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Malaysia MM2H Program and its Impact on Tourism Sector. The concept of enigmatic orient starts its journey from Malaysia in the far-east and moves towards Thailand in the west. Over the years, an astonishing trend has been noticed in Malaysia which could be termed as ‘long stay tourism’. It is noted among the western and Japanese tourists who once put their feet in Malaysia for a few days trip, usually extend their visas for more days. They could not get over the charm of its beautiful land and amazing people.

Seeing this, the Malaysian government had developed a scheme in the year 1996 known as ‘Silver Hair Programme’ which was replaced by the MM2H or Malaysia My Second Home Programme in the year 2002. Through these programmes, the government wished to encourage the foreigners to settle in the country after their retirement. Many incentives are being offered in the way of clauses incorporated with them. How retired expats from Japan are influencing the tourism industry? Tourism is a pattern of life. The Perks for Singaporean Expats in Malaysia. If you are thinking, why on earth a Singaporean would migrate to Malaysia (except because of some professional or private compulsions) when there are so many other options, you are not blamed.

Such cliched ideas prevail even in Malaysia itself and most of the Malays believe in them. However, a few would dare to differ and they are not only proud of their decision but also exploring diverse opportunities available in the country to make their lives even better than back in their home. Pros of Calling Malaysia your Home Of course, Singapore ranks higher in the list of developed nations but it has its own limitations which are sometimes better tackled by the Malaysian government. Let us take a look! The Transport System is Better in many Ways: Although we cannot say that Kuala Lumpur has got world’s best transport system but it is better than many. 2. 3. 4. 5. Relocating to Paradise: Buying A Real Estate Property in Penang. The procedures involving relocation could be hectic and tiresome at the same time. If it is to a new country, it is more so! However, things might change considerably if you are relocating to a paradise like Penang in Malaysia.

Known for her culinary delights, pristine natural beauty, vibrant culture, amazing people and an old world charm, Penang is the darling of all globetrotters. Thanks to MM2H or ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ visa, the pet project of Malaysian tourism and immigration ministries, those willing to spend grand days after retirement here, are welcome with open hands. The first thing of importance is hiring or purchasing an accommodation. Few Must-Haves to Successfully Buy Real Estate Properties in Penang Use real estate property portals: Looking for a residential property in Penang? Verify the landscape: There is no dearth of properties with its fair share of green around its walls. We hope the tips would help you buy a real estate property in Penang. Like this: Why Living in Penang is Liberating? Time moves on with its own rhythm: Unlike the fast, ultra-urbanised lifestyle of Kuala Lumpur, time moves at its own pace in George Town.

Time has left its own untold stories on the shop house walls of the UNESCO Heritage Zone. Spending leisure moments at fun bars or talking with the street artists are worthy moments of a retired life. Banking on the option of building a hefty retirement nest egg: The value of money enhances after retirement and living in Penang gives you the option of spending a good life within reasonable means. Locals who have the highest esteem for old people: Now this is a living example of oriental culture still very much in practice in Malaysia where young people have immense respect for their elders.

Comfortable weather: Devoid of extreme weather conditions, throughout the year, the temperature in Penang flips around 800 F. Good healthcare: Popular among medical tourists, Malaysia and especially Penang is known for some world-class hospitals and healthcare centres. How MM2H Visa Application Process is Aiding Retirement Industry? The reputation of Malaysia is only growing with respect to an ideal retirement destination in world. This is the reason why MM2H visa process is rising in popularity. Malaysian government is aiming to facilitate the settlement of the retirees via the visa application process.

The entire legal formalities are so easy that people who are approaching for MM2H visas are not facing any hurdles. Some salient features of the departmental formalities are encouraging foreigners to apply for the visa. They are as follows: Salient Features of MM2H Visa that are Aiding the Retirement Industry Licensed MM2H visa sponsors: It is evident that it would be immensely discomforting for the foreigners if they have to physically come and visit the Malaysian Immigration department every time for visa related matters. Those who come for a short trip to Malaysia, fall for her charms. Like this: Like Loading... Malaysia Second Home Programme: FAQ for Car Purchase.

