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Lambda School - A Revolutionary New School That Invests In You. Lambda School, ecco la scuola che investe sugli studenti. Per alcuni è l’ultimo baluardo del modello fordista, l’unico che ancora sopravvive. Per altri è in via di rapida obsolescenza non solo nel modello ma anche nei contenuti. Per altri ancora è una roccaforte che si regge su schemi ancorati alle rendite di posizione e all’anzianità di servizio invece che alla meritocrazia. La scuola, in tutte le sue declinazioni, appare oggi come qualcosa che andrebbe profondamente riformato per adeguarla ai tempi attuali che appaiono sempre più distaccati da essa, o meglio essa appare sempre più distaccata dal mondo in cui agisce.

La scuola è fondamentale, qualunque sia il futuro che vogliamo costruire, qualunque sia il problema sociale ed economico che vogliamo risolvere, è sulla scuola che bisogna investire. Parlando di questo tema con Raffaele Mauro, che è oggi managing director di Endeavor Italia e sempre attentissimo a ciò che di nuovo accade nel mondo, mi ha citato un progetto che si chiama Lambda School e che ha un modello unico e innovativo. Cardiac Arrhythmia. Analytics, Big Data, and Data Science Courses - Big Data University. Redox | The Modern API for Healthcare.

Polihub | Learn2App with Xamarin 2017 Edition. Dopo il successo del 2016, torna Learn2App: Impara a sviluppare le tue app con XAMARIN! Learn2App with Xamarin è un’inizitiva PoliHub all’interno del progetto Future ReCoded. Una giornata per imparare a sviluppare applicazioni web o mobile tramite la piattaforma Xamarin di Microsoft. Quando: Martedì 28 febbraio 2017, dalle ore 10:00 alle ore 16:00 Dove: Sala Arena di PoliHub (Primo Piano, Via Durando 39, Milano). Pranzo e Coffee break inclusi! Agenda Introduzione ai concetti di base sulla programmazione a oggetti (C#)Introduzione a Xamarin + Xamarin FromsSviluppo delle idee in Xamarin.Lab Durante il momento dedicato al Xamarin.Lab potrete sviluppare le vostre app con il supporto di Guido Magrin, esperto Xamarin e Microsoft Student Partner!

Per lavorare attivamente durante il Xamarin Lab, momento dedicato alla sperimentazione del tool, dovete portare i vostri portatili con i seguenti tool installati: [PC] Visual Studio 2015 Community con Xamarin – Download QUI [Mac] Xamarin Studio – Download QUI. GitHub - goberoi/cloudy_vision: Cloudy Vision is an open source tool to test the image labeling capabilities of different computer vision API vendors. Objects. The Nature of Code. “I am two with nature.” — Woody Allen Here we are: the beginning. Well, almost the beginning. If it’s been a while since you’ve done any programming in Processing (or any math, for that matter), this introduction will get your mind back into computational thinking before we approach some of the more difficult and complex material.

In Chapter 1, we’re going to talk about the concept of a vector and how it will serve as the building block for simulating motion throughout this book. But before we take that step, let’s think about what it means for something to simply move around the screen. I.1 Random Walks Imagine you are standing in the middle of a balance beam. Yes, this may seem like a particularly unsophisticated algorithm. We need to review a programming concept central to this book—object-oriented programming. I.2 The Random Walker Class Let’s review a bit of object-oriented programming (OOP) first by building a Walker object. Show Raw Example I.1: Traditional random walk Figure I.1.

Learning Processing 2nd Edition. The Tweet button is a small button displayed on your website to help viewers easily share your content on Twitter. A Tweet button consists of two parts: a link to the Tweet composer on and Twitter for Websites JavaScript to enhance the link with the easily recognizable Tweet button. The website provides a simple, form-based approach to generate HTML markup for a Tweet button you may copy-and-paste into your website template. A tweet event is triggered on your webpage when the Tweet button is tapped or clicked.

How to add a Tweet button to your website 1. 2. Tweet text components text A text parameter appears pre-selected in a Tweet composer. The text parameter may be auto-populated from the webpage’s <title> element if not explicitly set. url The url parameter contains an absolute HTTP or HTTPS URL to be shared on Twitter. Hashtags Add a comma-separated list of hashtags to a Tweet using the hashtags parameter. Via Button customization Size.

Johnny-Five: The JavaScript Robotics Programming Framework. Corso Online Gratuito Creare una Landing Page: Basi di Html e Css | Life Learning. Sono Daniele Ugolini, amante di tecnologia ed esperto di Ruby on Rails, HTML e CSS, con il mio corso online gratuito “Creare una Landing Page: Basi di Html e Css” ti insegnerò come pubblicare in poche ore il tuo primo sito online imparando le basi di HTML, CSS e i principali trucchi di marketing per testare subito la tua idea. Perchè scegliere questo corso? Tutti abbiamo milioni di idee ogni giorno. Il trucco sta nel testarle velocemente senza sprecare risorse. Una Landing Page ci permette di andare online per testare e validare la nostra idea sul mercato secondo gli approcci Lean Startup. Con questo potrai imparare a programmare da zero in modo da creare una landing page efficace ed andare online con il tuo primo sito web in poche ore.

