mysteries You Haven’t Heard Of. Mysteries We have had numerous mystery lists in the past, but, due to a recent question I asked on the Listverse fanpage on facebook, I decided to put together a new one.

10 Creepy Mysteries You Haven’t Heard Of

Concrete Poured Into Ant Colony Reveals Insect Megalopolis - Sally Schneider - Life. A video from Ants: Nature's Secret Power shows off the complicated, seemingly human abilities of non-human builders This extraordinary video clip is from Ants: Nature's Secret Power, a documentary about the world of ants as seen through the eyes of Bert Hölldobler, ant authority and E.O.

Concrete Poured Into Ant Colony Reveals Insect Megalopolis - Sally Schneider - Life

Wilson collaborator. Concrete was poured into an giant underground ant megalopolis, which acts as a mold. After the concrete hardened, scientists carefully excavated it to reveal the structure of the ant's elaborate "city-state": Everything looks like it has been designed by an architect, a single mind, but of course that isn't true. How to Have Sex With Me One Time. Don’t tell me I’m beautiful.

How to Have Sex With Me One Time

I’m here, aren’t I? Like, I’m here. I’m doing this and I have a reason…somewhere. Recycled glove chipmunk. Excuse Rolodex. 50 things I've learned in 50 years, a partial list in no particular order. 1. It’s better to sing off key than not to sing at all. 2. Promptness shows respect. 3. 75 Life-Changing Truths Written While Lying on the Grass. Yourstudio. 21 Fonts That Shouldn?t Be Free?But Are!

21 Fonts That Shouldn’t Be Free…But Are! 13 July 2009 by Jordan Hall Using the right type in your designs, both in type and web, is vital to an attractive and successful design. With so many free fonts out there (Da Font currently has over 9000 fonts to choose from) it’s hard to wade through the varying levels of quality available. Hacking. "The greatest irony of life is loving the right person at the wrong time, havi..." - bun soup.

Are You a Genius? 50 Intelligence Tests to See Where You Stand. Are you the smartest person in your office, school, or home? If you think you’re intellectual ability is unmatched, take these intelligence tests, which measure everything from your learning potential to your Mensa status to your emotional IQ. Then, pass them around to friends and family to compare scores and settle the debate over who’s the smartest once and for all. Riaa-lawsuit-matrix.jpg (JPEG Image, 661x855 pixels) Zb3fJutD9kzd7vtosi2bJu5zo1_400.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x400 pixels) 10 Mistakes Everyone Should Make Before They Die. Life's toughest lessons are learned by making mistakes. It's what we learn from our experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly, that matter most. Have some fun with these tongue in cheek common mistakes that (we think) everyone should commit at least once in a lifetime. 1.

Getting married. 11 Things You Didn't Know About Happiness. 6a00e3981e8fb6883301116866aec7970c-400wi (PNG Image, 400x300 pixels) Demand Unconditional Respect, Get Unconditional Scorn - Kobra's Corner. The Top Ten Best GHOST PHOTOGRAPHS Ever Taken. The other night I happened to catch Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi Channel. The 5 Scariest Urban Legends. The Urban Legend can have its lineage traced all the way back to the earliest form of storytelling, when terrifying tales were traded around fires, either as a warning or for mere entertainment. Welcome to Brits! Purveyors of British Goods. Greg's COUNTRY & WESTERN SONG-WRITING MACHINE. Learning To Love You More. I Wish You Enough. 10 Really Cool DIY Gadgets That Will Take You no More Than 5 Minutes.

35 Inspiring Entrepreneur Startup Quotes. Technical Art and Steampunk Contraptions. Secundum artem is a Latin phrase meaning "according to the art. " It is frequently used to describe doing something in the accepted manner of a skill or trade; in medicine, it is often taken to mean "use your skill and judgment. " The brass rod on the front of the keyboard (where you can see the reflection of my camera and overhead light) is covered with a piece of transparent vinyl to prevent tarnishing from the oils in the skin of your wrists.

World Clock. Ayn Rand - Faith vs Reason. Scott Campbell. Funny Wall Graffiti. Chiromancy - chiromancy or palmistry - Home Page. 60 Free Vector Graphics for Digital Art Pros - VECTORTUTS. Our Strange World. Unscrew America. The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes. Inside the Entrepreneur's Brain. Dream It, Share It, Achieve It. Jokes - Monty Python - Arguement sketch. Amanda Wachob Tattoo. LOVE. 7672-55fa59-480-360.jpg (JPEG Image, 480x360 pixels) The British Food Experience. Six Word Stories. Life-82cd434b48e70ace17b022828f72295c_h.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x450 pixels) 50 Viral Images The Web Shared In 2009. MyLifeIsAverage - Life is pretty normal today. Myflags.