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The Most Common Jobs For The Rich, Middle Class And Poor : Planet Money. Zimbabwe: President Mugabe vows to kick out remaining white farmers. Fourteen years after Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's administration first adopted a policy to repossess land from white farmers, the long-time leader has warned that more white people were likely to lose their land, as they could not be allowed to own land in the country.

Zimbabwe: President Mugabe vows to kick out remaining white farmers

Zimbabwe's Evicted White Farmers Seek World Bank-Backed Bonds. Commercial farmers in Zimbabwe whose holdings were seized in land invasions backed by President Robert Mugabe’s administration say the World Bank is considering underwriting the settlement of their claims with government bonds.

Zimbabwe's Evicted White Farmers Seek World Bank-Backed Bonds

The World Bank is advising the government on improving land reform and compensation bonds have been used in other countries, the office of its country manager in Zimbabwe, Camille Nuamah, said in a July 18 response to questions. Zimbabwean Agriculture Minister Joseph Made wasn’t available to discuss compensation, an aide who declined to be identified said when his office was called. 40 maps that explain the world 2013.

Maps can be a remarkably powerful tool for understanding the world and how it works, but they show only what you ask them to.

40 maps that explain the world 2013

So when we saw a post sweeping the Web titled "40 maps they didn't teach you in school," one of which happens to be a WorldViews original, I thought we might be able to contribute our own collection. Some of these are pretty nerdy, but I think they're no less fascinating and easily understandable. A majority are original to this blog, with others from a variety of sources. I've included a link for further reading on close to every one. The Evolutionary Tree of Religion. 40 more maps that explain the world 2014. Maps seemed to be everywhere in 2013, a trend I like to think we encouraged along with August's 40 maps that explain the world.

40 more maps that explain the world 2014

Maps can be a remarkably powerful tool for understanding the world and how it works, but they show only what you ask them to. You might consider this, then, a collection of maps meant to inspire your inner map nerd. 2000 black percent. S Africa Chinese 'become black' The High Court in South Africa has ruled that Chinese South Africans are to be reclassified as black people.

S Africa Chinese 'become black'

It made the order so that ethnic Chinese can benefit from government policies aimed at ending white domination in the private sector. The Chinese Association of South Africa took the government to court, saying its members had been discriminated against. The Modern American Man, Charted. This summer, All Things Considered is looking at the lives of men in America.

The Modern American Man, Charted

By some measures, not much has changed over the past few decades — girls still do better in school, and men still make more money. In other areas, the shifts are profound. We've charted some of the more surprising changes below. It's important to note that in all instances we are depicting the generalized American man, flattened across racial and socio-economic groups. Is this how a dystopia starts? A police officer shoots an unarmed minority teenager dead in the streets.

Is this how a dystopia starts?

Mostly peaceful protests ensue, triggering an increasingly and disproportionately heavily armed police presence. As the days go by, the police impose a ban on certain types of media at certain hours. They refuse to release the name of the officer who killed the kid. They tell the peaceful protesters to go home or face arrest. The Livability Index: The 35 Best US Cities For People 35 and Under.

Looking Back on the Limits of Growth. Recent research supports the conclusions of a controversial environmental study released 40 years ago: The world is on track for disaster.

Looking Back on the Limits of Growth

So says Australian physicist Graham Turner, who revisited perhaps the most groundbreaking academic work of the 1970s,The Limits to Growth. Written by MIT researchers for an international think tank, the Club of Rome, the study used computers to model several possible future scenarios. The business-as-usual scenario estimated that if human beings continued to consume more than nature was capable of providing, global economic collapse and precipitous population decline could occur by 2030.

However, the study also noted that unlimited economic growth was possible, if governments forged policies and invested in technologies to regulate the expansion of humanity’s ecological footprint. OECD Better Life Index. Why Is America Turning To Shit? Toilet in Uganda, by Sustainable Sanitation. My hand stayed on the bathroom door handle, unwilling to twist the knob that would let me in. Behind me was the hum and chatter of an art opening—this was at a now sadly departed radical Chicago cultural center called Mess Hall.

