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What Is the Difference Between Stress and Depression. Even stress turns coal to diamond, but you apply too much pressure, and it might just break.

What Is the Difference Between Stress and Depression

Physical laws of stress, if anything, teach us that stress can be a useful factor in many aspects of life, but the wrong amount or prolonged exposure to stress can break it. So be it a rubber band or a human mind, priorities need to be regulated. The difference between stress and depression is a fine line one that can be easily overstepped. This is major because the stress vs depression symptoms aren’t a lot versus. They overlap so much that differentiating between the two can be challenging.

What is the difference between Stress and Depression? Stress is the temporary state of mind where you might feel discouraged, hyperactive or restless. How to Deal with Toxic Parents During Quarantine. Toxicity is corrosive.

How to Deal with Toxic Parents During Quarantine

It eats away like a parasite from within. Then whether it’s a metal or your mental health, nothing stands in the way. The toxicity that we all face in our everyday lives in the form of the people around us can be a tough phase. If it’s a toxic friend, you can cut them off. With a toxic boss, you can possibly change jobs. Because cutting them off isn’t an option, it’s hard to escape the internal torment. With the onset of quarantine, the small moments of escape that such children had were stolen. The following article may seem like something you’ve known all along. What is Meditation Script? Meditation has been used for centuries as a means to achieve peace and tranquility.

What is Meditation Script?

With time, the methods and measures of meditation have evolved, however, the purpose remains unchanged. Meditation scripts are pieces of writing that are used to soothe one’s mind and relax the body. These guided scripts are aimed to create a positive impact on the mind and body. They help in improving one’s understanding of oneself and exercise mental control.

Meditation scripts serve as an introductory stage to those who use meditation for the first time. Home. Types of Meditation - Meditation Health. Across different parts of the world, religions and cultures, meditation is widely used as a mean to achieve inner peace and self-awareness.

Types of Meditation - Meditation Health

While we are so engrossed in highly complicated life matters, meditation allows us the much-needed relaxation. Here are some of the most common types of meditation used globally. Loving-kindness meditation Also known as Metta meditation, it develops an attitude of affection and kindness towards life, in general. The person is protected against feelings of hatred and discomfort. Mindfulness meditation Originating from Buddhism, mindfulness meditation allows a person to observe any thoughts that cross one’s mind without being judgmental. This 5 Minute Meditation Script Is All You Need to Change Your Life. You sit at your desk, drumming your fingers nervously.

This 5 Minute Meditation Script Is All You Need to Change Your Life

It’s Tuesday morning and you’re fifteen minutes early (as usual). You pull up your calendar for the week and it’s booked solid. You have files due today, tomorrow, and Friday and appointments at every available time and meeting in-between all of them. What Is ADHD? What Causes It And How To Prevent It? ADHD is the acronym for a mental condition known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

What Is ADHD? What Causes It And How To Prevent It?

Recent studies conducted by the CDC show that it is highly prevalent in the US, and millions of people are being diagnosed with some form of ADHD. However, it’s quite surprising that many people are still unaware of the term ADHD, its signs & symptoms, risk factors, and treatment options. What Is ADHD? What Causes It And How To Prevent It? Amazing Female Friendly Bachelor Pad Ideas. Men are the epitome of minimalism.

Amazing Female Friendly Bachelor Pad Ideas

If men were left to decide their home décor, they’d go for the most essential items. All they care about is that the items are functional and fill in their bachelor pads. Transform Your Life: 7 Steps to Self-Care. It may come as a surprise to you that often times weeks fly by without you taking a moment to consider yourself a priority before that deadline, or that milestone, or that goal, or that report submission, or that friend who asked you for a favor… and the list goes on.

Transform Your Life: 7 Steps to Self-Care

If you don’t believe us, take a moment to sit comfortably, relax your shoulders, and close your eyes while practicing deep breathing and try to reflect on the last moment where you put yourself above any other person or thing. There – we tricked you into having an actual minute to relax, and it was probably the first time in months, admit it. Self-care is a topic that boasts vast literature and research in its practices, the steps to self-care, and the benefits of self-care. The Path to Success: 5 Habits of Highly Successful People. The key to leading a successful life lies within yourself.

The Path to Success: 5 Habits of Highly Successful People

You have the power to unlock the door by merely reaching within yourself for that key. Repeat this to yourself until you believe it. Because this is indeed the first step: realizing first and foremost that you have the ability to achieve whatever you desire. You are a complete individual, and there is no new talent or gift that can make you successful except the realization, acknowledgment, and use of your own capability and potential. Developing positive habits to lead an enriched, successful life is no difficult task.

Conquer Your Fears — 6 Ways of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone. 8 Ways to Master the Art of Living an Optimistic Life. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is busy running their race.

8 Ways to Master the Art of Living an Optimistic Life

What exactly are they running towards? The answer to this is a mystery. What’s not a mystery is that this can tire people out, a lot! Not just physically but also mentally. It can affect men and women alike, whether they are office workers, home-makers or even students. How Solo Traveling Can Make You Fall in Love With Life.

Traveling solo can be considered an exhilarating and mind-altering adventure. It gives you the opportunity to indulge in yourself and your environment completely. It not only helps you grow as a person but also changes your perspective of the world. Solo traveling can be a daunting experience for those who haven’t done it before; however, the experience is unparalleled. How Racism Affects Mental Health? It’s the 21st Century, and George Floyd is choked by a white officer on camera. It’s the 21st Century, and racism is still an issue, that too worldwide.

In France, two French women were charged for the racist stabbing of a veiled Muslim woman. These incidents aren’t carried out in isolation, these incidents do not suddenly spring upon us and simply occur. It stems from a mindset that sees others as inferior based on their physical difference, and from the frequent usage of racist remarks.

