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Issue 24. There is a photo of you standing outside the house in Borough Park, grin wide, head back, laughing.

Issue 24

“I love the poorly educated”—Read Donald Trump’s full Nevada victory speech. Presidential candidate Donald Trump easily won the Republican Nevada primary with over 44% of the votes in early counting, in a election marked by complaints of fraud and chaos.

“I love the poorly educated”—Read Donald Trump’s full Nevada victory speech

He made a victory speech in front of a rowdy crowd dressed in “Make America Great Again” hats and t-shirts at his Las Vegas hotel, and expressed his love for everyone from casino mogul Steve Wynn to the “poorly educated.” He also offered up some more information about his plans should he be elected president, including keeping the Guantanamo Bay detention facility open and loading it up with “bad dudes.” Quartz has transcribed his entire victory speech. You can also view it here (speech starts at the 1:49:22 mark). Oh boy. As Bush Campaign Goes Down, The Knives Come Out. Jeb Bush speaks to an audience of voters on Feb. 18 in Columbia, S.C.

As Bush Campaign Goes Down, The Knives Come Out

Bush dropped out of the GOP presidential race two days later, after finishing a distant fourth in the state's primary. Spencer Platt/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Spencer Platt/Getty Images. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. BBC - Manchester historian deciphers hidden 'Plato Code' A science historian in Manchester claims to have deciphered secret messages hidden in the ancient writings of the philosopher Plato.

BBC - Manchester historian deciphers hidden 'Plato Code'

Dr Jay Kennedy from the University of Manchester has revealed that the legendary Greek philosopher Plato used a regular pattern of symbols to give his books a musical structure. Plato's books had a key role in establishing the foundations of Western culture. This is why life really is better in Europe. “You’re having a histamine reaction like when you have a food allergy,” the doctor told me.

This is why life really is better in Europe

“That swollen spot on your face is called an angioedema.” I had woken up in my Brooklyn apartment to find a patch of itchy skin rapidly expanding north of my left eyebrow. In the hours I’d waited for the urgent care clinic to open, the hive swelled along my forehead and over my eyelids. Why Is Stan Lee’s Legacy in Question? People are almost always surprised when I tell them Stan Lee is 93.

Why Is Stan Lee’s Legacy in Question?

The $400,000-a-year New Zealand job with three months' holiday that no one wants. A rural GP in New Zealand is offering a $400,000 (£190,000) annual income to try to attract a medic to share his work burden – but after two years of searching the position remains unfilled.

The $400,000-a-year New Zealand job with three months' holiday that no one wants

Dr Alan Kenny co-owns a medical practice in the modest Waikato town of Tokoroa in the North Island – population 13,600. Uk.businessinsider. Use the 50/20/30 Rule to Outline Your Budget For Every Need. Uk.businessinsider. Why Bernie Sanders's campaign makes me worry about how he’ll manage the White House. Of late, Bernie Sanders has been under assault from the technocratic wing of the Democratic Party.

Why Bernie Sanders's campaign makes me worry about how he’ll manage the White House

The charge? His campaign has circulated economic projections that show stunning — and rather implausible — benefits from Sanders's agenda. Sanders's "promises runs against our party's best traditions of evidence-based policy making and undermines our reputation as the party of responsible arithmetic," wrote four Democratic ex-chairs of the White House's Council of Economic Advisers. "These are numbers we would describe as deep voodoo if they came from a tax-cutting Republican," agreed Paul Krugman.

ELI5: How do hackers find/gain 'backdoor' access to websites, databases etc.? : explainlikeimfive. Imgur. What the ISO Settings On Your Camera Mean, and the Best Way to Tweak Them. Meet The Architect Who Helped Bring Modernism To The Masses. Designed by architect William Krisel, this tract house was built in the Twin Palms neighborhood of Palm Springs, Calif., in 1956.

Meet The Architect Who Helped Bring Modernism To The Masses

Darren Bradley/Courtesy of Darren Bradley hide caption toggle caption Darren Bradley/Courtesy of Darren Bradley Designed by architect William Krisel, this tract house was built in the Twin Palms neighborhood of Palm Springs, Calif., in 1956. The number that fascinates physicists above all others. God throws the number that holds the Universe together.Credit: Jeffery Phillips "God is a pure mathematician!”

