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Distribution of p-values when comparing two means. P Summers. Latest Applications of Deep Learning. Learning Informative Features from Restricted Boltzmann Machines Abstract: Abstract In recent years deep learning paradigm achieved important empirical success in a number of practical applications such as object recognition, speech recognition and natural language processing.

Latest Applications of Deep Learning

A lot of effort has been put on understanding theoretical aspects of this success, however, still there is no common view on how deep architectures should be trained and thus many open questions remain. One hypothesis focuses on formulating good criterion (prior) that may help to learn a set of features capable of disentangling hidden factors. Following this line of thinking, in this paper, we propose to add a penalty (regularization) term to the log-likelihood function that enforces hidden units to maximize entropy and to be pairwise uncorrelated, for given observables.

Pub.: 01 Dec '16, Pinned: 07 Dec '16. Docollab. Search, sort and filter With Docollab you can quickly find the content you are looking for.


You can search by keywords and labels, filter your results by ownership and date, and sort them by name or date. How To Publish Like A Huge Content Creation Team (When It’s Really Just You) Generate dozens of ideas, publish daily and collect 830+ leads in 60 days...even if your site’s brand new.

How To Publish Like A Huge Content Creation Team (When It’s Really Just You)

Apr 19th, 2016 by Niklas Goeke Don’t things like these make you want to punch something? If it were that easy to get 1,000 subscribers, wouldn’t we all be internet millionaires by now? We’ve all seen these before. Outlandish claims like this are based on either one of two assumptions: You’re an email marketing expertYou have a massive, pre-existing audience. Of course you can just install a pop-up when you get 100,000 visitors a month and collect an easy extra 1,000 subscribers.

But if you’ve never built an email list before and no one in your industry knows your name, you need somebody to take you by the hand and walks you exactly through what to do, step by step Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I’m going to do today. Getting my first 1,000 subscribers took me 6 months of: But it does get better. On Data Titles. Untitled. Don’t want to store your data in the cloud?


With the TeamDrive Personal Server small to medium-sized businesses or organizations, departments in larger companies, colleges and universities, schools and individuals receive a simple and secure solution to host their data on their our own servers. TeamDrive clients function perfectly with combined hosting solutions (hybrid), which allows you to use your own server and/or the TeamDrive cloud to securely host and access your data.

Each Space (TeamDrive folders in the file system) can be hosted either using our cloud or on your own servers. The TeamDrive Personal Server stores and synchronizes the encrypted data it receives from TeamDrive clients. NeuroVault: a new home for all brain statistical maps! Data guidelines. Data Guidelines 1.

Data guidelines

Overview This page provides information about data you need to include when publishing an article in F1000Research, where your data can be stored, and how your data should be presented. Please note that adherence to our data policies is only compulsory for articles, not posters or slides. A large number of journals and publishers have confirmed that they welcome research articles reporting analysis and conclusions that are based on previously published datasets: They do not consider the publication of a dataset with a DOI and associated protocol information as a ‘prior publication’ that would preclude subsequent publication of new results obtained from such a dataset. 2. All primary research articles should include the submission of the data underlying the results, together with details of any software used to process results.

Data are normally published under the CC0 licence which facilitates data reuse. 3. 3.1 Spreadsheet data Give each column a descriptive heading. 4. Community Collections - Zenodo. Install on Windows (in Docker) — elabftw 1.1.8-p2 documentation. Untitled. Digital tools for researchers. Search for federal grants, foundation grants, and limited submission opportunities. Pivot.

Professional Edition ELN - LabArchives. Store, Organize, Share Laboratory Research Data The Professional Edition is for Principal Investigators, lab managers, post doctoral fellows and grad students.

Professional Edition ELN - LabArchives

This edition will improve the productivity of research staff, finding information and recreating experiments. Try it. It's Free! Or sign in Enhance your Team. LabArchives® is the leading secure and intuitive cloud-based Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) application enabling researchers to easily create, store, share and manage their research data. Compatible Our Electronic Lab Notebooks work on multiple platforms and devices. Docollab Free Electronic Lab Notebook. Digital tools for researchers. Find out how digital tools can help you: Explore the literature(back to top) Here is a collection of digital tools that are designed to help researchers explore the millions of research articles available to this date.

Digital tools for researchers

Search engines and curators help you to quickly find the articles you are interested in and stay up to date with the literature. Article visualization tools enhance your reading experience, for instance, by helping you navigate from a paper to another. Search engines and curators Article visualization. Try WorkFlowy Instantly. Flow Chart Maker & Online Diagram Software. Online Diagram and Flowchart Software. Figshare.