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Vampire The Masquerade

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WOD - Seattle. Undefined The process of creating a game involves a lot of brainstorming.

WOD - Seattle

This process includes such things as the characters involved, the types of stories you want to tell and the themes and moods you wish to invoke. But, in many instances, none of these things can be decided until one major decision is made: Where the stories will take place. In the process of creating Semper Somnus, we decided to use a signature city. But, ultimately, we are a practical group. To tell a story, you have to be able to show, not just tell.

So, we chose Seattle. Mind you, this does not mean that we will be slavishly adhereing to the real world Seattle. The WoD Index. Legions d'Augias ! World of Darkness. ...Chercher au fond de soi le Mal que l'on croit voir chez les autres...

Legions d'Augias ! World of Darkness

The World of Darkness is the origin of much creation all around the world. Centered around supernatural creatures, like the vampires, who control the cities and most mortal institutions, the werewolves, doomed warriors of dying nature, mages, who have the power to bend the laws of reality, ghosts who come back to haunt the living and much more, the World of Darkness is a dark reflection of our own... Still, resemblances can lead us to introspection, to ask ourselves questions about how humanity is knowingly digging its own tomb through its own corruption... You will find here our own creations within the World of Darkness. Feel free to copy and use them as you need, as long as you don't make money with it. Raoul ''paercebal'' Borges Paris by Night... Chronicle: Paris, la nuit... is a City Sourcebook describing the city were our chronicles merged and interact each other.

Le monde change. Legions d'Augias ! - VF. Liens - Le Capharnaüm de Grolf. Bisers sanglants - Ages des ténèbres. Baisers sanglants - Disciplines. Abombwe Communier avec le prédateur (1) : Le vampire se sert des dons de la Bête pour ressentir ses semblables autour lui.

Baisers sanglants - Disciplines

Per+Survie SR 6, les personnes possédant de la Rage, les vampires et les spectres sont découverts. Apprivoiser la Bête (2) : Le vampire pactise avec la Bête, qui lui confère 1Dé sur une action physique. Il doit faire un jet de frénésie immédiatement après. Amadouer la Bête (3) : Le vampire chante pour effrayer ou pour cajoler la Bête. Main Page. Category:Vampire: The Masquerade.

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Category:Vampire: The Masquerade

White Wolf Publishing has produced gaming universes for over 20 years including World of Darkness, Exalted, Trinity, and many more. White Wolf merged with CCP Games to focus on translating the World of Darkness IP into a massively multiplayer experience, and the North American office is fully dedicated to making this evolution a reality. In order to continue to support our existing RPG and LARP communities, we have entered into a number of partnerships with individuals and groups who can focus their full attention on the art forms White Wolf created and lived in. Digital Publishing and Print On Demand Both new and classic White Wolf products are available for digital download and Print On Demand through

Tabletop Roleplaying Games Our tabletop RPG publishing continues via Onyx Path Publishing. Live Action Roleplaying Games Our live-action "Mind’s Eye Theatre" publishing returns by way of By Night Studios. Live Action Organizations. Vampire : la Mascarade. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Vampire : la Mascarade

Une version jeu de rôle grandeur nature, Mind's Eye Theatre, a vu le jour en 1993. Concept de base[modifier | modifier le code] World of Darkness. "World of Darkness" (or WoD) is the name given to three related but distinct fictional universes created as settings for supernatural horror themed role-playing games.

World of Darkness

It is also the name of roleplaying games in the second and third settings. The first was conceived by Mark Rein-Hagen, while the second was designed by several people at White Wolf Gaming Studio, which Rein-Hagen helped to found. The first two World of Darkness settings have been used for several horror fiction–themed role-playing games that make use of White Wolf's Storyteller / Storytelling System, as well as Mind's Eye Theatre, a live action roleplaying game based on the core games. The third, Monte Cook's World of Darkness, created by Monte Cook based on the first two World of Darkness settings, includes only a single product. Terminology and themes[edit] While the newer setting is superficially very similar, the overall theme is one of "dark mystery", with an emphasis on the unknown and personal horror.

Pr sentation du jeu de r les Vampire : La Mascarade. Camarilla | Indépendants | Sabbat | Disciplines | Lexique Adepte du jeu de rôles ou néophyte, te voici entré dans le monde de Vampire : La Mascarade !

Pr sentation du jeu de r les Vampire : La Mascarade

Je te présente ici l'univers de ce jeu de rôles, et les personnages que tu peux incarner. Si tu veux, tu peux créer directement ton personnage (rubrique Personnages > Fiche de perso), mais essaye avant tout de bien cerner l'univers de ce jeu. White Wolf, créateur du jeu (cf. Copyrights) nous propose 2 époques dans lesquelles incarner un vampire. Vampire - La Mascarade. S Gateway to the World of Darkness. Les Litanies de Sang. Les documents pour Vampire, la Mascarade. Les Litanies de Sang. MrGone's Character Sheets.


VtM Database. Bloodlines.