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Founded in 1997, Pegasus Knowledge Solutions, Inc. (PKSI) is an independent, advanced analytic software and services organization, that partners with the industry leading providers to help customers create value from their data, bringing a range of talents, including data integration and preparation, big data environments, data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning and text mining, as well as dashboarding and visualization.

5 Customer Attrition Causes You Must Look Out For In 2021. If you think about it, a business is no different than a democracy.

5 Customer Attrition Causes You Must Look Out For In 2021

It’s of the customer, for the customer, and by the customer (more or less, yes, every business was a dissatisfied customer once before deciding to start his/ her own venture to solve the problem). Customer retention data analytics is one vital business tool that is always giving out new insights and projections as the ever-dynamic consumer trends shift. In this article, we will be sharing some actionable insights to boost your business as we move towards the end of Q1’s second month of 2021. 5 Top Reasons for Customer Attrition: Upgrading Business Behavior Customer attrition, also known as customer churn, refers to the rate of customer defection.

Attracting the wrong audience In case you are losing a lot of customers in a short period of time, chances are you are attracting the wrong audience in the first place. Product/ service glitch Customer dissatisfaction This is in relation to the previous point. Decreased valuation. A Guide To Boosting Talent Management With Advanced Analytics. Posted by PegasusKnowledge on February 25th, 2021 With advanced workforce analytics by your side, you can steer your company in the right direction by nurturing its most valuable resource - its employees.

A Guide To Boosting Talent Management With Advanced Analytics

Along with making the recruiting process easier, these solutions may just prove to be a gamechanger as far as talent management is concerned. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of leveraging advanced analytics services to manage your existing talent. Here are just two of the pros for you: Reduces your company’s attrition rate No discussion about talent management can be complete without a mention of the high attrition rates of thousands of mid-level companies around the world.

Advanced People Analytics. Predictive Workforce Analytics. Employee AI 360: Integrate employee data from multiple source systems using pre-built data connectors and provide a single view of an employee.

Predictive Workforce Analytics

Employee data gets enhanced by external data we provide to give deeper insights; we apply machine learning techniques to give you a real AI 360 degree view of an employee. Analyze Employee Experience: Text Mining and Machine Learning techniques are used to analyze the text data provided by employees in surveys, performance appraisals, etc., to better understand employee experience. Analyze for Unconscious Bias: Ensure that analytics models and predictors are not inherently biased. Talent Analytics: Using ML and behavioral analytics identify the right candidate for a particular job description based on Skill Score, Success Profile Score, and Propensity Score to accept an offer.

We also predict if a candidate has the traits of high performers in your company. Banking Analytics Solutions. Strengthen Your Financial Future with Predictive Analytics. 2020 was a wake-up call for every business.

Strengthen Your Financial Future with Predictive Analytics

It taught us the importance of omnipresence across every channel and made us realize the prowess of technology. It taught every company the importance of flexibility. Apart from that, 2020 also brought to our attention one important aspect i.e., the vulnerability of our economy. A Guide To Workforce Optimization In 2021. How Advanced Analytics Solutions Can Help Banks with Credit Risk Management.

Managing credit risk has always been paramount to banking institutions.

How Advanced Analytics Solutions Can Help Banks with Credit Risk Management

If banks do not manage credit risk, are overly lenient when offering credit, and are unable to recover the credit, they are likely to experience a credit crisis, which can lead to a credit crunch sooner or later. So, they need to limit the risk exposure within acceptable parameters and maximize the risk-adjusted rate of return in order to grow their business. In the recent few years, the evolution of advanced analytics solutions has reshaped the way banks manage and maintain credit risk. The use of data has enabled them to make better data-driven decisions and refine their credit risk strategy while reducing the overall cost associated with risk management. Learn Advanced HR Analytics from Customer Retention and Marketing Analytics.

Customer Retention Data Analytics Solutions. Data Analytics Is A Must For Businesses In Today’s Times. Learn How Data Analytics Can Benefit Insurance Companies. In today's era, every sector needs to get better at not only data handling but also utilizing the acquired data correctly to achieve its long-term business goals.

Learn How Data Analytics Can Benefit Insurance Companies

According to a recent study, data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to attract and retain customers than others. Another report reveals that businesses spent more than $187 billion on data analytics in 2019, indicating that organizations are increasingly learning the potential of big data and how it can benefit them. And since insurance is a data-driven industry, it makes sense for insurance companies to utilize insurance analytics solutions to improve the bottom line.