On a table nearby were offerings of hummus and home-made brownies. Nearly everyone else was chatting and oblivious to my plight, but I could sense at least one other person impatiently waiting behind me. What Happens When You Enter the Witness Protection Program? A staged photo of U.S.

What Happens When You Enter the Witness Protection Program?

Marshals protecting a witness. Photo credit: U.S. Department of Justice, Wikipedia. The Gangster's Guide to Upward Mobility. In 1964, the anthropologist Francis Ianni was introduced to a man in a congressional waiting room.

The Gangster's Guide to Upward Mobility

His name was Philip Alcamo. People called him Uncle Phil, and he was, in the words of the person who made the introduction, “a business leader from New York City and an outstanding Italian-American.” When It’s Bad to Have Good Choices. It may not surprise you to learn that healthy, well-fed people in affluent countries are often unhappy and anxious. But it did startle Zbigniew Lipowski when he came to a full realization of this fact. He had emigrated to North America from Dublin, in 1955, and, in the mid-nineteen-sixties, was put in charge of the psychiatry practices at two Montreal hospitals, Royal Victoria and Montreal Neurological.

Why, he thought, as he worked there, would so many people living in such good conditions have so much anxiety? Lipowski was born in Poland and, in 1944, took part in the Warsaw Uprising, a mass revolt against the German Army that left more than two hundred thousand civilians dead. Jefferson The face of the modern gun debate - Futures on Demand—Vol. 2, No. 3—The Appendix. How a colonial past shaped Star Trek’s utopian futures. In “Far Beyond the Stars,” an episode from the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9), the commander of a futuristic space station hallucinates that he is a science fiction writer in 1950s New York. Far away from his twenty-fourth century life, Commander Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) becomes Benny Russell, a black writer struggling against the prejudice of his managing editor, the condescension of friends, and the racism of local police.

“Far Beyond the Stars,” Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, season 6, episode 13, aired February 11, 1998. Five Thoughts on Privacy and Security. Apple’s been in the news this week because hackers apparently forced their way into various celebrities’ iCloud accounts and stole photos, which have now been released to the public. It’s still not clear exactly how the hacks were perpetrated, although that hasn’t prevented plenty of clueless reporting on the topic. In the absence of clarity about exactly what happened, I think it’s useful to focus on a few general points about privacy and security that provide some context for this sort of news. If Apple really is at fault, it needs to remedy the situation fast If it becomes clear, as has been reported, Apple’s systems for securing accounts are inadequate in that they either lack rate limiters or are otherwise open to brute force attacks, they need to fix this ASAP.

Why Social Engineering Should Be Your Biggest Security Concern. A Student Told Her Professor She Won't Be Attending Class Because It's Beyoncé's Birthday. You Can Buy Happiness, If It's An Experience. No charges for LASD deputy who fatally struck cyclist while typing on computer. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office declined to press charges against a sheriff’s deputy who was apparently distracted by his mobile digital computer when he fatally struck cyclist Milton Olin Jr. in Calabasas in December, officials announced Wednesday.

Extra: See the district attorney’s report on why no charges will be filed. Children Get Married In The U.S., Too: #15Girls : Goats and Soda. Why men should change their last name when they get married - Quartz. Burning Man 2014 - In Focus. One Woman's Lessons From Living On The Street. Why Doctors Are Sick of Their Profession - WSJ. These seven charts explain how Ferguson—and many other US cities—wring revenue from black people and the poor - Quartz. In its violent crackdowns on demonstrations since a white police officer shot 18-year-old Michael Brown in early August, Ferguson police revealed a fresh proclivity for abusing its citizens.

