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Paul Drury

EU Law Lecturer

New Tab. New Tab. The Ultimate Online Guide for Business. How to Find Topics Your Audience Craves in 20 Minutes. Eight Ways I Hacked My Tiny Apartment to Fit All My Stuff. ▶ Jeremy Soule. How I use Followerwonk, and Why I Love It. Best of 2013: No 11 – How I use Followerwonk, and Why I Love It During the holiday weeks we will be showing you the 15 best read posts of 2013.

How I use Followerwonk, and Why I Love It

Except for on Christmas and New Years day, each day you can read the best articles again, going from number 15 back to number 1. Now it’s time for number 11, originally posted on March 7 2013, a post by Gianluca Fiorelli. Never like today SEOs and Internet Marketers had so many tools about practically every aspect of their job. Maybe there are even too many tools, and – as if we were magpies – we instantly desire to experiment with every new little toy coming out in the market. Surely that is my instinct, but I must confess that at the end I don’t use dozens of tools, but just those few, which were able to demonstrate their value on the long run: Obviously, I cannot forget Excel, in my case powered with the SEOTools for Excel plugin by Bosma and the SEOgadget Links API Extension for Excel.

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STOLMEN system - Combinations & All parts

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Getting Started. How Can I Make My Commute More Productive? Rainy Cafe: Ambient White Noise Generator. 雨のカフェ مقهى الأمطار. Welcome to EU-Analytics! 2 comments Welcome to EU-Analytics!

Welcome to EU-Analytics!

This is experimental academic blog covering all aspects of European Union politics. The main idea behind the blog is to provide data-driven analysis on current EU issues from the debt crisis to democratic legitimacy to foreign and security policy as well as opening up a place to debate current academic work on EU issues from a political perspective. I therefore highly welcome any comments, feedback or complaints. The idea for this blog started when I looked at sites like, which use data driven analytical tools to give citizens and journalists a peek view into the dynamics of European Politics. Diagrams and Charts. Critical Thinking.