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Leaves. Cassie Stephens: Leaf Relief. Hey guys!

Cassie Stephens: Leaf Relief

This post has been very popular...if you are interested in other leaf related projects, be sure to look at this Leaf Printing post and my Leaf Press Project. Thanks! While second grade was completing that project, I was working with my third graders on these Leaf Reliefs. It's a very spring/summer kind of project, so I thought I'd share it with you. I like that I can talk about all of the elements of art when looking at something as simple as a leaf: the shape of the leaf; the lines and texture of the veins; the varying colors of each leaf; the cylinder form of the tree that the leaf came from.

Once that was complete, we took our boards, a large drop cloth and some cheapo spray paint outside. Using the softest of steel wool, the kids burnished their leaf reliefs. For the background, I have tried a variety of things. Once paintings and reliefs were complete, I hot glued the metal work onto the canvas. The works of art were a real show stopper once hung in the hall as a group. 5 Autumn Crafts Ideas Made with Leaves. Autumn art from the garden classroom. By Cathy James on September 30th, 2013 We’ve been combining two activities from my e-book The Garden Classroom this week to create some beautiful autumn art.

Autumn art from the garden classroom

Taking the idea of leaf art and adding it to my Sticky Picture frames, here’s what we made. Autumn gives us so many natural materials to use in art, and the Sticky Picture frames can display your pictures in the window, letting your designs catch the sunlight. You can find all the details about the Sticky Picture frames and more ideas for leaf art designs in The Garden Classroom. Go on - share this! Painted Leaves !! These painted leaves can brighten up anybody's day and are a fun way to add colors to your life!!!

Painted Leaves !!

While most of you are getting ready for winter crafts, we are still enjoying the warm outdoors here in FL. Making the best use of it while it lasts. As always, putti came home with a big collection of leaves from her walk. I always insist that she picks only fallen leaves and donot encourage her plucking leaf from the plant itself. But today she got a lot of green leaves as the shrubs were trimmed this morning. Most days, these leaves end up being used for crayon rubbings, leaf animals or leaf family. So, I postponed the leaf printing idea for another day and let her create more and more painted leaves:) She was picking only the green leaves to paint. She made a couple with dots too.

Putti loved this painted leaves project and didn't want to stop painting. I love this a lot and maybe we will use them to dress up our table or maybe make a colorful painted leaf bunting !!! Fall Leaves Craft Ideas. Несколько примеров того, что можно сделать при помощи самых обыкновенных листьев)

Fall Leaves Craft Ideas

"Des feuilles très, très chouettes" "Des feuilles très, très chouettes" de Mortéza Esmaîli Sohi.

"Des feuilles très, très chouettes"

Autumn Leaf Unit Study. Montessori-Inspired Autumn Leaf Unit. An autumn leaf is a wonder of nature for children and adults alike.

Montessori-Inspired Autumn Leaf Unit

To celebrate that wonder, why not have an autumn leaf unit study?! There are some amazing resources available online. I’ll be linking to Montessori-inspired resources here and adding a link to my Autumn Leaf Unit Study board on Pinterest with links to resources of all types and for a wide range of ages. Some of the resources will be about leaves during any season but will obviously still be appropriate for a unit study on autumn leaves.

Montessori-Inspired Leaf Resources My posts: Free Montessori Materials for a Gardening Unit (has links to many free Montessori leaf materials) Where to Buy Montessori Materials (if you’re interested in purchasing traditional Montessori materials such as the Montessori botany cabinet – not essential for homeschools) Raking Leaves (Photo from United Montessori Association) Activity of the Week – Raking Leaves Indoors (Practical Life) Classifying Leaves (Photo from Two Little Seeds) Fall Leaf Garland. Contact paper is always FUN and I decided to preserve some Fall leaves with it and ended up creating a garland!

Fall Leaf Garland

I think it turned out pretty! It makes such a whimsical Fall decoration! Before putting the leaves on contact paper, I pressed them in books to flatten them out for a few days. When the leaves were flattened, I placed our leaves on the sticky side of the contact paper and then put another sticky sheet on top. C is still fascinated with the "stickiness" of this paper! Then, after sticking the two sheets together with the leaves between, I cut around the leaves, leaving an edge around them. Then, I punched two hole through the bottom part of all the leaves. Next, I strung the leaves with yarn. We've used contact paper quite a bit with many projects! What are your favorite projects to do with contact paper? Guirlande de feuilles. Crédit photo Make and Takes.

Guirlande de feuilles