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Using CSS3 Animations to Build a Sleek Box UI. Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now Back just a few years ago it was required for web developers use JavaScript/jQuery to perform animated effects in-browser.

Using CSS3 Animations to Build a Sleek Box UI

CSS3 has dramatically changed the rules of the game where you can animate any standard property of an HTML element. Learn HTML5 in 5 Minutes! Using HTML5 to Create Charts and Graphs. Today I found an interesting library – flotr2: an opensource library for drawing HTML5 charts and graphs.

Using HTML5 to Create Charts and Graphs

It allows you to draw charts in different formats such as: linesbarscandlespiesbubbles Also, it doesn’t require any additional libraries such as jQuery or Prototype. HTML5 Image Effects: Sepia. 02.var canvas, ctx; 03.var imgObj; 11.var noise = 20; 13.function processSepia() { 15. var imageData = ctx.getImageData(0,0,canvas.width,canvas.height);

HTML5 Image Effects: Sepia

FlashJS - opensource HTML5 game engine with API similar to Flash one. Construct 2 the HTML5 Game Maker. HTML5 Game Development – Lesson 8. The chetankjain dev Blog: Minimal required code in HTML5. I've encountered this question repeatedly of late. "What are the tags required at bare minimum for a html file?

" <TITLE>A small HTML</TITLE> HTML5 Context Menus. Update: These context menus display even when JavaScript is disabled; so best practice will be to create these menu structures via JavaScript.

HTML5 Context Menus

Mass innerHTML injection can be used or basic DOM node injection. One of the hidden gems within the HTML5 spec is context menus. The HTML5 context menu spec allows developers to create custom context menus for given blocks within simple menu and menuitem elements. The menu information lives right within the page so there's no need to create a custom plugin. An HTML 5 Navigation Screen - Paul Sheriff's Blog for the Real World. HTML5 Image Effects – Sepia. HTML5 Image Effects – Sepia.

HTML5 Image Effects – Sepia

CSS: From Screen to Print and Beyond. Revolutionary for Web design, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have solved and continue to solve numerous challenges in designing for the continuous media of the Web. But what of paged media, as we want with our digital readers and printed collateral? Making websites and applications attractive and logical in paged media has been at best poorly achieved without the use of additional scripts and programming. Along with the many advances that CSS Level 3 (aka CSS3) has brought developers, two modules are on the horizon. Paged Media and Generated Content for Paged Media (GCPM) will allow the creation of paged media alongside existing websites. The combination of PM and GCPM is a powerhouse for the publication of far richer paged experiences. Apple OS X Lion Buttons in CSS. Mac OS X Lion with CSS3. Hello everyone and Happy New Year to all, lately i’ve been busy and so i haven’t time to write here, i hope that by this experiment to be pardoned :).

Mac OS X Lion with CSS3

I wanted to create with only use of CSS3 the boot, the login page and finally the desktop of the Mac OS X Lion. This is the first release and as you will see not everything is fully functional and at least as regards the desktop. In the next release i will implement new icons and new features while we examine what we have today.

Boot This is simply the Mac OS X Lion boot. Login. Pure CSS3 Accordion. How to optimize your CSS. Keeping your CSS files small and organized is very important, especially if you’re going to spend any time editing your site in the future, (or if others are gonna be using the code i.e. clients).

How to optimize your CSS

Helpfully, there are a number of different techniques which can be utilized to aid organization and size of your CSS files in order to make them more streamline. Having more streamlined CSS will save you time and stress in the long run so it’s important to get it right. Firstly, keeping a single stylesheet, normally named style.css, is a good place to start in the organization of your CSS. Having a single stylesheet for the majority (if not all) of your website keeps everything together in one place which makes the editing process more streamlined. Pure CSS3 LavaLamp Menu. Accordion with CSS3. Using hidden inputs and labels, we will create a CSS-only accordion that will animate the content areas on opening and closing.

Accordion with CSS3

View demo Download source. Doing Conditional Comments for your Internet Explorer css fixes better, with HTML top tag classes. Now browser sniffing is basically a bad thing but there is still a need to fix / hack issues on older browsers, in particular Internet Explorer.

Doing Conditional Comments for your Internet Explorer css fixes better, with HTML top tag classes

Okay, almost entirely in Internet Explorer. IE6 may be -mostly- dead, but IE8 will be around for a long time given that there is no IE9 for WinXP. (See Detecting a Mobile Browser on the Server in your Rails app for one reason server side agent sniffing and how to do so.) The “traditional way” to correct IE issues is using a conditional css style sheet (in the head section ) to load an additional style sheet after the default styles specific to that browser version and take advantage of the cascading part of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) like so:

Fancy FAQ page using CSS3 only. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Using Neo4j and Ruby. Previously I showed you how to get Neo4j up and running with Ruby and how to find recommended friends on a social network.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Using Neo4j and Ruby

What about finding out how you are connected to someone outside of your friends of friends network? Do you remember the concept of six degrees of separation? No, how about six degrees of Kevin Bacon? A credit card commercial explains how this works: The actor, Kevin Bacon wants to write a check to buy a book, but the clerk asks for his ID, which he does not have. The Julia Language.

Open Source Solutions for Software Development. This is part 1 of a series exploring how to build a full-pledged UML editor in pure JavaScript. The New Interface Is There Is No interface. In desktop applications, the user interface dominated the screen. The buttons to click, the bars to drag, the windows.