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GIF. Was playing around with my camera and some broken glass, and I captured this. (OC) Science vs. Engineering. Star Wars crayon sculptures... Dear Photograph Photos Dear Photograph Pictures - Yahoo! News.url. (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos Monday Inspiration Smashing Magazine.url. Photography is a very powerful medium and a very difficult craft.

(Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos Monday Inspiration Smashing Magazine.url

Excellent photos don’t only display some facts — they tell stories, awake feelings and manage to share with the audience the emotions a photographer experienced when clicking the shot button. Taking excellent pictures is damn hard as you need to find a perfect perspective and consider the perfect timing. To achieve brilliant photography you need practice and patience. However, it is worth it: the results can be truly stunning. Pixdaus, page 1 of nature photography site photos.URL. Under the north pier - c h r o m a s i a.url. 6sCz1KT.png (PNG Image, 550 × 717 pixels)

The science and art of mathematically perfect bagel cutting. Remember all the times during high school math classes that you scoffed in the face of your math teacher and echoed the refrain, “When will I ever use this in real life?”

The science and art of mathematically perfect bagel cutting

Well, today is the day teachers all around the world get to laugh back, because math has reared its head at the breakfast table of all places. Because there’s nothing more pedestrian than a down-the-middle cut, it's time to take your sesame seed and everything bagels to the next level. The folks over at the Mathematics and Nature, possibly looking to rival the bacon Möbius strip, have compiled a bagel cutting guide that would blow the minds of your local Panera Bread employee.

Image via Tumblr The guide to the mathematically correct breakfast breaks down the fine points of turning your baked good into a Möbius strip, which involves plotting various points on axises and other stuff you've probably forgotten from geometry and trigonometry. So what's the point of complicating breakfast foods? Tim Flach More Than Human Animal Photography. Flavorpill New York Home.url. ZysL5yD. 7XamRnv.jpg (JPEG Image, 1080 × 1080 pixels) - Scaled (92%) Karim Nafatni's Rooftop Images of Dubai Put True Beauty on Display. Karim Nafatni is a pilot from Dubai who has a superb collection of images of the blossoming Middle Eastern city.

Karim Nafatni's Rooftop Images of Dubai Put True Beauty on Display

Some of his images are a look down from rooftops, while others are taken at street level, giving a true feel for the enormity of Dubai's skyscrapers. Recently, Nafatni spoke to and shared some thoughts about how weather affects his photo shoots. How does the weather influence or contribute to your work? As you certainly know, the weather in Dubai can be extremely hot and humid, especially between June and September. Moreover, that heat creates a constant haze that is present throughout those months, making it very difficult for a photographer to shoot. (PHOTOS: 10 Travel Destinations With Stunning Secrets) Are there weather conditions you love to shoot in? My favorite period of the year is probably between October and December, as this is the period of fog here in Dubai.

I present: the Komondor. A "traditional hungarian guard dog." Wildlife photo wins first place in Yahoo News and Flickr winter scenes contest. David Renwald's Placid Coyote David Renwald’s patience in freezing temperatures and snow in Yellowstone National Park paid off.

Wildlife photo wins first place in Yahoo News and Flickr winter scenes contest

His photograph captured a coyote sitting among grass poking from the snow in a moment that evokes seclusion, concentration and calm. The photo, titled “Placid Coyote,” won first place in Yahoo News and Flickr winter scenery photography contest. Renwald’s work was among 711 photos submitted from 357 entrants. “Coyotes lead a tenuous life among the wolf packs in Yellowstone National Park,” Renwald, of Portland, Ore., told Yahoo News. One of the judges, a Yahoo News photo editor, said: “'Placid Coyote' was clearly a winning photograph for me.

Arnold Chao, another judge and an editor at Flickr, added: “Renwald’s wildlife portrait possesses astounding clarity of a peaceful moment in nature. FqBNGD8.gif (GIF Image, 232 × 138 pixels) X8J4rHS. 2MrJtD7. Well, That Backfired. "An Object in Motion," an outtake from Backswing, by Aaron Burch. A: Just to pass the time, a hobby or whatever.

"An Object in Motion," an outtake from Backswing, by Aaron Burch

But it kept growing kept getting bigger and finally got a little out of control, really. A: I do remember, in school, college, building these bridges out of toothpicks or Popsicle sticks or whatever and seeing how sturdy we could make our structures. So the sun came out after a little snow and created a snow shadow of these trees.. Never seen anything like it. 50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books From Childhood. 8J9X9pD. Husky Society. Instagram. Your beautiful eyes on the Behance Network.

Xaxor. Porter Sculpture - Image Gallery. よわよわカメラウーマン日記. YellowKorner : Photography - Art - Limited edition. Yellow Korner : Yellow Korner photographs. kK1Cz6a.jpg (JPEG Image, 960 × 960 pixels) FwgZFNn. 80's highschool starwars.