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Jason ohler : Digital Storytelling - DAOW of storytelling. The DAOW of literacy in a storytelling environment Digital, Art, Oral and Written literacies- the DAOW of literacy - are crucial for personal, academic and workplace success in the Digital Age and blend very well in a digital storytelling environment.

jason ohler : Digital Storytelling - DAOW of storytelling

In my digital storytelling workshops we address how oral and written storytelling, as well as storytelling using digital and art skills, are involved in the creation of digital stories, and how all these literacies and forms of storytelling can reinforce each other. How to Create and Market a Children’s Book App – Presentation Highlights.

This past weekend I travelled to San Francisco to speak with a group of workshop participants attending Karen Robertson’s training on “How to Create & Market a Children’s Book App“.

How to Create and Market a Children’s Book App – Presentation Highlights

Karen is the author of several great resources on making and marketing book apps for kids, including an online course called “book app academy“. Best Practices for Designing iPad Apps for kids - Eggplant Digital. A recent project for one of our clients required us to design and develop an iPad App aimed at kids from the ages 5 to 12 years old.

Best Practices for Designing iPad Apps for kids - Eggplant Digital

This has been an interesting project, as we needed to consider the differences between how a child a uses an iPad compared to an adult or even a teenager. During the initial stages of the project we researched into the best practices of designing an iPad for kids, below are some of the more important things we discovered. From our research on the Web, we find that younger children, who have less experience with the Web, tend to read instructions more than children who are older.Although many usability guidelines are the same as 9 years ago, we did find one major change since the first study: children today are much more experienced in using computers and the Internet.

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Jump–start Synonyms, Jump–start Antonyms. Shibboleth Authentication Request. Young Children’s Engagement With E-Books at School. Shibboleth Authentication Request. Shibboleth Authentication Request. Affordances Model: A Decision System for Innovation. By Debborah Smith, Jeffrey Brand & Shelley Kinash Great educators are natural innovators because they routinely look for inspirational ways to engage and reach their students.

Affordances Model: A Decision System for Innovation

Unfortunately, innovation is often understood mainly in terms of technology – especially hardware. Goldilocks and Little Bear. Digital Literacies. WILD ABOUT BOOKS by Judy Sierra , Marc Brown , Random House Digital. Multi Platform Storytelling : Transmedia Storytelling Resources. Transmedia stories and games explained - Dr Christy Dena - ABC Splash - One of the areas I work in is ‘transmedia’ or ‘cross-media’ writing and design.

Transmedia stories and games explained - Dr Christy Dena - ABC Splash -

I work in the area as a practitioner, and also as an educator for industry professionals and undergraduate students. Transmedia or cross-media fundamentally refers to projects that span more than one medium; for example, a book and computer. I work in creating transmedia stories and games, and so also teach students about making their own. Over my two articles for ABC Splash, I share some of the approaches I use when giving students the opportunity to make their own transmedia stories and games. In each classroom, there are plenty of media already available: a whiteboard, books, and sometimes computers. Taking Time… Printed books all share identical physical traits–pages, a cover, and heft (that is, tangible matter).

Taking Time…

Although content varied, the definition of a book was never queried. The days of simple definitions are gone. Now we discuss narrative non-linear platforms or multimedia interactive hypertexts, and e-books, eBooks, or are they E-Books? I know the easy answer is: it doesn’t matter. Ebooks%20and%20Elending%20Issues%20Paper%20FINAL. Taking Time… 6 types of digital affordance that impact your UX.

Affordance is a term originally coined by a psychologist, J.J.

6 types of digital affordance that impact your UX

English Foundation to Year 10 Curriculum by rows - The Australian Curriculum v8.1. E-Books vs. Print: What Parents Need to Know. 5 Strategies for Increasing Children's eBook Sales - Vearsa. There has been one consistent message from market data over the past few months and that is the steady growth in children’s books, both print and digital (Nielsen’s BookInsights: UK Publishers Sold £2.2 Billion in 2014).

5 Strategies for Increasing Children's eBook Sales - Vearsa

Here at Vearsa we have seen some publishers make great strides in the area of Children’s eBooks with sales in this segment carrying them into overall growth as a business. As a publisher, it would be good to ensure you are getting as much of this marketplace pie as possible. So here are some easy strategies for optimizing sales in this growing genre based on what we have seen from our view of the market. 1) Get on the Shelf Sometimes simplicity can be the key to success, and the simplest instruction for getting a sale is to make sure your product is where the potential customer can find it.

6 types of digital affordance that impact your UX. Archiving play with a town. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been commissioned by the Creative Recovery Network to create a locative game with a regional town in Queensland.

Archiving play with a town

It involves a location-based experience that is very low-fi, along with archiving stories of the town. To get the link between the past and the present and the need to ground players in the space, I decided to explore archiving play: how people have played in the home, school, streets, and paddocks over the generations.The design is heavily inspired by Hide & Seek’s ace Tiny Games. I think when I mention I’m archiving play, people assume that I’ll be archiving how people play right now with video recordings. My plan was more about what they play (the rules) rather than how. Developing digital literacies in the curriculum. This resource set is for: teachers and other professionals involved in curriculum design Students develop digital capabilities and confidence mainly in the context of their courses of study.

Developing digital literacies in the curriculum

Digital literacies. The 12 institutional projects and 10 professional associations involved worked across a range of stakeholder groups: students, academic staff, teachers, researchers, librarians, administrators, technical staff, support staff and senior managers. The knowledge and resources from the programme have been shared progressively. The digital literacies programme built on a background of Jisc-funded work into learner literacies and strategic approaches to their development and support.

This work can be explored through the digital literacies page on the UK web archive. The projects which were part of the programme included those run by universities, colleges, and professional associations, and are listed on the archived page. Multi Platform Storytelling : Transmedia Storytelling Resources.