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52 Weeks - I'm an Organizing Junkie. 52 Weeks of Organizing was a series I ran each week in 2011.

52 Weeks - I'm an Organizing Junkie

I’m leaving it up and accessible for anyone wanting to follow along at their own pace in the future. All the posts related to this series are listed below for your convenience. I’d like to challenge you to create a list of 52 organizing projects or habits that need to be done or developed around your home…dressers, drawers, closet, toys, paper, you name it. Having a plan is a great first step! Tackle one a week or more. Looking for a place to start? If you’d like I’ve created a simple sheet to help you keep track of your 52 projects. 52 weeks of organizing checklist After all, organizing isn’t a means to an end, it’s an ongoing process that involves all sorts of habits, disciplines and maintenance. 52 Weeks: Introduction Week #1 Where will you start?

While some of the weeks above provide practical organizing tasks, the majority of the tasks were intentionally created to teach basic organizing skills. NEW BEGINNINGS - Home Management Binder. It matters to me because I not only want something that is organized but "useful" to my family.

NEW BEGINNINGS - Home Management Binder

Those two words, many people think are synonymous but they are not. Something may be quite organized but if it does not fit my needs, then it is a waste of valuable time. Don't waste your time, have clear cut expectations what you want out this tool. Ask these questions....... BEFORE you buy supplies .. 1. 2. Myself, I opted for a larger binder because I wanted this baby to "work it" for me and store all types of warranty and directions needed for house appliances. 3. I chose a 3 inch brown binder initially from Office Max the {in place brand} like the binders pictured below because it holds 600 pages. 4. For my family, I don't have toddlers anymore and don't need "messages for a babysitter" section.

My husband does not work a shift schedule, yours may or may be out of town regularly for work. 5. Get Organized At Home With A Home Managemen. So you think businesspeople are the only folks who need a personal planner? Think again: families need an organizer, too, to keep life moving smoothly on the home front! A planner for the entire household allows anyone--child, visitor, babysitter--easy access to the information they need.

It's a one-stop information center for busy families. How will you use it? Whether it's a carpool schedule or a co-worker's phone number, the household notebook holds the information you need to check each day. Ready for an evening out? Time for dinner? Clean house fast with cleaning schedules, chore lists and seasonal checklists for home maintenance. Stay-at-home parents and homeschool families add calendar and scheduling features to the household notebook, while daily morning and evening checklists and family schedules make it easy to organize life in families with small children. Empty-nesters corral take-out menus, service club rosters and medical information to make life flow smoothly.

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Home lists - Templates

<a href=" how to enable scripts. </a><br/></div> All Products Word Excel PowerPoint Access Outlook OneNote. Free Printables. Lists And Home Organizing. I’ve had a couple questions recently about how I like to keep things organized, so I thought I’d take a day and tell you all about it.

Lists And Home Organizing

Ready or not, here are my favorite ways for staying on top of things (or trying anyway!) 1. My mini-goals chalkboard by MaryKate McDevitt. I like erasing what ever I wrote yesterday and having two simple goals up for today. To tell you the truth, some days even two goals seems ambitious. 2. The best thing in printing since Gutenberg.