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Seven Ways for Men to Upgrade Their Packing Skills. Marble Quarrying Looks Even More Awesome Than You Imagined. In this video from NOWNESS, an excerpt from Yuri Ancarani's documentary "Il Capo" (The Chief), the filmmaker captures the mesmerizing business of Marble extraction in the hills of Northwest Italy.

Marble Quarrying Looks Even More Awesome Than You Imagined

The prized delicacy of the Carrara stone's surface is juxtaposed against the dramatic size and weight of the blocks they are removing, which eventually fall with an earth-shattering thud. Similarly the rugged power of the excavators is in marked contrast to the precise, understated gestures of the chief himself, who directs his workers with a complex series of predetermined hand signals. "Marble quarries are places so unbelievable and striking, they almost feel like they are big theaters or sets," explains Yuri Ancarani. 23 "SpongeBob" Episode Titles That Perfectly Sum Up Life In Your Twenties. Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News - Five Lessons I Learned From Dealing with Depression. Help Me, I Think I'm Falling: How I Realized That I Have Relationship Anxiety.

A few years ago I began to notice that I had somewhat of an odd pattern of behavior surrounding my dating relationships.

Help Me, I Think I'm Falling: How I Realized That I Have Relationship Anxiety

Let me explain. When I first meet or become romantically involved with a guy, I am one of the coolest most easygoing chicks to be around. I’m fun, I’m outgoing, I’m humorous, I’m confident. I presume this is a result of being totally detached from the guy I’m seeing. At this particular early point in the budding relationship, I am just enjoying myself and feel I have absolutely nothing to lose. The Neurochemistry of Sex. Healing with Sexual Energy By Walter Last Orgasm is generally regarded as the ultimate goal of recreational sex.

The Neurochemistry of Sex

Wilhelm Reich was the first scientist to describe the nature and purpose of the orgasm as a discharge of excess bio-energy with the additional liberation of feeling energy, and he also recognized the negative consequences of blocked sexual energies. Unfortunately, in addition to exciting peaks, orgasms tend to produce powerful negative side-effects that are only now becoming better understood. This is due to predictable trends in hormonal activity which seem to be similar in all mammals to ensure certain evolutionary objectives, especially the wide mixing of gene pools and the safe raising of offspring. Darin Stevenson. Fun & Inspiring Archives. Ethan, a 6-Year Old Boy with Autism, Plays Piano Man Ethan is only six years old, and he has autism, but you’d never think in watching this video that he’s disabled in any way.

Fun & Inspiring Archives

Stress Symptoms, Signs, & Causes - The Art of Putting Yourself Back Together: Moving Through Difficult Times. ~ Leah Neas. Via Leah Neason Sep 9, 2014 The summer of 2011 was known for a tornado outbreak across the southern United States.

The Art of Putting Yourself Back Together: Moving Through Difficult Times. ~ Leah Neas

In total, 1,701 tornados were reported that year, six of them were rated EF5—the highest rating based on the amount of damage they caused. Dutch firm mx3d. 50 Good Night Text Messages to Send Someone You Love. Today text messages have changed the way you communicate with a loved one.

50 Good Night Text Messages to Send Someone You Love

Whether the object of your affections is in a different city or right beneath your roof, sending a text message is a fun way to let them know that they are in your thoughts. So before you crash for the night, here are 50 text messages to send to a partner or to someone close to your heart. How can I restore my nerves? How can I get my confidence back? - Quora. The 8 Best Healthy Brunch Spots in Pittsburgh. All that I am, all that I ever was... I’ve skirted, danced, bogled and boogeyed around it and kinda explained why it happened but never really gone into much “depth” as to – what happened, how it happened, how it felt – so I’m bored, have a few hours, am tired of talking to Meadhbh so am gonna blabber here for a while.

All that I am, all that I ever was...

What is a “nervous breakdown”? You could also call it an emotional breakdown or perhaps a mental breakdown, but in essence a “breakdown” has occurred when someone becomes unable to deal with normal day-to-day life. It can be ignited following a particular trauma, a series of events, or can even happen randomly and out of the blue with no precipitating identifiable cause. “Nervous breakdown” isn’t even a medical term: it’s a colloquial phrase designed to try and hide what is actually happening, which is the sudden acute attack of a mental illness, because a breakdown is far more easily accepted than bipolar, depression or anxiety; it is stigma at work! The Warning Signs That Depression Is Affecting Your Relationship - MIND Guest Blog - Scientific American Blog Network. Credit: shattered.art66/Flickr Adapted from When Depression Hurts Your Relationship: How To Regain Intimacy and Reconnect with Your Partner When You’re Depressed.

The Warning Signs That Depression Is Affecting Your Relationship - MIND Guest Blog - Scientific American Blog Network

Copyright 2014 Shannon Kolakowski. If your relationship is struggling, depression may be the culprit. A resounding body of research has shown how closely depression is related to relationships in a cyclical fashion: depression affects the quality of your relationships, and the features of your relationship can affect your level of depression(1, 2, 3). In other words, being depressed can cause you to pay less attention to your partner, be less involved, be more irritable or have trouble enjoying time together–all of which can cause your relationship to falter. Psychologist and researchers also point to the key fact that building a strong and loving relationship can fortify you and your partner against the withering affects of depression(4).