Inoltre andremo ad applicare i principi base di web design e utilizzare gli strumenti disponibili online per creare un design moderno e aumentare la user experience della tua Landing Page. Cosa imparerai con questo corso? What is Kong? | Kong - Open-Source API Management and Microservice Management. Numenta | New Era of Machine Intelligence. TensorFlow -- an Open Source Software Library for Machine Intelligence. Sparse Image and Signal Processing. Software Source Code and Data from the First Edition Chapter 2, The Wavelet Transform, Guided Numerical Experiments WaveLab 850, Matlab functions for wavelet analysis. Link to WaveLab 850 site. See too for Lena and Einstein images. Cwtdemo.m, demo of the Continuous Wavelet Transform using a 1D signal. Matlab code from section 2.9.2.

Dwtdemo.m, demo of the 2D biorthogonal Discrete Wavelet Transform. Chapter 3, Redundant Wavelet Transform, Guided Numerical Experiments IDL Astronomical User Library. GSL - GNU Scientific Library. Introduction The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a numerical library for C and C++ programmers. It is free software under the GNU General Public License. The library provides a wide range of mathematical routines such as random number generators, special functions and least-squares fitting.

There are over 1000 functions in total with an extensive test suite. The complete range of subject areas covered by the library includes, Unlike the licenses of proprietary numerical libraries the license of GSL does not restrict scientific cooperation. It allows you to share your programs freely with others. Downloading GSL The current stable version is GSL-2.5.

GSL can be found in the gsl subdirectory on your nearest GNU mirror Main GNU ftp site: For other ways to obtain GSL, please read How to get GNU Software Installation instructions can be found in the included README and INSTALL files. Verifying GSL Signature Documentation Donate GNU/Linux with gcc. GSL - GNU Scientific Library. Open Source Projects - NumFOCUS | Open Code = Better Science. Open-source pulse sequences: Introduction.


Beginning C++ Programming - O'Reilly Media. Wolfram Programming Lab: Computational Thinking Starts Here. CodeUpStart. We’re coders who spent years creating products from scratch and breaking down problems at startups and... The reason we’re creators here is because we’ve all had the moment where we realized how extremely hard it is to learn how to build (and deploy!) Real world products. We've personally been through a ton of resources out there that make learning to code more complicated than necessary. It's frustrating how often what one resource is teaching you about a programming language doesn’t get you anywhere because it needs 10 other things to make an app really work in real life!

Our basic goal with CodeUpStart projects is to be product-focused and help you build and launch complete real apps, and in doing so we’ll help you gain fullstack development skills in a way that’s practical and fast. Our ultimate goal is for YOU to extend our projects and have launched apps on your hands and we believe the best way is to focus on teaching you how to build REAL products. Teaching machines. ProtoHack - The code-free hackathon for designers and business people. WebGLStudio.js. Learn to Prototype. Welcome to ProtoHack’s learning page. Here you’ll be able to learn the basics of Prototyping tools that you’ll use to put your idea to ‘paper’ at our hackathons, 100% CODE FREE! We will be covering three popular tools, which can all be used to showcase your idea without creating even one line of code.

It’s all drag-and-drop and they can be picked up in a matter of minutes. We’ve listed them in order of ease of use and options. The napkin sketch protoyping tool This is a great tool for wire-framing, which is a fancy way of saying ‘electronic napkin sketching’. Want more? The collaboration prototyping tool Once you’ve designed something and have images or wireframes, you can upload them to InVision. Want more? The ‘full stack’ prototyping tool is an easy, fast and powerful mobile prototyping tool. Want more? Learn some more prototyping tactics from General Assembly General Assembly is an educational institution that transforms thinkers into creators. Tutorials \ Why H2O? H2O is for data scientists and business analysts who need scalable and fast machine learning. H2O is an open source predictive analytics platform. Unlike traditional analytics tools, H2O provides a combination of extraordinary math and high performance parallel processing with unrivaled ease of use.

H2O speaks the language of data science with support for R, Python, Scala, Java and a robust REST API. Smart business applications are powered by H2O’s NanoFastTM Scoring Engine. Get H2O! What is H2O? H2O makes it possible for anyone to easily apply math and predictive analytics to solve today’s most challenging business problems. Best of Breed Open Source Technology – Enjoy the freedom that comes with big data science powered by OpenSource technology.

Combine the power of highly advanced algorithms, the freedom of open source, and the capacity of truly scalable in-memory processing for big data on one or many nodes. Data collection is easy. With H2O, you can: Make better predictions. RapidMiner - #1 Open Source Predictive Analytics Platform.


