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PE for healthcare is a medical practice management consulting firm in Temecula. We focus on independent physicians and cost-effective clinic infrastructure in recruiting, training, and managing.

Why Private Equity May Not Be A Good Solution For Your Medical Practice. The specialist group had a conundrum.

Why Private Equity May Not Be A Good Solution For Your Medical Practice

The Doctor/CEO was no longer practicing but was 100% owner of the group. The physician workers wanted and were promised ownership, but financial terms were never finalized, and negotiations were not moving forward. The group decided to bring in a private equity broker to help the situation. The idea, in theory, was simple; bring in outside money so physicians would not need to contribute money from their pockets to purchase the group, put immediate money in the practicing physicians’ pocket, plus put a fair market amount in the Doctor/CEO’s hands so he leaves the practice he started, content.

The reality, sometimes, gets in the way of theory, however. In this case, there was no answer and the unfortunate result was the group was forced to downsize as unhappy practicing physicians left for greener pastures. Moral of the story: Doctors should negotiate all aspects of their employment before they start! Healthcare Practice Management, BPO Services in USA- PE FOR HEALTHCARE. Focusing On Business Fundamentals in Medical Practice after COVID-19. The essential steps to getting your medical practice back up and running as we recover from the coronavirus pandemic Let’s move forward a few months.

Focusing On Business Fundamentals in Medical Practice after COVID-19

The pandemic is under the control, lockdowns are lifted, you have decided to bring back your staff full time and the phone is ringing off the hook with patients who now feel confident enough to be seen in your office. What do you do first? First, be thankful and express gratitude for surviving the crisis. The immediate requirement for your business is to make sure you have enough cash to shore up continued operating expenses as your business revenue recovers. 1) Understand your cash position and your monthly fixed and variable overheads.

You must pay staff, you must pay utilities, but everything else is negotiable. A personal phone call by you, or your management explaining your personal business predicament with a plan for getting caught up or negotiating a settlement will always work. Private Equity Partnering in Healthcare, PE firm Temecula, CA. Business Process Outsourcing, Healthcare BPO Services in CA. Deciding to Sell Your Medical Practice: 5 Key Steps. 5 Key Steps in Moving From The Exam Room To The Golf Course.

Deciding to Sell Your Medical Practice: 5 Key Steps

If you are an owner of your own medical group and have been practicing for over 20 years, you are probably asking yourself how you can successfully sell your medical practice to exit from the business that you have worked all of your career building. To answer this question, there are quite a few variables that need to be addressed but basically the exit scenario and the strategy depends on you. Below is a simple “to do” list that can help you with the “how and when” you can make this transition. 1.

Develop a game plan, with the end game in mind. Ask yourself these types of questions: How many more years would you like to continue to practice? 2. Healthcare Practice Management, Medical Practice Consultant. 5 Strategies To Increase Revenue For Physician Practices, Medical Practice. 1) Focus on coding correctly: The costliest step in the revenue cycle is coding.

5 Strategies To Increase Revenue For Physician Practices, Medical Practice

With the varying complexity of procedures, coders must be able to identify all areas for possible reimbursement. There can be wildly different approaches to coding that can vary from organization to organization and even from coder to coder. This means there can be wildly varying reimbursements for the same procedure. Each different incision, approach, and procedure corresponds to a different CPT code. 2) Authorization and Verification Denials are more common than ever today. 3) Billing with modifiers “It seems like medical billing for spine surgery is as complicated as doing the surgery”, said a client surgeon when understanding how medical billing for his services works. For example, modifier 50 is used for a bilateral procedure where, a bilateral procedure occurs on both sides of a single, symmetrical structure or organ. 4) Enhance Collections and lower Accounts Receivables.

Advantages of Central Billing Office - PE For Healthcare. Fixed Operating Cost By converting variable costs of using an outside billing service into a fixed cost, the financial health of the organization improves, allowing for accurate growth forecasting and spend.

Advantages of Central Billing Office - PE For Healthcare

Scalable Infrastructure As your healthcare organization grows, investing in quality staff is necessary to meet the demands of the organization without compromising either qualify of care or profit. With our recruiting expertise and cost-effective employment solutions, making the necessary investments in infrastructure will not initially have a material effect on your company’s cash flow, and return on investment on each employee will be much quicker than if your practice recruited stateside.

Focused and Motivated Employees All our staff are experienced and highly versed in the medical practice revenue cycle process. Immediate Substantial Bottom Line Improvements. The New Normal-Guidelines for Medical Clinics to Deal with Patient Fears, Safety and the Coronavirus. For most providers, patient visits and income are down significantly since the onset of the coronavirus.

The New Normal-Guidelines for Medical Clinics to Deal with Patient Fears, Safety and the Coronavirus

However, now that most states have started easing restrictions, clinics need to be able to reach out to their patients to assure them that their offices are a safe and patients should no longer fear to come into their doctors’ office. This patient outreach, assuring the safety of your clinic can be accomplished by phone, adding a message on your website, and adding signage to your office. But how do you make your clinic a safe place? The following are some recommendations from the CDC for the screening and management of patients in your practice, which is a key to making your practice safe, and suggested standard operating procedures for your clinic moving forward. Follow the CDC’s patient assessment protocol for early disease detection for patients presenting to your practice. Consider Legal Risks. Healthcare. PE for Healthcare Management Consulting Firm & BPO Services.