MM2H visa (Malaysia My Second Home visa) owners can explore many of its benefits. The ease of car purchase or its import is one among them. The FAQ series might shed more light on the entire topic. FAQ for Car Purchase What about tax exemptions on second-hand cars? Ans: The owners of MM2H visa can purchase vehicles in Malaysia without paying sales tax or excise duty. In the event of an accident, if one needs to change a car, should he/she pay back the amount for tax exemption? Ans: Rules are different for different cases: 1: If the vehicle has been sold or repaired, taxes will be applicable to it based on prevailing rates. 2: Taxes will be waived if the car is written off. 3: In the event of the purchase of a second vehicle, applications are processed based on individual merits.

When could an MM2H visa owner sell his/her car after getting the benefits of tax exemptions? Ans: If the owner pays back the amount of exempted tax before the resale transaction, he/she can sell the vehicle. Pros and Cons of Retiring in Malaysia. Malaysia is a country of diversities. You can find it not only in its social fabric but also in its civic and infrastructural development works. Kuala Lumpur is a city of high-rises whereas colonial era homes are still there in Penang Island. Malaysia has a high rate of literacy but people are very traditional and are very sensitive towards their religious and social beliefs.

Foreigners from the UK, USA, Australia and other parts of Europe might find it a bit peculiar but after spending some time here they will understand the local sentiments in a better way. In fact, many foreigners are settled in the country for multiple years and they are spending a good time here. The Malaysian government encourages foreigners to come and stay in the country after their retirement. Cultural Expression Pros: Unlike other countries where Islam is the official religion, Malaysia is more lenient towards its people practicing religions other than Islam. Accommodation Cost of Living Healthcare Like this: Why to Apply for MM2H Visa? The Benefits of Hiring an MM2H Relocation Service. When you decide to migrate to a new country, you need to take care of a number of important things.

Application for visa with attached documents, arrangement for proper accommodation, medical insurance, children’s education, purchase/import of car- there are so many essential services that help start a life afresh in a new country. In Malaysia, the government encourages foreigners to settle in the country after their retirement. It has rolled out a new visa programme called ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ to encourage foreign expats to come and stay in the country for a longer duration. As such, every year, people from western countries, Australia, Japan, Singapore and China apply for MM2H visas. The Malaysian government has distributed the power of offering assistance to visa application among a number of its licensed sponsors. Among other services, these MM2H sponsors also offer assistance for relocation to retired foreigners coming in Malaysia. Like this: Like Loading...

Why Americans are Opting to Retire in Malaysia? A good percentage of Americans believe that life begins after retirement. Some spend their retirement years by travelling and exploring places while others indulge in pursuing hobbies. With the decline of Social Security benefits and a possibility of 401(k) or retirement account becoming volatile, more Americans are migrating to new countries for exploring the potential of a better retirement life. In fact, the governments of many countries are encouraging foreigners to come and settle down and enjoy a good life for a lesser expense. In the past 5 to 7 years, Malaysia is fast rising as one of the most popular places to retire in world. The Malaysian government has launched a visa programme especially facilitating the process of migration for the foreign retirees which is called MM2H or ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ visa.

Why Malaysia? Favourable location of the islands: Malaysia is a paradise for those who want to explore new places of South-East Asia. Financial Requirements FAQ for MM2H Visa Application. Are you applying for MM2H visa in Malaysia? The full form of MM2H is Malaysia My Second Home visa. It is an initiative by the Malaysian government to encourage more foreign expats to come and settle down here after retirement. People all around the world apply for this visa because Malaysia holds a high position in the list of the places where retirees could settle down, comfortably. If you too are planning to settle down in Malaysia after your retirement, you should know about the requirements of visa application.

People have doubts regarding certain visa requirement clauses. A few MM2H visa application requirements that raise doubts Mostly, the financial requirements for MM2H visa application raise doubts among the visa applicants. Q: What are the withdrawal policies of fixed deposit amounts during the stay in Malaysia? Ans: Different banks offer different withdrawal schemes to the holders of fixed deposit accounts. Ans: No! Q: When can a visa applicant withdraw the fixed deposit? Secrets of Successful Investments in Penang Properties. Ideal Investment ChoicesThe decision to invest in real estate properties is very important.Thus, buyers should follow a strategy. According to experts, the strategy must contain the following points: 1. The buyers should invest in their familiar fields 2. Learn from property Gurus but it is of no use to follow them blindly 3.