It escalates because, even in the 21st Century, racist jokes, conversations, stereotypes, the portrayal of media, and conversations with friends are common – and horrifyingly, are excused. While racial profiling is responsible for the socio-economic disparity, we will dive into how racism affects mental health, which can then contribute to the systemic cycle of stunted progress. Mindfulness for Students: The Secret to Student Wellbeing? Tests, examinations, assignments, peer pressure, bullying, student loans – the seemingly carefree and fun years of a student’s life are jam-packed with a lot of anxiety and troubles. The collective load of everything often gets too many of the students who have no other choice but to endure and get through with it.

Add to this the stress of having fancy degree-holder parents. The sad truth is many give up along the way. Mental disorders despite all this freedom of expression remains a sensitive topic. 7 Tips On How to Deal With Jealousy in a Relationship. Feeling jealous of unwanted attention that your partner gets sometimes, others cozying up to them and flirting with them can easily make one jealous. Occasionally, it’s okay; because it’s natural and even healthy to feel jealous sometimes.

But when this jealousy begins controlling you and your relationship, that’s when it becomes a problem. Benefits of Fasted Cardio — Who Should Try It? Whether to work out on an empty stomach or not remains a topic of debate among fitness experts and fitness fanatics alike. While some suggest that fasted cardio is a guaranteed method of burning fat faster, some remain unconvinced.

The Man of Your Dreams: Unicorn Man vs. Your Usual Boyfriend. After An Abusive Relationship, Therapy Can Help You Move On. Health Choices That Can Help You Avoid Joint Pains. Joint pains are little suckers, let me just tell you. They refer to the aching, uneasiness, and soreness in your joints. The Power of Saying “No” in Relationships.

How Sleeping on Time Can Do Wonders for Your Health. New Parents and What Milestones to Look For. The Close Relationship between Sleep and Mental Health. Have you ever heard about the Russian Sleep Experiment? Identifying and Dealing with Postpartum Depression. Snowplow Parenting: What It Means and How It Affects Your Kids? 6 Must Have Yoga Supplies To Begin your Yoga Journey. Too Much Caffeine? - Treatment & Side Effects of Caffeine Overdose. Benefits of Mindfulness for Teens - How to Explain Mindfulness to a Them? How to Pursue an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle. How to Introduce Your Partner to Your Parents. 8 Lessons to Learn From Power Couples.

Orthorexia: An Unhealthy Delusion. Parents with Fancy Degrees May Have More Stressed-Out Kids. Too Much Caffeine? - Treatment & Side Effects of Caffeine Overdose. Orthorexia: An Unhealthy Delusion. Dragonflies Have A Deep Meaning- Keep Seeing Dragonfly Meaning. How to Naturally Lighten Your Hair with Lemon Juice? Invisible Red Thread of Fate Connects Those Who Are Destined to Meet.

7 Things to Do During Your Pregnancy. How to support a loved one with PTSD? Coronavirus, a Deadly Disease: It's Symptoms, Causes and Treatment. What it Means if You Have Letter X on Both Palms? A Journey from Baby Boomer to Generation Z - 50 Years of Change. One Cup Of This Beverage Burns Belly Fat Naturally - Weight Loss Recipe. These Two Riddles Can Determine Whether You Are A Psychopath or Not.

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Everything Adults Should Know About Hydration! 5 Easy Tips To Look Glamorous On A Budget For A Party. Long distance Parenting: Stay Connected With Your Child Lives Far Away. Is Vaping Bad for You? Here are the Effects of Vaping on Your Health. The 10 Delicious And Healthiest Ways To Eat Pumpkin This Fall. The 10 Delicious And Healthiest Ways To Eat Pumpkin This Fall. How Claustrophobia differentiates from Agoraphobia. A Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming Sibling Rivalry. An Invisible Red Thread Connects Those Who Are Meant To Be Together. What makes these zodiac signs emotionally unavailable? Truth Behind the Lonely Death of Heath Ledger – The Joker. Reasons Why Gastric Cancer is Getting More Common in Young People. Strange Halloween Facts You Must Know Before Celebration. Causes Which Raise Depression In Millennials, Depression is curable. Why are millennials are the Loneliest Generation surpassed Generation X.

How to Save Money From Monthly Salary. How to Tackle bossy In Laws. OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING? How to stop overthinking disorder. The Art of letting go; explained by a Zen Master Thich Naht Hanh. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is used for treatment for a wide range. You need help if you go through these symptoms of depression and anxiety. 10 Relationship Goals You Gotta Set For A Long Term Relationship. 10 cool low budget ideas to decorate your kids room.

Scientists Found That The Soul Doesn’t Die – It Goes Back To Universe. What Hoarding Disorder feels like, hoarding disorder symptoms. 10 Books That can Change Your Life in 2019, happniness, money making. Stress Causes Miscarriage - How to Prevent Miscarriage. Stress management techniques at work. What is an acceptable age difference in couples? Is age just a number? Know everything about the Brain-Eating Amoeba Naegleria Fowleri. Brain Fog: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment how to clear brain fog instantly. 10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs In The World. 20 Rules of Life A Japanese Samurai Wrote 400 Years Ago That Will Change You. Your Zodiac Sign - Most Shy or Very Social? Zodiac sign say about you. 6 Zodiacs Which Make the Best Entrepreneurs. Top 5 Powerful Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology. Peace Quarters - Official — Things Only a True Empath Can Relate To. Men’s Night Out is Good for Mental Health! 15 Signs You Are an Ambivert.

10 Ways You Can Stay Motivated Even When You're Feeling Unproductive. SHOCKING: Cancer is a Man Made Disease – Researchers Confirm. The Ideal Age to Give Birth Is After You Turn 35, According to Science.