Python/Julia. R. Neo4j. Advancedmedicalapplications. Card Design   |   Glass   This document goes over how to follow Glass style and implement common UI best practices when using the GDK. Glass theme Glass applies a standard theme to your Glassware, so it stays consistent with the rest of the user interface. The theme has the following characteristics: Uses Roboto typefaceDisplays activities full-screen with no status bar or action barApplies solid, black background To apply the Glass theme, don't declare a theme in your Android Manifest. If you have a custom style for parts of your Glassware and want the default Glass theme for everything else, inherit from Theme.DeviceDefault with the parent attribute: See the Android developer guide on Styles and Themes for more information about creating themes.

Glass-styled cards The CardBuilder class creates well-formed cards given a set of properties. To use CardBuilder: Common UI features Many of the layouts provided by CardBuilder support the common user interface features described below. Attribution icon Stack indicator Layouts <! Human API - Integrate Health Data From Anywhere. Bento | Learn to code the way professional programmers do. C++ faq - The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List. Let’s Code: Test-Driven JavaScript. The Definitive Guide to Object-Oriented JavaScript. C++ Users. 1000+ Beginner Programming Projects (x-post /r/programming) : learnprogramming. Learn%20How%20To%20Code.pdf. Students - Guide to Technical Development - Google Careers.

This guide provides tips and resources to help you develop your technical skills (academically and non-academically) through self-paced, hands-on learning. This guide is intended for Computer Science students seeking an internship or university grad role at Google. What this guide is for You can use this guide to determine which courses to take, but be sure stay on track with your courses required for your major to graduate. We encourage you to learn more outside of this guide. The more you know, the better! The online resources we’ve cited aren’t meant to replace courses available at your university, but they may help supplement your education or provide an introduction to a topic. Note: Following the recommendations in the guide does not guarantee a job at Google.

How to use this guide Recommendations and Resources. 1. The way of the program — How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python 2nd Edition documentation. The goal of this book is to teach you to think like a computer scientist. This way of thinking combines some of the best features of mathematics, engineering, and natural science. Like mathematicians, computer scientists use formal languages to denote ideas (specifically computations). Like engineers, they design things, assembling components into systems and evaluating tradeoffs among alternatives. Like scientists, they observe the behavior of complex systems, form hypotheses, and test predictions. The single most important skill for a computer scientist is problem solving.

On one level, you will be learning to program, a useful skill by itself. 1.1. The programming language you will be learning is Python. As you might infer from the name high-level language, there are also low-level languages, sometimes referred to as machine languages or assembly languages. But the advantages are enormous. Due to these advantages, almost all programs are written in high-level languages. 1.2.

Input bug. An Introduction to Real-Time Stock Market Data Processing. Top 20 Predictive Analytics Freeware Software. Untitled. Frontiers of Computational Thinking: A SXSW Report—Stephen Wolfram Blog. Last week I spoke at SXSW Interactive 2015 in Austin, Texas. Here’s a slightly edited transcript: A Most Productive Year Well, hello again. I’ve actually talked about computation three times before at SXSW. And I have to say when I first agreed to give this talk, I was worried that I would not have anything at all new to say. But actually, there’s a huge amount that’s new. In fact, this has probably been the single most productive year of my life.

It’s going to be a fairly wild ride, sort of bouncing between very conceptual and very practical—from thousand-year-old philosophy issues, to cloud technology to use here and now. Basically, for the last 40 years I’ve been building a big tower of ideas and technology, working more or less alternately on basic science and on technology.

I’m happy to say lots of people have used both the science and the technology that I’ve built. The Wolfram Language OK. I’ve been working on building what’s now the Wolfram Language for about three decades. Good. Share and Discover the best programming tutorials online | Untitled. Treeline. D3.js - Data-Driven Documents. Kinetise :: Mobile Apps Creator. C / C++ Certification, free e-learning – Become a coder. Transitions ATE Course Materials. Course Features Lecture notes Labs (solutions undergoing revision and will be made available in January) Course Description This course is an introduction to computer programming, using the Alice 3 programming environment and the Java programming language.

Students will learn the fundamentals of object oriented programming. The focus is on developing high quality, working software that solves real problems. The course is designed for students with no previous programming experience. Note to Instructors These materials are preliminary in that they are part of a complete set that is still under development. Dr. Don Slater taught for 21 years in K-12 before moving to Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Science Department as an Assistant Teaching Professor in 2000. Click to download a .zip package containing the Lecture Notes and Labs. Come automatizzare la casa con Siri e il Raspberry Pi. Debuggex: The online visual regex tester. Mark J. Berger. Web Fundamentals for a Newb. FAQ | Leonardo HLC. AppDoIt, crea la prossima applicazione di successo. What are some useful technical skills I can learn within a day.

Vuforia™ | Augmented Reality. Codemotion, il raduno degli smanettoni. Applix - direct to hand, apps enabler company. Appspotr, la tua app in cinque minuti. Regular Expression Library. ModenaImageLab. How to Run Android Apps on Your Desktop the Easy Way.