How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship When You’re Depressed. “Love isn’t a state of perfect caring.

How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship When You’re Depressed

It is an active noun, like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.” ~Fred Rogers “Beware of the half truth. You may have gotten hold of the wrong half.” The Hardest Two Months of My Life. In an effort to be authentic, I’d like to talk about something difficult I went through as a new mother.

The Hardest Two Months of My Life

A year ago, I went though the worst two months I’ve ever experienced. I never mentioned it on the blog. Prozac (Fluoxetine) Withdrawal: Symptoms + Duration. Prozac (Fluoxetine) is among the most popular antidepressant medications on the market. It operates as an SSRI (selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor) meaning it prevents the reuptake of the neurotransmitter serotonin. It is thought to help with both depression and anxiety, but it is also prescribed for a number of other conditions. JDSDE. Kristian Tambs Correspondence should be sent to Marit H. Kvam, SINTEF Health Research Institute, P.O. Box 124, Blindern, N 0314 Oslo, Norway (e-mail: Received February 4, 2006. Revision received April 19, 2006.

Nicely done. Nicely done. I’ve been in the industry, mostly as a tech, since the early 1980’s. I worked in San Francisco during each of the bubbles. What I want to say about this is that it is not merely the story of software; what you have done is chosen a spoke on the wheel of modern human orientation, activity, and context. Or worse still, much of human history — yet I do not suggest this is our nature so much as our habit or a peculiar… vulnerability.

The Neurochemistry of Sex. My Way Out of Anxiety. This article was written specifically for people who suffer from anxiety disorders or depression. How to Support a Partner Struggling with Depression. Why Ruminating is Unhealthy and How to Stop. Overcoming Depression and Ruminative Thinking - Depression Center. Alternatives to Canine Surgeries. György Lukács. ProjectImplicit. TPLO Surgery For Dogs That Have A Torn ACL. Using Aspirin Safely on Dogs. Glazed Salmon With Spiced Carrots Recipe. Sweet Potatoes Aren’t Inherently Healthier Than White Potatoes. Videos, articles, and tips to help you succeed, from the world's leading experts. Relationship Disenchantment. The 6 most scientifically valid methods to quit smoking. It is still the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. and yet 42.1 million people light up and new smokers start every day.

Berlin Gardens. Restoring Trust After a Depressed Partner Returns. Process Technology - Process Operator Jobs. Lawn Order. FitBit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Replacement Wristband 3-Pack (Small) - Teal, Navy & Tangerine. Jawbone UP3 v Fitbit Charge HR: The best activity wearable for 2015. Jawbone versus Fitbit has been the big battle of the fitness tracker genre since time began - or at least since 2011 when the original UP and the Fitbit Ultra both went on sale. Essential reading: Fitbit Charge HR review & Jawbone UP3 review 2015 sees the rivalry escalate with the launches of the Fitbit Charge HR and the Jawbone UP3 - a duo of new flagship activity bands vying for your wrist-space - and both of which are now finally available.

BrightPlanetlaw enforcement social media monitoring Archives - BrightPlanet. Steve Kangas's Home Page. ARCHIVE: The Scaife Divorce Mess » Cyrano's Journal Today. Relationship Anxiety: Fear Eyes or Clear Eyes?  Simple test page for Cellular ISP tracking beacons - by Kenn White. Help Me, I Think I'm Falling: How I Realized That I Have Relationship Anxiety. Positive Prescription. Where feet may fail. Nature Sounds. Listen and download for free. The 20 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy.

You're not depressed. You're selfish. - TomaHaiku. Five Lessons I Learned From Dealing with Depression. A young American's vacation to North Korea becomes popular on Instagram. News from The Associated Press. I’m now an Estonian e-resident, but I still don’t know what to do with it. Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued. The influence of elites, interest groups and average voters on American politics. Revolving Doors. Quora. I was on Judge Judy, AMA : IAmA. An honest guide to the San Francisco startup life. Nature May Have A Profound Effect On Our Religiosity : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture.

Social Anxiety Prevents Teen From Stepping Out Of The Closet. Uk.businessinsider. 204091. The True Story of Pretty Woman’s Original Dark Ending. Global warming is now slowing down the circulation of the oceans — with potentially dire consequences. Are smartphones making our children mentally ill? 15469288066_84ff96d7a7_k. Oil spills keep devastating Niger Delta. Quora. After years in Guantanamo, ex-detainees find little solace in Uruguay. Uk.businessinsider. Is Ted Cruz Running for President? 7 things becoming a parent taught me I was right about all along. Moscow: Opulent, Overwhelming, and Pulsing With Power. The Definitive Guide to Winning an Argument. You have less than two hours to send Yasha Levine back to Russia, where he belongs. Boy with Autism Improves on Antibiotics, Connecting Gut Bacteria to ASD.

Quora. Quora. Quora. Quora. Quora. Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks About The Future Of Humanity With Elon Musk And Bill Nye. This has to stop. The Shut-In Economy — Matter. Quora. The father of all humans lived 239,000 years ago. Skip Morrow's answer to What is the strangest reaction shown by an object when it is released in space? - Quora. Boston Tea. DNA of 'an entire nation' assessed. Quora. The "decline" of marriage isn't a problem. Physicists Describe New Class of Dyson Sphere. What I've Learned Returning to the Dating Pool in My 30s.