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Exclusive Lifehacker Interview: Quicksilver's Creator on the Future of QS Exclusive Lifehacker Interview: Quicksilver's Creator on the Future of QS SExpand Click to viewQuicksilver is by far one of the most impressive and yet elusive applications we've ever come across, warranting post after post and inspiring nearly as many disappointing alternatives and knockoffs. A few days ago, I sat down (virtual-style) with Quicksilver's creator Nicholas Jitkoff to discuss my all-time favorite application.
by Nick Santilli I'm not the most organized person around, but when it comes to my computer I'm set in my ways of folders within folders within folders. I'd bet you're much the same way. But a few months back I abandoned my hierarchical folder tree, and now, all my files are dumped into the Documents folder. It's ugly, and I don't really like to look at it. Ever. Tags: Metadata as a 'filing system' - Lifehacker Tags: Metadata as a 'filing system' - Lifehacker
Quicksilver (software) Quicksilver is a computer utility software computer program for Mac OS X. Originally developed as proprietary freeware by Nicholas Jitkoff of Blacktree, Inc.,[1] it is now an open source project hosted on GitHub. Invoked with a keyboard shortcut, Quicksilver has three panes, into which the user can enter an object, an action, and an optional attribute—analogous to creating a sentence with a subject, verb, and object. Quicksilver (software)
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quicksilver:triggers [docs]
Quicksilver triggers might seem like one more enigma inside of a riddle from the mind of our mysterious benefactor, Alc0r. Although writing documentation appears to be Alc0r's only kryptonite, triggers are actually pretty well described on the Blacktree wiki. Still, it feels like relatively few people I encounter are using them (most of my friends don't seem to even realize they exist). Since triggers have already been nicely introduced in some detail by Dan, I won't duplicate his efforts. So, what's a trigger and why do I care? 5 handy Quicksilver triggers 5 handy Quicksilver triggers
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