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Remove Bad Reviews from Online Platforms. Posted at 07:00h in Blogs, Ecommerce, Important, Maintenance, Market, Marketing, Ratings & Reviews, Security, Support, Tips & Tricks, Tool by Tejas Chavda When your online business relies heavily on customer reviews, receiving negative feedback can be devastating.

Remove Bad Reviews from Online Platforms

Unfortunately, these reviews are often left flippantly, sometimes even by people who had no actual experience with your company. What these people see as a harmless prank can have a serious negative impact on your online business. Google Mobile First Indexing. 16 Dec Google Mobile First Indexing Posted at 07:00h in Blogs, Important, Market, Marketing, Mobile App, Ratings & Reviews, SEO, Support, Tips & Tricks, Tool by Tejas Chavda Mobile 1st classification is making a buzz within the world of digital selling in 2018.

Google Mobile First Indexing

All blogs and articles are providing you with recommendation on how’s, whys and what’s of Google’s latest roll-out. But everyone is talking regarding what’s to be done. no one is telling the precise steps you wish to require. Here, is that the list for Google Mobile 1st classification that each merchandiser and business owner ought to have and follow. A. Changes to Facebook Algorithm is Affecting Advertisements. It’s not news, or at least it shouldn’t be, that Facebook taps its user base and performs research on the massive trove of data.

Changes to Facebook Algorithm is Affecting Advertisements

However, the aim is not to get more ads in front of more users but to feed deep learning algorithms. Yes, machine learning and artificial intelligence in Facebook are being used for multiple purposes, and one of those is more personalized advertisements. This may sound like it is only impacting consumers, but the businesses that rely heavily on social media marketing – particularly Facebook advertisements – are also carefully observing the recent algorithmic changes. Tailoring your ads to your audience and expanding the range of that target audience has never been more important for the marketing teams of these companies. Recently, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced the type of content his company would be prioritizing using its machine learning and nascent AI. AMP News - Accelerated Mobile Pages News. Google introduced open-source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to render mobile pages quicker.

AMP News - Accelerated Mobile Pages News

Earlier, the AMP format was solely restricted to news, posts, how-to content, and instruction articles, however slowly and steady Google has been increasing the reach of AMP. it’s even integrated AMP into ad formats for lighter and quicker versions of ads. Recently, the net has been flooded with AMP news because it becomes Google’s latest tool for the mobile content market. Here is info on Google AMP demo versions introduced for search stories and emails. Chronic Problems Which can be Solved with Marketing Automation.

Posted at 07:00h in Blogs, Brands, Business, Important, Market, Marketing, Ratings & Reviews, Tips & Tricks, Tool, Wordpress by Tejas Chavda Marketing automation has become a highly discussed topic among marketers.

Chronic Problems Which can be Solved with Marketing Automation

And there is a good reason for this popularity! As the numbers via Ve Interactive suggest, marketing automation for B2B is on the road to become an industry worth $5.5 billion dollars. This shows that the interest in marketing automation is here to stay for a long time. And companies getting a first-mover advantage are likely to thrive over their competitors in the industry. Chronic Problems Which can be Solved with Marketing Automation. Smart Goals & Its Implementation Using Google Analytics. How to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS..? Posted at 15:56h in Ecommerce by Tejas Chavda A quick check up on W3Schools datum on most well-liked browsers says it all!

How to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS..?

W3Schools gets on an average forty-five million monthly visits and therefore the trends collected by them since 2002 reveal that the Google Chrome browser has been the foremost popular so far. In fact, as recently as in August 2017, Chrome with over 80% was miles ahead of common browser like Firefox with mere 13% usage. These trends establish the world quality of the Chrome browser to access the web. Understanding Browser Security As a number one digital promoting agency in Global market specializing in web site style and development. we all know that almost all websites don’t seem to be developed keeping browser security in mind.

When a user inputs an online address or a consistent Resource locater (URL) on their Google Chrome browser or the other browser, the prefix of the address e.g. protocol or https can confirm however the address gets understood. How to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS..? E-commerce Audit, Why does your site need it? Posted at 07:00h in Blogs, Business, Ecommerce, Important, Magento, Maintenance, Security, Support, Tips & Tricks, Tool by admin “Having an E-Commerce store is merely not enough.

E-commerce Audit, Why does your site need it?

With increasing competition and further challenges, you want to ensure that your customer gets a smooth experience and leaves the store satisfied. Perform this free E-Commerce Audit and find out how to overcome the problems and provide more sales driven content to the audience.” Improve Web Page Speed. It’s been nearly a decade since Google announced that a site’s page speed will be a critical factor in its ranking.

Improve Web Page Speed

This implies that a slow page speed would mean search engines can crawl fewer pages which could negatively affect its indexation. 47% of consumers expect websites to load in two seconds or less and 40% will abandon a page that takes three or more seconds. Machmetrics research recommends a page load speed under 3 seconds. Unfortunately, most sites clock in at an average speed of 8.66 seconds. Stakes are higher when it comes to mobile. Further, a report by Hubspot states that a drop in conversion is directly related to increase in page load times. SEO Future - Voice, Video & Vernacular. “OK Google”, “Alexa”, “Hey Siri” – these phrases have become extremely common.

SEO Future - Voice, Video & Vernacular

However, what most of us do not notice is our ever-increasing reliance on voice-based commands instead of just typing it out on any search engine. This is why we find a number of devices available which are aimed at providing solutions using voice-based commands. The increasing affordability of mobile phones and other hand-held devices means that people are not only using voice-based search more than before but are also using it for conducting searches in vernacular languages. Ways to App Downloads. Your app has been finally built after much hard work and effort.

Ways to App Downloads

The design, the app icon, everything has been finalized and on every device on which it has been tested, the app worked flawlessly and you have given yourself that much-needed pat on the back as the app has been finally built. The only issue which remains is to prompt the users to download the app. How to increase app downloads – an issue which almost every app developer encounters after the app has been developed. It is also a challenge for app marketers too. So why is this challenge? Here’s the breakdown Any smartphone user downloads an average of three apps per month while the number of apps on both the App Store and the Play Store together are more than four million. However, there are many ways using which users can be encouraged to download your app. Prioritizing App Store Optimization One of the most important ways of influencing app downloads is app store optimization.

Creating an Attractive App Icon Asking for Reviews. Key Elements to follow in Web Designing. How Does Design Matter? Web design is an evolving art. There is an evident difference in the way web pages used to appear once, and how they appear now. They are far more streamlined and user-friendly than before. Online marketing also is a far more lucrative option than outbound marketing, as Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound. Websites, over the span of the last 15 years have grown out to be more than just digital presence. How Impactful Can The ‘Design’ Element Be? Getting visitors to your website is similar to getting people to visit a restaurant or a luxury villa; the neater the place, more the visitors. The 20 Key Elements of Modern Web Designing.