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Time. Colorado Tried a New Way to Vote: Make People Pay—Quadratically. Roosevelt's New Deal Wasn't All Government Spending. Later on, these cooperatives were denounced as “communist” by utilities, but they were anything but.

Roosevelt's New Deal Wasn't All Government Spending

Their work made possible the modernization of the American farm and farmhouse, which in turn made it possible for rural America to buy electrical goods from private companies. Every Billionaire Is A Policy Failure (@DanRiffle) Paid line-standing shocks Ocasio-Cortez: the bizarre practice, explained. On Wednesday, Rep.

Paid line-standing shocks Ocasio-Cortez: the bizarre practice, explained

- The Washington Post. Justicedemocrats. Why the Russian Influence Campaign Remains So Hard to Understand. - The Washington Post. This Year Looks A Lot Like The 1976 Democratic Primary. What Does That Mean For 2020? Over the last two weeks, Beto O’Rourke has dropped a series of statements with a floating vibe.

This Year Looks A Lot Like The 1976 Democratic Primary. What Does That Mean For 2020?

This kicked off with a Facebook Live in which he and friends discussed the history of El Paso and some more random stuff that followed Donald Trump’s wall address. How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shapes a New Political Reality. The Next Koch Doesn’t Like Politics. Last May, Chase Koch, the 41-year-old son of billionaire businessman Charles Koch, gathered about two dozen wealthy young professionals for a weekend retreat in Vail.

The Next Koch Doesn’t Like Politics

This was no regular Koch get-together, the kind of uber-elite gathering of big ideas and bigger checkbooks that Charles and his brother David have made a feature of their political activity for the better part of a generation. It was six months before the most consequential midterm elections since the mid-1990s. President Donald Trump was threatening massive tariffs on steel and aluminum. House Speaker Paul Ryan had just announced he would retire from Congress. Ocasio 2018: Vote November 6th. School shootings have become all too routine in America, and in urban areas like the Bronx and Queens, gun violence is a regular reality in many communities.

Ocasio 2018: Vote November 6th

In some states, it’s easier for teenagers to buy assault weapons than it is for families to get health insurance. Every year, more than 15,000 Americans die due to gun violence, excluding suicides. In America, gun violence is occurring at a rate 10 times higher than in other high-income countries. Democratic Socialists of America. Political organisation The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is a left-wing organization of democratic socialist, social democratic and labor-oriented members in the United States.

Democratic Socialists of America

The DSA has its roots in the Socialist Party of America (SPA), whose most prominent leaders included Eugene V. Debs, Norman Thomas and Michael Harrington.[19] In 1973, Harrington, the leader of a minority faction that had opposed the SPA's rightward shift and transformation into the Social Democrats, USA (SDUSA) during the party's 1972 national convention, formed the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC).

(The other faction that split following that convention was the Socialist Party USA (SPUSA), which remains an independent democratic socialist political party.) The DSOC, in Harrington's words "the remnant of a remnant", soon became the largest democratic socialist group in the United States. History[edit] 2018 midterm elections: Americans can’t agree what the big issues are. Republicans and Democrats don’t just disagree on the issues, though of course they do.

2018 midterm elections: Americans can’t agree what the big issues are

Wisconsin’s $4.1 billion Foxconn factory boondoggle. It was a veritable lovefest in Milwaukee in July 2017 when Republican Gov.

Wisconsin’s $4.1 billion Foxconn factory boondoggle

Scott Walker and Foxconn chairman Terry Gou announced their plan to create a heavily subsidized manufacturing plant in southeastern Wisconsin. Something’s Brewing in the Deep Red West – Rolling Stone. Is More Democracy Always Better Democracy? In the late evening of August 29, 1968, a balding fifty-seven-year-old wearing a black suit and a black tie took the stage at the International Amphitheatre, in Chicago, to accept his party’s nomination for the Presidency of the United States.

Is More Democracy Always Better Democracy?

- The Washington Post. Schwarzenegger's Plans for 2020 Gerrymandering Reforms. Read: Schwarzenegger is back in a wonky campaign fight against gerrymandering Schwarzenegger became obsessed with redistricting reform after successfully pushing a ballot initiative in California, which passed narrowly in 2008 for statehouse races followed by another in 2010 for House seats, with opposition from both Republicans and Democrats.

Schwarzenegger's Plans for 2020 Gerrymandering Reforms

The measure took the power to draw the lines of House and state legislative districts away from politicians and gave it to a nonpartisan commission. The Rise of West Coast Democrats. This isn’t to say that these Democrats won’t have obstacles to overcome in 2020; there are plenty. Even though all three states boast some of the highest state minimum wages in the country, housing costs and income inequality are major regional challenges.

(California has a higher rate of inequality than Mexico.) Any presidential candidate from these states will have to answer for the problems back home. Hidden Hand: How Heritage Action Drove DC To Shut Down. The Politics and Business of Climate Change.url. Jeffersonian or Hamiltonian - Murray N. Rothbard - Mises Institute.url. Jeffersonian or Hamiltonian? Every college student, indeed every literate person, is expected to choose up sides and pin a label on himself in the Great Debate. Most people today consider themselves as Jeffersonians. Groups as diverse as the States' Rights (or Dixiecrat) movement and the Communists consider themselves heirs to the Jeffersonian mantle.

Democratic Underground at DuckDuckGo. Left vs Right: US Political Spectrum. Republican Riot. That’s almost as impressive as I am: Not only do I speak some Russian, but also English, American, Canadian, Australian, and even Pennsylvanian and New Yorkan! (And I understand some Texan.) As Liz, who circulated this November item below, commented: “Wow, look at all of them-there languages of Yugoslavia.” Ex-Kosovo author makes new start in Edmonton (By Michael Hingston, Edmonton Journal, Nov. 14) Author Kadrush Radogoshi with his works at the library at Norquest College John Lucas , Edmonton Journal.

The Military Industrial Complex at 50 Maine Campaign to Bring Our War $$ Home St. Louis Peace Economy Project Boston's 25 Percent Solution.