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Libre Graphics & Design research studio. Kickstarter. Yet another relief valve. The Raspberry Pi has been used all over the world as an excellent emulator box to resuscitate old arcade machines, but with moderate success.

Yet another relief valve

You see, if you’re a truly arcade aficionado like me, then you’ll aim for perfection. And perfection means you’ll use the jamma connector and the old 15Khz CRT instead of a more modern retro fitted VGA monitor like most people opt to do. Old arcade CRT sets can only accept 15Khz horizontal frequencies using separate RGB signals and a sync line (well, not quite, there are 25 Khz monitors too but they’re uncommon). Citizen DAN. Last updated 2014-10-01 General Information All requests must be sent over HTTPS.Supply credentials using HTTP Basic authentication.Provide an informative User-Agent header with all requests.Responses are provided in JSON.

Citizen DAN

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