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Artist Trust. Money - Artist Trust. Artist Trust partners with Photo Center Northwest (PCNW) to provide residencies for artists.

Money - Artist Trust

PCNW provides resources that include gallery spaces, darkrooms, studios, a digital lab and library. Residency recipients are chosen from Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) recipients and receive access to facilities, equipment, studios, classes/workshops, access to lectures, opportunities to exhibit, complimentary PCNW membership and more. Type of Award Residency Number of Awards Amount awarded 11-month residency Frequency Annual Application form availability date Residency recipients are chosen from the current year's Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) recipients. Application Deadline See Grants for Artist Projects for information on the GAP. Submission Address Eligible disciplines Artists in any discipline who are working with photography in their practice. Who is eligible Residency recipients are chosen from the current year's Grants for Artist Projects (GAP) recipients. Opportunities - Artist Trust.


Tutorials. Jason Rohrer. Currently parenting and making video games in Davis, California.

Jason Rohrer

[worklog] [release log] [support my work] Want to know when I release something? You'll get a few brief emails a year, at most. The Castle Doctrine-- my tenth game. A massively-multiplayer game of burglary and home defense. Diamond Trust of London-- my ninth game. Inside a Star-filled Sky-- my eighth game. Sleep Is Death-- my seventh game. Primrose-- my sixth game. Between-- my fifth game, about consciousness and isolation. Gravitation-- my fourth game, about mania, melancholia, and the creative process. Passage-- my third game, shown at Kokoromi's curated GAMMA 256 event (at MIGS 2007). Cultivation-- my second game, a social simulation about a community of gardeners that explores the balance between conflict and compromise (no shooting, but plenty of angry looks).

Transcend-- my first game, an abstract 2D shooting game that doubles as a multimedia sculpture. A monthly series of game prototypes commissioned by The Escapist. 2. Book II : FELICITY BYRNE PHOTOGRAPHY. The Game Design of Art. "Anything can be art. Even a can of Campbell's soup. " So admitted Roger Ebert , world-famous movie reviewer and notorious videogame detractor, back in July of 2007. However, continued Ebert, videogames will never be "high art. " Ebert has held fast to his "games cannot be art" position for two and a half years, braving an e-firestorm of responses from passionate game fans.

The gaming community has folded this fight into itself - we haven't just argued with Ebert, we've also debated endlessly with each other. Many of Ebert's opponents have unwittingly invoked a fragment of Ebert's argument in defense of games: Anything can be art, therefore games are art. Of course, these game proponents don't state their position so baldly; instead, they point to cultural products that have no utilitarian value for survival. This "utilitarian test" is a nice thought experiment, but it ends up derailing the debate about games. / home. Odosketch. Home Page. Magazine. "To hell with the new.


" So begins the newest issue of Plazm, the Pacific Northwest's premier art, culture, and design magazine. Plazm's largest issue ever clocks in at 160 pages of photography, art, and interviews featuring Yoko Ono, Art Chantry, Sue Coe, Storm Tharp, Todd Haynes, and JD Samson (formerly of Le Tigre), among many others. A release party is set for September 26 at the Ace Hotel in Portland with bands, DJ's, and an "End of War" art exhibit. Plazm #29 delves into our culture's collective memory, from a collectible poster of Portland's DIY music history to previously unpublished photographs of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, unearthed by Thomas Robinson.

Paintings of Bob Dylan by Todd Haynes, director of Far from Heaven, Velvet Goldmine, and the upcoming Dylan biopic I'm Not There, are published here for the first time. Current life in Iraq, in the States, and in Portland are represented in photography by unembedded photographers, Robbie McLaren, and Daniel Peterson.

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