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Adriana Valero EOI Teacher Future in the Past is used to express the idea that in the past you thought something would happen in the future. This can be expressed in different ways: - By using "was / were going to", you describe a future plan, intention or prediction at a certain point in the past that may or may not have taken place. Examples: · I told you he was going to come to the party. Adriana Valero EOI Teacher
English 4 all ages Help yourself" : Sírvete. Coge lo que quieras de lo que esta página te ofrece y aprovéchate para APRENDER INGLÉS. O utilízala para difundir sus contenidos de manera desinteresada a otros. Este es el fin último de English 4 all Ages : poner nuestro granito de arena para universalizar el derecho a la educación y formación para todos. Vocaroo is a tool used to record your own voice and send it to your teacher. So, click on this link, get ready to talk, record, and mail to your teacher so that he can check on your pronunciation. English 4 all ages