AjoLicht: A Cheap Party LED Matrix « hacked from pieces AjoLicht: A Cheap Party LED Matrix « hacked from pieces In the beginning of 2011, i was asked to create some light effect for electronic music partys. it had to be robust and simple, the budget was just 200 Euros. my first thought was obviously an LED matrix. but as i experienced in my former matrix projects, these things can be expensive. after a short brainstorming, we came up with the following concept: we decided to build single panels that contain five RGB LEDs in a row. these panels can be mounted on the ceiling and are either distributed in the room or combined to form a matrix. the design was kept very simple and therefore cheap, which allowed us to build a few panels with the budget and extend the project if more money is available.
Stronger Glasses | ch00ftech Industries Stronger Glasses | ch00ftech Industries I made a pair of light up Kanye West glasses for New Years! Firstly, I want to say that I completely ripped off this idea from my very talented friend Jordan. The electrical design is mine, but the fashion design is all hers. I highly recommend you pay her blog a visit to see what kind of other stuff she's cooked up.
The circuit on breadboard for prototyping Some time ago i uploaded a breathing LED circuit with the 555 timer chip. It became very popular and i received many comments and emails with people that made this circuit and worked fine, as well as comments with people that had troubles converting it to operate at 12 volts supply. It was designed to operate with 5 volts, because i plan to use it for a future PC mod. Flexible 555 LED Pulsing (Breathing) Circuit Flexible 555 LED Pulsing (Breathing) Circuit
Review – Akafugu TWI 7-Segment Display Hello Readers Today we review a product from a new company based in Japan – akafugu. From their website: Akafugu Corporation is a small electronics company that operates out of Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in fun and easy to use electronic gadgets. Our goal is to provide products that not only make prototyping faster and easier, but are also perfect for incorporation in finalized products. Review – Akafugu TWI 7-Segment Display
Like lots of folks on the internet, I saw the DIODER and felt that it could be improved. And what better way than to make it internet-controlled? Given that I had a Nanode lying around looking for a use it seemed like providence. So the plan was this: Ikea DIODER custom controller | molen, inc. Ikea DIODER custom controller | molen, inc.
Don's Projects This is my DIY Ambilight for my home theater PC. In this tutorial I plan to give detailed instructions on how to build a multichannel Arduino-based Ambilight for about $40 plus the Arduino which can be reused for other projects. The bill of materials include 6+ ShiftBrites (your call, I wouldn't do less than 6 though), a printed circuit board, wire, and headers. Additionally this will require all of the components needed to get over 0.5 Amps at 5.5-9V DC on to the board to drive the ShiftBrites; this cannot be reasonably done over USB power. My ultimate goal here is to give others some ideas on how to go about this project for less money than it would cost to essentially buy everything in a kit. I went in to this trying to be resourceful and I feel pretty good about how it turned out. Don's Projects
A 555 Breathing (Pulsing) LED Thanks Why? I wonder that if there is any problem on it. If constant on....increase R5 (POTs are good for testing) If quick on then off forever....decrease R5 A 555 Breathing (Pulsing) LED
Beginner Concepts: 595 shift register simulator
Michael Ross Photography & Light Painting » Tutorials UPDATED May 1st, 2013 ATTENTION! I have now created a Blog Page specifically for the Digital Light Wand – LPD8806 version that is0-mick designed using an SD card reader and LCD Display Shield. This new page has a video and detailed wiring diagram for the LPD8806 version of the Digital Light Wand and also some specific information regarding the formatting and use of BMP files. The Page is located through the menu at the top of this page or via this link. Michael Ross Photography & Light Painting » Tutorials
Upgrading spotlights to LED « Electro Bob Upgrading spotlights to LED « Electro Bob I’ve got a couple of 12V halogen spot lights on the hallway of my apartment. I rarely turn them on because other lights usually service the area. This made me think that I could just make them dimmer and leave them on the whole night, so I’ve found a simple method to replace the bulb and mirror with a LED.
RGB-LED controller
Aurora 9x18 RGB LED art A RGB LED is nothing more than a LED that actually encases 3 small LEDs of primary colors inside. RGB LEDs can create wide range of colors by combining 3 primary colors - Red, Green, and Blue. By changing the ratio between the 3 colors, you get many in-between colors. Aurora 9x18 RGB LED art
vespine.com March 20, 2011. Over the course of roughly 2 years starting May 2009 I built a 8x8x8 RGB LED cube. You can see the quick specifications in the info box to the right. You can see all the posts I made during the build of this cube if you click the below link: You can visit my blog's web album to easily see the photos all in one go: This is the best quality youtube clip I have so far:
Stair LED Light - 10mm with Bezel: Project Kits - Stair Light Kit - 10mm-Stair-LED-with-Bezel - Alan's Electronic Projects Online Store Single 10mm LED light for use with the Stair Light Controller. This unit comes ready to install. It is prepped with a 7 inch wire lead and includes two wire connectors.
I really like the concept of ambient lighting systems which synchronize with entertainment to create a great immersive experience. And since I had a RGB led strip lying around I decided to use my Arduino and a Processing sketch to create such a system for computers which really turned out great! Here is a video of my setup and a nice demo of it working with a Star Wars video clip: Materials:If you would like to setup this system, it is quite simple and does not require any Arduino shields. The materials you will need other than an Arduino are:+RGB LED Strip (<=$15.95): You can get really cheap ones but I went with this Sparkfun LED strip due to ease of shipping (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10261). +ULN2003A (~$00.63): This chip is a transistor array for driving the LED strip which requires 12V signals with the 5V digital signals from the Arduino (order from DigiKey: http://www.digikey.com) Arduino Based PC Ambient Lighting
This Instructable has been updated with better information and better construction, please view the 10" x 10" LED Infinity Mirror Instructable This Instructable covers building my available Full 8"x8" 32 LED Infinity Mirror Kit or re-create it with your own materials such as acrylic or hardboard sheet. It also could be scaled up or down to suit. Plans are included in the ZIP below. The Kit contains everything needed to recreate this project. Everything from high-quality glass mirrors, parts to build a durable plastic frame, 32x LEDs( color's are buyers choice), LED Controller kit, DC Jack, Wall-Wart Power Supply and wire. LED Infinity Mirror, 32 LEDs, Selectable Patterns, Quality Frame
8x8 LED Matrix Animations
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