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Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: The fickle Twitterer. « The unripened word | Main | Tim writes a book » April 28, 2009 The biggest crowd on the web today is the one streaming through Twitter's entryway.

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: The fickle Twitterer

The second biggest crowd on the web today is the one streaming through Twitter's exit. Twitter's recent growth has been explosive, even by web standards. The number of Twitter users doubled last month, reaching an estimated 14 million. But a whirl does not a relationship make. Currently, more than 60 percent of Twitter users fail to return the following month, or in other words, Twitter’s audience retention rate, or the percentage of a given month’s users who come back the following month, is currently about 40 percent. Even Oprah, it seems, may already be losing interest. The half-life of a microblog, it turns out, is even briefer than the half-life of a blog. When MySpace and Facebook were at the stage that Twitter is at today, their retention rates were, according to Nielsen, twice as high - and they've now stabilized at nearly 70 percent.

Finding Utility in the Jumble of Tweeted Thoughts. 16 Examples of Huge Brands Using Twitter for Business. Commuter Feed Uses Twitter for Localized Traffic Reports - ReadW. Twitter was originally designed as an app that would allow people to share information about what they were doing within a distributed group setting.

Commuter Feed Uses Twitter for Localized Traffic Reports - ReadW

It's something akin to a collection of automatically forming email discussion lists (except not via email). The benefit of this is that people can receive and send information within a group very quickly. That's why Twitter has become such an important source of breaking news, and it's also why helpful consumer information apps like Commuter Feed are possible. Member of the Twittering classes. You might not consider Labour deputy leadership contender Alan Johnson the most likely person to embrace the latest social networking trend.

Member of the Twittering classes

But according to his campaign team, Johnson is not only the first UK politician to be sending out Twitter updates, he was nearly the first in the world. "I had the idea for Alan to use Twitter back at the start of January, long before John Edwards started to use it for his [US] presidential bid," says Stuart Bruce, Johnson's head of PR. "Unfortunately, he started before we were ready. " So how does Johnson fit in among the 8m "tweets" (short Twitter messages) sent worldwide so far? At the time of writing, reports the last time he update he was "Heading off to Leeds after a really successful campaign launch. 65 PLP [Parliamentary Labour Party] supporters already declared ...

" 21st century PR But as a 21st-century piece of PR, it certainly beats Hazel Blears's logoed baseball caps, beer mats and sweatshirts. 10 Examples of Creative Twitter Uses. When you think of Twitter, you probably think of a microblogging tool that helps you connect with friends across the world.

10 Examples of Creative Twitter Uses

But not every Tweeter uses their account just to chat back and forth with their online friends. Some have come up with truly creative ways to use their account. What follows is a list of the 10 most creative uses of Twitter I’ve seen. 1. Laundryroom- The laundry room Twitter account helps residents at Olin College’s West Hall check on the availability of washing machines at the campus Laundromat. Anytime a washer or dryer is available, a Tweet is automatically sent out to the local residents following the Laundryroom account. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Twingly Launches Microblogging Search Engine. TweetDeck. Twitter and Yammer Test Dot-Com Business Models. Is the Enterprise Ready for Microblogging Tools Like Twitter? -

By Aaron Strout and Joe Cascio Although experts in the social media space have been talking about how businesses might adopt microblogging tools like Twitter and Plurk, only recently have we started to see a series of new vendors cropping up in the enterprise microblogging space.

Is the Enterprise Ready for Microblogging Tools Like Twitter? -

This has been due in part to businesses needing to figure out how Twitter can benefit the enterprise. The fact that the mainstream press has started covering this topic has also helped to push things along (see Businessweek's CEO Guide to Microblogging if you need proof). Yammer: A 'Twitter for the enterprise' I recently covered Socialcast , a "Friendfeed for business," and liked it a lot.

Yammer: A 'Twitter for the enterprise'

It takes emerging social interaction models that people are just now getting accustomed to and adapts them for business. Here at TechCrunch50, the idea is also in evidence with Yammer, more of a "Twitter for business" than Socialcast, since it doesn't seem to be able to pull in external feeds the same way. However, users can have threaded discussions, as they can on FriendFeed. Users can also use "hashtags" for tagging topics, and they can follow just those tags. Useful if you want to follow a project, but not necessarily all the people working on it. Yammer will launch with a desktop AIR app, as well as iPhone and BlackBerry apps, and an SMS interface.