The real reason Burning Man isn’t for regular folks - Quartz. A year ago today, I arrived in Black Rock City, Nevada, for Burning Man, the annual festival devoted to radical self-reliance and self-expression. CEO Pay Continues to Rise as Typical Workers Are Paid Less. The 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s were prosperous times for top U.S. executives, especially relative to other wage earners and even relative to other very high wage earners (those earning more than 99.9 percent of all wage earners). Executives constitute a larger group of workers than is commonly recognized, and the extraordinary pay increases received by chief executive officers of large firms had spillover effects in pulling up the pay of other executives and managers. Between the World and Ferguson - The New Yorker. China's 'Great Wall' Takes A Hit At U.S. Heavyweight Boxing. Taishan Dong works with coach John Bray at the Glendale Fighting Club, north of Los Angeles. Welcome to The Luhansk People’s Republic: Following the Russian convoy into rebel-held Ukraine.

Knee Defender: There’s No Excuse for Leaning Back on an Airplane. Michael Brown's Unremarkable Humanity. A Growing Backlash Against 'Amish Exploitation' In Pennsylvania. What it feels like to be the last generation to remember life before the internet. The Surprising Demographics Of Who Shops Online And On Mobile. Chris Hedges: Let’s Get This Class War Started - Chris Hedges - Truthdig. The Perils of Precocity. Poll: Americans Predict Life in 2050. Entrapped! When Craigslist predator stings go too far. Should we stop believing Malcolm Gladwell? Study says income inequality in America even worse than we thought.

Notes from a Strange World — Notes from a Strange World. 100 Diagrams That Changed the World. John Coster-Mullen replicates the Hiroshima bomb. Salman Rushdie's PEN World Voices Lecture on Censorship. What inner city kids know about social media, and why we should listen — I.M.H.O. Not necessarily laughing WITH you... Dating In Your Late 20s SUCKS - Part 1.url. The 27 Maps That Explain America. How to Be Good - The New Yorker. Why PBR Isn't Cool Anymore. 17 Maps That Will Change How You See the World. This Way Up: Mobility in America - WSJ. A Chart That Says the War on Drugs Isn't Working.

The World’s Second-Richest Man Thinks You Should Work Only 3 Days a Week. US Unemployment Rate Forecast.url. 5 Ways the World Will Change Radically This Century - Yahoo! News.url. Courthouse Confessions.url. Top 5 Sites With Future Predictions About The World.url. Crovitz Julian Assange, Information Anarchist - Blanc privilège. The Waiting Game: Fast-Food Queuing Theory. I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me. The Rise of the Working Poor and the Non-Working Rich.

What to do about Inequality, Shrinking Wages and the perils of PPPs? A conversation with Kaushik Basu, World Bank chief economist. As If Music Could Do No Harm - The New Yorker. Ferguson: Violence Flares Again as Police Confront Protesters - WSJ. Why States Should Aim For 100 Percent Vaccination. Six Studies That Show Everything Republicans Say About the Economy is Wrong. The NSA's Reach Might Be Even Bigger Than We Thought.

Why men should be more like Brad Pitt. Boom MagazineSan Francisco's Housing Crisis explained - Boom. In South Texas, Few On The Fence Over Divisive Border Wall Issue. East Point Peace Academy - Investing in Peace. Nurturing the Beloved Community. 12 things white people can do now because Ferguson. What Is the Price of Perfect Equality? The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race. Photos: Pope Francis visits South Korea. Does the world need another email service? This man thinks so. What I Saw in Ferguson. The Future of College? Taking Down Armenian Power, California's Modern Mafia. Why George Takei loves America, even after he was held in a US internment camp.

How the World Cup Is Damaging Brazil. People Are Trying To Get Facebook To Ban A 19-Year-Old Cheerleader Who Hunts Endangered Animals. Why nobody lives in so many of New York’s most expensive apartments. Say No to the Distraction-Industrial Complex - WSJ. Recruits' Ineligibility Tests the Military - WSJ. This map shows why Finland, Sweden, and the UK have more freedom than any other countries. We don’t need net neutrality; we need competition. The next thing Silicon Valley needs to disrupt big time: its own culture. Why Crossovers Conquered the American Highway - Alexis C. Madrigal. Irving Merchants Riled by Proposal to Turn 12 Parking Spots Into Public Space.