Trends in the Penang Property Market While we talk about real estate market in Penang, we need to consider 2 different areas-one is the island and the other is the mainland. Given the changing social set-up, buyers are more interested in buying an apartment within a gated and guarded housing enclave. Why Retired Expats are Fond of Malaysian Food & Travelling? Malaysia is a popular place to retire and many people around the world select this place to settle down after retirement. When we are about to select a place to retire, the first thing that comes in our mind is the available options for recreation. Many consider the post-retirement days to be the golden days of life and without the means of recreation, there is no way we can call the days as ‘golden’.

Malaysia has no dearth of options for recreation. If we examine them all, we can say without any doubt that trying out local food dishes and travelling are 2 of the biggest means of recreation for the expats who have settled down in Malaysia after their retirement. Lipsmacking Malaysian Dishes When in Malaysia, eat like a Malaysian. Places to Visit in Malaysia The foreign expats love to visit Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, Ipoh, Kuching and Tioman. If you want to spend your golden days, come and retire in Malaysia.

Like this: Like Loading... Treating the Visitors with Cultural Extravaganza in Penang. The cultural extravaganza in Penang, Malaysia is famous in the whole world. Basically, it is the cosmopolitan population that enriches the local culture and offers it uniqueness. Be it the rice flour specially made for the Chinese new year or different ‘Pongal’ dishes prepared on the occasion of harvesting festival celebrated by the ethnic Indians, you will find them all in Penang. Chinese Cultural Extravaganza Chinese New Year is celebrated in all its pomp and glory in Penang. This year it was celebrated in the courtyard of Khoo Kongsi. Christmas Celebrations in Penang Christmas is celebrated wonderfully in Penang. Pongal Celebrations in Penang If you happen to be in Penang in the middle of January, you could visit the venues of ‘Pongal’ celebrations organised by the expat Indian communities living in Malaysia.

Living in Penang has its perks. The people of Penang are also known for their respect for the elder generation. The Benefits of A Good City Living in Malaysia. Cities are growing in importance and challenging our years’ long views on global societies. People are migrating from their countries to settle down in their preferred cities. Unlike a few decades before when people used to migrate to famous cities of Europe and Northern America from Asian and African countries, one can find a reverse trend nowadays. Many Europeans and Americans are settling down in Asian cities especially after their retirement. For example, Malaysian metropolitan cities are taking a cosmopolitan hue, thanks to the increasing number of expats choosing the top cities to settle down. They are not choosing Malaysian cities without a reason. There are many benefits of settling down in Malaysian cities which are as follows: The Benefits of City Planning: There is no dearth of advanced metropolitan cities in Malaysia.

The capital city of Kuala Lumpur is one of the finest examples of accurate town planning. Top 3 Things to Consider for MM2H Visa Application. Every year, many people around the world apply for ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ or MM2H visa. Like any other legal application, the applicants need to fulfil a few requirements. Here, we have enlisted the top three requirements for MM2H visa application.

Let us have a look! 1. Financial Requirements for the People Below 50 Years of Age: The visa applicants who belong to the age group of below 50 years should provide the proof of financial strength or liquid assets of at least RM 500,000 along with the offshore income equivalent to RM 10,000 per month. One needs not have to transfer the money into Malaysia. Instead, they could provide the bank statement (3 months before the submission of application).

The sources of income could be investment returns, salary, government pension, earnings from rental properties, royalty or any other income source. Financial requisite does not include property valuation. 2. 3. Like this: Like Loading... Retirement in Penang made Easier by the Banking Facilities. Retire in Malaysia with the Savings of $200,000. A Few Things to Remember before Relocating to Penang. Contribution of MM2H Programme to the Malaysian Economy. Evaluating the Significance of MM2H Visa Programme. Malaysia, the perfect Retirement Retreat! The Complete Guide for MM2H Visa Application. The Outlook of 2017 Real Estate Property in Penang. How your MM2H Sponsor can Help you to Relocate in Malaysia? How Retirement in Malaysia became Popular With The Foreigners? The Benefits of Retirement in Penang. How Malaysia My Second Home Programme is Boosting the Tourism?