The number that fascinates physicists above all others

Declared British astronomer Sir James Jeans. The physical Universe does seem to be organised around elegant mathematical relationships. And one number above all others has exercised an enduring fascination for physicists: 137.03599913. Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Big Bet That Facebook Can Make VR Social. This image of Mark Zuckerberg says so much about our future. The image above looks like concept art for a new dystopian sci-fi film. A billionaire superman with a rictus grin, striding straight past human drones, tethered to machines and blinded to reality by blinking plastic masks. Golden light shines down on the man as he strides past his subjects, cast in gloom, toward a stage where he will accept their adulation. Later that night, he will pore across his vast network and read their praise, heaped upon him in superlatives, as he drives what remains of humanity forward to his singular vision.

Except it's not from a sci-fi movie — it's from Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, and the man is Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. Defending your rights in the digital world. Roman remains in York are 'elite' African woman. Archaeologists have revealed the remains of what they say was a "high status" woman of African origin who lived in York during Roman times. Academics say the discovery goes against the common assumption that all Africans in Roman Britain were low status male slaves. Remains of the Ivory Bangle Lady, as she has been named, were studied in Reading using forensic techniques. She was first discovered in the Bootham area of York in August 1901. Her remains were in a stone coffin near Sycamore Terrace in the city. Her grave dates back to the second half of the 4th Century. Confessions of a social engineer. By Dell Cameron on February 21st, 2016 When he was just 16, Jonah made hundreds of thousands of dollars ripping off some of the world’s biggest tech companies.

A self-described social engineering expert, he boasts that he could steal practically anything with just a laptop and a cellphone. He made a small fortune on an online black market. Quora. Top 10 Ways to Breathe New Life Into an Old Gaming Console. U.S. ramps up Apple offensive with new filing in iPhone unlocking case. The Dangerous All Writs Act Precedent in the Apple Encryption Case. Tim Cook, the C.E.O. of Apple, which has been ordered to help the F.B.I. get into the cell phone of the San Bernardino shooters, wrote in an angry open letter this week that “the U.S. government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create.” The second part of that formulation has rightly received a great deal of attention: Should a back door be built into devices that are used for encrypted communications?

Would that keep us safe from terrorists, or merely make everyone more vulnerable to hackers, as well as to mass government surveillance? Homeopathy successfully turns water into a placebo. After a thorough evaluation of 57 scientific reviews that encompassed 176 studies on 68 illnesses, a panel of health experts has once again concluded that homeopathy is at best a placebo (when it's not being potentially harmful). Homeopathy, which one of the panel members referred to as a “therapeutic dead-end,” is based on the idea that “like cures like” (a questionable proposition to start with).

Quora. Uk.businessinsider. Ted Cruz Thinks He Knows Why You're Reading This Article. Texas Sen. The FCC has moved closer to letting Americans dump their crappy cable boxes. In the 1960s, when Britain applied to join the European Economic Community, a predecessor of today’s European Union, it was vetoed by France. Twice. The Sheats-Goldstein Residence: This House Is A Work Of Art, So The Owner Is Donating It To A Museum. James Goldstein has just announced that he will donate his landmark Los Angeles residence — designed by architect John Lautner --€” to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Put an Atheist on the Supreme Court. Who should replace Antonin Scalia? On Monday, the Times reported that the Justice himself had weighed in on the question: last June, in his dissenting opinion in the same-sex marriage case Obergefell v. Hodges, Scalia wrote that the Court was “strikingly unrepresentative” of America as a whole and ought to be diversified. How Parents And Teachers Can Nurture The 'Quiet Power' Of Introverts : NPR Ed. Quora. Robert Caro Wonders What New York Is Going To Become: Gothamist. (Scott Heins / Gothamist) The inspiration for the authoritative book on power in New York City came from the author’s realization that he understood nothing of it.

“I spent a lot of time thinking, if you’re really interested in political power, everything you do is bullshit,” Robert Caro told us recently. The Republican Primary Heads Toward a Stalemate. Hood olympics. Where do the presidential candidates stand on encryption? As a showdown looms between Apple and the FBI over encryption and backdoors, the debate has made its way onto the campaign trail as a surprisingly bipartisan issue. Almost universally, the candidates agree on at least one thing: The US government needs backdoors.