Here's how insurance companies can benefit from data analytics: Lead generation In the age of digitization, insurance companies are struggling to compete with the internet. Retain customers. AI In Talent Acquisition: Benefits Every Recruiter Must Know. Posted by PegasusKnowledge on December 16th, 2020 Artificial intelligence has revolutionized a number of industries and it is on its way to change the world as we know it.

AI In Talent Acquisition: Benefits Every Recruiter Must Know

Numerous studies have shown that AI will lead to the creation of new jobs and humans will enter into a collaborative relationship with such technologies. Interestingly, AI has proved to be a blessing in disguise for HR professionals who can now harness its potential to make faster, better hires. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is the future of talent acquisition! Artificial Intelligence in Talent Acquisition Recruiting the best talent is vital to the success of any organization. Although a new category in the realm of HR technology, AI in recruitment shows promise in lowering the time taken to go through resumes and finding the right candidates from a wide pool of qualified talent. Manually screening profiles takes away a massive chunk of the average recruiter’s work hours. Insurance Analytics Solutions. Get Banking Analytics Solutions from PKSI. Employee Engagement Analytics Solutions. Predictive Analytics Is A Must For Logistic Companies In Today’s Times. Logistics is an industry where we all know that if resources and time are not handled smartly, it won’t take much time for a company’s bottom line to get affected.

Predictive Analytics Is A Must For Logistic Companies In Today’s Times

There was a time when people in logistics used to think that customer churn prediction in logistics and transportation was merely an additional bonus feature. But the demanding nature of modern logistics has made it clear that predictive analytics is a necessity in today’s times. How? Well, we’ve listed down some points for this purpose. Let’s take a look at them. Navigating Through The COVID-19 Crisis With Advanced Workforce Analytics. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to reshape and reinvent the way we live, do business, and work.

Navigating Through The COVID-19 Crisis With Advanced Workforce Analytics

With employees working remotely, it is natural for human resources departments to be concerned about how to ensure employee satisfaction, productivity, and engagement. Moreover, old methods of reviewing the annual performance of employees, recruiting new talent, and traditional skills development programs may not be as effective during the pandemic. This calls for innovative solutions. The Importance Of Advanced Banking Analytics Amid The Pandemic. Get Guidance of Advanced Analytics in Finance from Understand Credit Union Financial Analytics.

Customer Churn Analysis in Logistics. The Importance Of Analytics In Wealth Management. The financial services sector has been witnessing a complete overhaul in the past few years.

The Importance Of Analytics In Wealth Management

And buzzwords such as ‘big data’ and ‘advanced analytics’ have a lot to do with the revolution. As we speak, banks around the world are using advanced analytics to calculate the probability of loan defaults, harnessing AI to send targeted ads to quality prospects, and are turning to big data to identify patterns and changes in the average customer’s behavior. As far as the wealth management realm is concerned, countless firms have been focusing on analytics-driven systematic investing while also building in-house data science teams.

Data, after all, is the new oil. Asset managers can now help their clients grow their wealth substantially by making the most out of trends forecasted well in advance with the help of newly-developed tech. 3 Challenges That the Financial Services Industry is Facing Today. The financial services industry has always been faced with plenty of generational challenges. If you look at the late 1800s banking system, you will find gangsters robbing banks across the American Wild West. In the 1900s, the industry witnessed women fighting to enter the male-dominated banking sector. And today, we have digital challenges, which are more serious than ever. As the financial services industry adopts newer technology to stay competitive, it is bombarded with new security threats, which are severe enough to keep most financial institutions up at night.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can Help in the Staffing Process. Posted by PegasusKnowledge on October 25th, 2020 HR professionals are often busy with tasks, such as scheduling candidates’ interviews with different team members, collecting data, taking feedback from employees, etc. This hardly gives them time to get involved in more strategic thinking and analysis. Get Basic To Advanced Marketing Analytics Solutions│PKSI. How to Increase Customer Retention With Data Analytics. Impact of Data Analytics on Wealth Management.

Application of Predictive Analytics & Advanced Data at Financial Organizations. How Advanced Workforce Analytics Can Help Employers? Wealth Management Analytics: Better Use Them Now, Before a Financial Crisis. Advanced Workforce Analytics Services. Predictive Analytics: Essential in Financial Services. Workforce Analytics Optimizes Human Capital.