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EMEA_deals_businesses_FR.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Facebook: créer une page d’entreprise est de plus en plus facile. Facebook a modifié l’espace qui permet de créer une page d’entreprise.

Facebook: créer une page d’entreprise est de plus en plus facile

L’ancienne liste de catégories fait place à une page qui présente une image sur laquelle se trouvent toutes les catégories. L’espace «Créer une Page» offre six catégories de pages. 5 Creative Facebook Places Marketing Campaigns. Facebook Places, Facebook's location-based feature that launched in August, allows Facebook users to see where their friends are and to share their locations in the real world.

5 Creative Facebook Places Marketing Campaigns

It has also become another powerful Facebook marketing tool for businesses, who can design campaigns around the checkin service to build awareness, grow their fan base and engage and reward customers. Each time a Facebook user checks in to a particular location on Facebook Places, Facebook broadcasts the checkin to that user’s friends' news feeds. This is not only viral marketing for the company — it also allows businesses to provide incentives for people to come to their physical locations or events. Although the service has only been around for a few months, quite a few companies have already begun integrating Facebook Places into their marketing programs.