In fact, only one candidate, Marco Rubio, seemed to allow for any nuance on the issue. It's a surprising imbalance, given that many of the biggest names in tech generally agree backdoors ultimately weaken security for everyone. In fact, Jeb Bush argues that the National Security Agency should be put in charge of all civilian encryption, an idea that many in the technology and security industries would likely find a little unsettling. Uk.businessinsider. For Silicon Valley, the Hangover Begins. Apple implies FBI screwup: iPhone Apple ID password changed in govt possession, backdoor unnecessary. Apple has now responded to a Department of Justice filing that we reported earlier today was attempting to force the company to comply with an FBI request for access to a locked iPhone belonging to a suspect in the San Bernardino attacks.

In one statement to Reuters, an Apple spokesperson said the DOJ is “disregarding civil liberties in iPhone unlocking case,” while in another it attempts to explain more of the back story regarding past events with the iPhone in question. CNBC reports an Apple exec called the motion “a way to argue the case twice before Apple can respond,” a response to the fact that the DOJ’s motion filed today comes ahead of Apple’s deadline to respond to a judge regarding its original refusal to unlock the device in the case.

CNBC adds that in response to claims in the DOJ filing, Apple said it “has not said that unlocking an iPhone is technically possible.” We're Not as Open-Minded As We Think We Are. Why do our cell’s power plants have their own DNA? It’s one of the big mysteries of cell biology. Why do mitochondria—the oval-shaped structures that power our cells—have their own DNA, and why have they kept it when the cell itself has plenty of its own genetic material? A new study may have found an answer. Scientists think that mitochondria were once independent single-celled organisms until, more than a billion years ago, they were swallowed by larger cells.

Uk.businessinsider. El Chapo's Narco Mafia, and Where Sean Penn Got it Wrong. Perceptions of Perfection. Babies Already Have an Accent. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. On Marrying the Wrong Person. Quora. Chris Rock: It's not black people who have progressed. It's white people.

Ketchup ban at council's schools. Quora. All the Ways Airlines Are Trying to Win Back Your Business. Love Is for the Birds: Can Animals Be in Love? How Apple will fight the DOJ in iPhone backdoor crypto case. China’s Rich Kids Head West. If You Love Animals and Free Speech, You Should Be Worried About Ag-Gag Laws. Did Saudi Arabia play a role in September 11? Here's what we know. The Siege of Aleppo Is an Emblem of Western Failure in Syria.

How Hard Is Too Hard to Push Kids? Quora. What to Do When You Pull a Muscle From Working Out. Under-35s in the UK face becoming permanent renters, warns thinktank. Last Days. Quora. Quora. Uk.businessinsider. Mozart and Salieri 'lost' composition played in Prague. In Tehran, Waiting For Signs Of Change In 'A New World' : Parallels. How to Be Frugal Without Wasting Your Time. Turned Around. Overturned truck on Kittanning Bridge spilling substance into Allegheny River. New 'Superman' crystals can store data for billions of years - Feb. 17, 2016. What Actually Happens When You Sign Up for One of Those "Work from Home" Scams. The Power of Buying Less by Buying Better. UN Expert: Kim Jong Un Could Be Held Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity. Make a "Shutdown Ritual" So You Can Actually Relax At Night.

Thomas Piketty on the rise of Bernie Sanders: the US enters a new political era. Why Silicon Valley's Leading Startup Incubator Wants To Research Basic Income. How BuzzFeed's Jonah Peretti Is Building A 100-Year Media Company. George W. Bush Campaigns for Jeb Bush in South Carolina Ahead of Republican Primary. Three Myths About Sparkling Water, Debunked. Answer - Quora. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. Why President? How The U.S. Named Its Leader. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. Turkey seeks allies' support for ground operation as Syria war nears border.

How We Work, 2016: Andy Orin's Gear and Productivity Tips. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. 'Narconomics': How The Drug Cartels Operate Like Wal-Mart And McDonald's. What future for expert witnesses? Kids will soon make their own toys with Mattel’s $300 ThingMaker 3D printer.