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20 Must-Follow Art Education Blogs. Welcome welcome welcome! I am so happy you are here. Together, we will inspire our students through works of art and provide them with art connections to develop lifelong lovers of art. I'd like to invite you to join my e-mail list to receive 8 free art worksheets in addition to my newsletter, Your Weekly Art Break, which includes quick, inspiring art learning tidbits to refresh your teaching each week!

I look forward to connecting with you. What would we do as art teachers without the internet? 20 Must-Follow Art Education Blogs. Make and takes. Ooooo, I can’t wait for this new summer series to start.

make and takes

I’ve been planning it for months, getting a few fabulous kid-crafty friends to help. It’s all about books and celebrating stories! All summer long we’ll be sharing our favorite children’s books, picture books and chapter books, and sharing a craft, recipe, or activity to go with it for our Storybook Summer. You’ll want to head to the library or click over to Amazon to find these books and follow along with our stories and activities all summer long! Here is the line up of amazing bloggers I’m excited to be hosting. LEGO-lámpa. Az egyik kedvenc játékom a mai napig a legózás.


Akármikor ülök le a gyerekekkel a szőnyegre építeni valamit, teljesen elvarázsol, és egyszer csak arra eszmélek, hogy a kicsik már rég valami teljesen mással játszanak, én meg csak építek, építek, építek... :-) Az egyik ilyen építős délután alkalmával jutott eszembe, hogy van egy nagyon viharvert kislámpa-maradványunk,aminek a papírernyője már rég szétszakadt, csak a lámpatestet őrizgetem - mi lenne hát, ha nem egy hagyományos papírburát gyártanék hozzá, hanem legóból építeném meg a hiányzó részt? A kicsik egy pillanat alatt belelkesedtek - hiszen házat meg hajót meg autót és hasonlókat már számtalanszor gyártottunk, na de egy lámpát? How to Homeschool Art on a Shoestring Budget. Pichouline. September 2011. Making marbleized paper is fun and this is what you need to get started: Can of shaving cream (Barbisol), liquid water colors, scrap paper, paint brush, toothpicks, Popsicle stick, a card for scraping and some paper to print on.

September 2011

You can see our set-up above. To make your print... Place your card on your worksheet and trace around it with a crayon. Make your tracing slightly larger than your card. This will mark the place the shaving cream will go. Squirt some shaving cream into the rectangle and spread it out with a Popsicle stick (like you're frosting a cake). Place your stick on the top of your paper for next time. Brush on some drops of liquid water color onto your shaving cream. (We had separate tables for warm colors and cool colors.) Use a toothpick to swirl your colors. Place your toothpick on the edge of your paper when finished.

Place your printing paper on top of your shaving cream and press lightly with your finger tip. Housing a Forest - Crafts, Kids, Painting, Art Projects. Le tour de mes idées. Use Your Coloured Pencils. Make Crafts. - Free Crafts, Ideas, Projects, Patterns and Tutorials. Free Craft Instructions - How to Make a German Paper Star (Froebel Star) 1. Fall Activities to Inspire You. If you're new here, you may want to join us on Facebook or Google +.

Fall Activities to Inspire You

Thanks for visiting! Autumn is a special time of year. Warm summer days go, yet we often still have bright blue sunny and fresh days. The leaves start to turn and fall from the trees. And the kids get to collect acorns and chestnuts in the park. Our favourite crafts to date (click on the image for more): So.. will you be joining in with the Autumn Blog Hop? Come and join the blog hop! Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list… Other blogs taking part Blogging With Kids hands on : as we grow Rainy Day Mum Love, Play, Learn 3 Dinosaurs Sugar Snips Kitchen Counter Chronicles Inspiration Laboratories Playful Learners Confessions of a Montessori Mom Two Big Two Little Go Kid Yourself Red Ted Art Life At The Zoo Did you like this? Creativity Portal Project Playground - Creative Arts, Printable Crafts, Free Puzzles.

67 Ideas for Art, Play, and Learning with Shaving Cream - The Artful Parent. Les cahiers de Joséphine. Pi'ikea St. Art Projects for Kids.


Mer mag. The ABC's of Crafting on a Budget. Being a busy mom of 3 creative kids, carving out time to craft with them is a priority for our family.

The ABC's of Crafting on a Budget

Since we don’t have a huge budget for purchasing the latest craft supplies, I have become quite skilled at looking at ordinary items in new ways. I can’t wait to share my thrifty tips and tricks in this fun new series, The ABC’s of Crafting on a Budget. My goal with with my ABC series is to create a resource for frugal moms who want to create, craft and experiment with their kids but do not want to dip too deep into their pocket book. I will be posting this exciting new series January 7th and run through January 11th.

I am participating as part of the Kid Blogger Network’s ABC’s of…series, and I have compiled an extensive list of frugal craft ideas from A-Z. Comment occuper les enfants intelligemment. Joey. M y t u t o r i a l s : f o r t h e h o l i d a y s . . . * * *f o r t h e h o m e . . . * * *f o r t h e k i d s . . . e d u c a t i o n a l . . .


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