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Petter’s Robot dreams » Segway. Embedded by Embedded Video YouTube Direkt Why build a DIY Segway?

Petter’s Robot dreams » Segway

The main reason that I wanted to build a DIY Segway was simply because I wanted to see if it was possible. I also liked the idea of building something that strongly interacts with humans. TILTO. The next step was to start writing the software.


For that I studied tons of simmilar projects and had to refresh my coding competence. I had also to update all the software used to write, compile, simulate, etc., and practically had to learn again to use embedded microprocessors. The result was a long piece of software, coded in C for a 16F877 microprocesor from the PIC family (they are obsolete, but I had a couple in an old drawer...). Balancing Robot. HI guys, This is Balance1, my balancing robot, I built balance1 to demonstrate that a digital controller I had designed in MatLab actually worked in the real world.

Balancing Robot

The controller i ended up using for Balance1 is a digital LQR controller to balance and also stay in the same position. The LQR controller works really well because it uses a weigthing matrix to let you make balancing more important than staying in the same position. This means that if Balance1 is going to fall over then it doesn't worry much about its position it just consentrates on balancing, then when its more balanced it tries to get back to its starting position. Robot Body: Equals zero. Segway wheel chair. Projekt SEGI. Inspired by segway™ - making a self-balancing 2 wheel vehicle.