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Jeux d'orientation et de découverte des métiers

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Qu'est ce que le CIF. SimAgri - Le jeu de simulation agricole et d'élevage. Qu'est ce que la VAE. Qu'est ce que le DIF. TAGARDERE, journaliste. E-Mission, le jeu de la rentrée du club France Télévisions. Les métiers de la Chimie. SimSchool - Home. Free Lesson Plans and Games for Learning Civics. Food Force: The First Humanitarian Video Game. URGENT: Syrian children and their families need your help The crisis in Syria is entering a sixth brutal year.

Food Force: The First Humanitarian Video Game

For Syrian families, this somber anniversary means another year away from home, another day not knowing where their next meal will come from, and another night that children will go to bed with empty stomachs. Just $50 will give one child food for the next three months. Please donate today. Make A Donation WFP is 100% voluntarily funded, so every donation counts. 90% of every donation goes directly towards getting food to hungry children and their families -- meaning you can make an incredible impact.

Join Our Online Community Be a part of the World Food Programme's Online Community where we all have one goal in common -- ending hunger. Our Work Together Changes Lives Read how the World Food Programme is building a world with zero hunger, thanks to supporters like you. MP For A Week. Resources quick link Description Challenge your students to survive a week in politics and keep their party, their voters and the media happy.

MP For A Week

Students are scored according to the decisions they make. The game adapts to players by setting less or more demanding tasks depending on how well they're doing. The game gives young people a virtual taste of life as an MP. MP for a Week is an ideal activity for pairs, individuals or incorporated into whole class and flip learning. Curriculum links This document details how the MP for a Week game links to the secondary school curriculums for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

M2C. Simulateur de contrôle aérien. Red Cross - The Game. Le jeu de simulation agricole et d'élevage. ETREMARIN.FR. Farmland. MySellingSkills. America's Army Official Website. Joining The Army. Experian - Consumer. Minimum specification requirements · Intel Pentium 3 or equivalent (900 MHz) · Windows 2000 or above OS· 32 mb graphics card [including the latest drivers from your cards manufacturer]· 128 mb RAM· DirectX9.0C· 300MB Hard Drive space· User read/write permission to c:/program files/Caspian Learning and all sub directories Audio instructions are given throughout the game.

Experian - Consumer

Please make sure you will be able to hear these. Read the quick start guide before playing Creditability. Start the game by tackling University and then play the levels in numerical order. Hints and tips: . . . Market Rally 2010 © NYSE Euronext. Starbank World Cup. About The Small Business Game. Through a Flash-based online game environment, students learn how to run a sports retail store based on retailing football club merchandise.

About The Small Business Game

In the process they experience the start-up and management of a business, learning both from their mistakes and from their successes. It can be used in class as a fun, interactive way to learn about a variety of concepts from across the school curriculum. Students can: Learn what it is like to manage a small business. Learn what works in business-and what doesn’t work.

Budget Hero. L'Oréal., un jeu de la Mission Locale de la Baie de Seine - testez vos connaissances sur la législation du travail. Hair Be 12. Cyber-Budget. Kompany. All content copyright OUAT Entertainment 2010. Technocity.swf (Objet application/x-shockwave-flash) Sauver Ada - Serious Game.