Enjoy Your New Retirement In Malaysia Via The MM2H Visa. Process of mm2h visa application with alter domus by PenangMyHome. Why should you Approach Alter Domus for MM2H Visa Application? Safeguard Against The Rise Of Medical Cost In Malaysia. List Of The Factors That Back The Rise Of Property Price In Penang. Why Malaysia is an Asian Retirement Haven? Malaysian an Asian Retirement Haven. Know Why Golden Days Begin with your Retirement in Malaysia. Know Information About the Real Estate Property in Penang. MM2H Medical Insurance - Penangmyhome. Special MM2H Visa Benefits for All Malaysia Visa Holders. Know Why The MM2H Visa Program Is Not A Mere Social Visit Pass. Life in Penang. The Attractions Of Penang For A Foreign Couple With Kids.

Sundays Are The Fun Days In And Around Penang. Want To Deal In Malaysian Real Estate? Choose The Right Broker. The Benefits of Local Agenda 21 Program in Penang. About MM2H Program Requirements & Visa Application. How to Choose a Reliable Licensed Agency of MM2H? MM2H Fixed Deposit and Premier Status. Malaysian Colours Of Adventure. How Your MM2H Visa Can Help You Buy A Property In Penang? Popular Outdoor Events in Malaysia.

Benefits of Hiring MM2H Agents. Know About These Basic Requirements of MM2H Visa. What You Should Be Aare of Before Relocating to Penang? Know The Best Exotic Islands in Malaysia. Infrastructure, Cost of Living, Climate Make Malaysia Perfect for Retirement. Penang - Great Place for Your Next Home. What Makes MM2H Visa Special? Photography Could Be a Great Hobby to pursue in Malaysia after Retirement. MM2H Visa Application - Penangmyhome. Malaysia - A Fabulous Travel Destination. Explore Family Holiday in Penang- 10 Best Attractions. Why Living and Retirement in Malaysia. License MM2H Agent and Sponsor in Malaysia | Alter Domus. Know about the Malaysia My Second Home Programme. Alter Domus (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd. - Travel - Georgetown - Penang - Malaysia.

Key Factors to Consider Moving to Penang. Why Choose to Retire in Penang, Malaysia. Factors to Remember Before Investing In Penang Property. Low Cost of Living & Retirement in Penang | Alter Domus. Guide to Staying and Working in Malaysia. Quick Fact Checks of Retirement in Malaysia. Know how of Buying Real Estate Property in Malaysia. How a Licensed MM2H Agent Can Assist a Programme Participant. Role of an MM2H agent in Malaysia My Second Home Programme.

Know Why the MM2H Programme is So Special. MM2H Agent and Visa Consultant in Malaysia | Alter Domus. What are the Requirement for Malaysia My Second Home Visa | Stay Long or Retire In Penang. A Competitive Study of 4 Asian Countries as the Best Retirement Places. Know Why Spend Your Twilight Years in Malaysia. Avail Premium Relocation Assistance Services in Penang. Special MM2H Visa Benefits for All Malaysia Visa Holders. Penang Becomes the Best Retirement Destination in Malaysia. Things to Know Before Investing in Penang Residential Properties. Find Your Perfect Solace in the Awe-Inspiring Land of Penang. Roles of A Sponsor In Malaysia My Second Home Application. Know Why Choose Malaysia as the Best Retirement Place. Know About The MM2H Visa Requirements in Malaysia. Information About MM2H Application Eligibility Program. Buy and Sell Real Estate Property at Penang in Malaysia. Penang- The Ultimate Place to Stay After Retirement. Alter Domus (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd.

Most experienced MM2H and Relocation Consultancy Firm at Penang. Fastest Visa Service Provider at Penang in Malaysia. Licensed Immigration Consultant in Penang | Alter Domus. Latest Promotional Activities of Alter Domus in Penang. Know About The Finest Relocation Consultancy Firm in Penang. Relocation and Visa Consultancy Services in Malaysia. Penang is Best Place to Spend Your Retire Life in Malaysia.