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PC Werth & FlipSide Fight Tinnitus. Millions of people globally admit to a passion for dance music, and appreciating the culture of which it forms a part.

PC Werth & FlipSide Fight Tinnitus

This February, PC Werth are sponsoring the FlipSide London Exhibition. This exhibition will showcase striking images of 28 internationally successful DJs and music producers, giving guests a glimpse into their personal lives. Specifically, the exhibition captures the artists outside the confines of their regular studio or DJ environment. The list of artists featured in this exciting exhibit includes (but is not limited to) Orbital, DJ Fresh, Goldie, Paul Oakenfold, Zane Low, Carl Cox, Judge Jules, Mary Anne Hobbs, Jaguar Skills, Annie Mac, Andy C, Krafty Kuts, B.Traits, Example, Shy FX, DJ Hype, Fatboy Slim, Danny Howard and Boy George.

But why? The exhibit will be raising funds and awareness for The British Tinnitus Association – which relies purely on public donations to fund its research. Double Hearing: Diplacusis A Bizarre Reality. The range of strange hearing phenomena that exists today is vast and varied.

Double Hearing: Diplacusis A Bizarre Reality

But one of the most unusual hearing condition is arguably that of Diplacusis, or “double hearing”. What is Diplacusis? You may be surprised to learn that most of us will hear the same sound at different pitches in each ear. However, this difference in pitch is so slight that it’s not noticeable. The brain subsequently considers this one sound, and no problems arise. The Intriguing Truth about Tone-deafness. Ever been to a karaoke bar with colleagues and wondered why Dave from Accounting was so shamelessly chuffed with his rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” – even though he didn’t hit a single note?

The Intriguing Truth about Tone-deafness

Believe it or not, it’s probably because he had no idea he sounded bad. Chances are, Dave from Accounting is tone-deaf. This means that not only can Dave not actively hit the intended notes, but he can’t actually hear these notes correctly to begin with. What does being tone-deaf entail? Technically, tone-deafness is the inability to hear the difference between varying musical notes (pitch changes). How to Prevent Yourself from Going Deaf. There’s good news and there’s bad news – and it happens to be the same news: the majority of hearing impairments were preventable, and hence the majority of future hearing problems are preventable.

How to Prevent Yourself from Going Deaf

So before you become another unfortunate statistic, see what you can do today to prevent losing your hearing down the road. Why is loud noise bad for your hearing? When we are exposed to noises that are too loud and last too long, the tiny sensory hair cells in our inner ears take a beating. Eventually, when the damage to these cells becomes too great, the result is noise-induced-hearing-loss (NIHL). According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, as many as one in five American teenagers are already demonstrating hearing loss to some degree – a number higher than ever before.

Selective Hearing: Sincere Explanation or Sorry Excuse? Have you ever asked someone a question in mid conversation and had them ask you to repeat it – even though they were sitting close by?

Selective Hearing: Sincere Explanation or Sorry Excuse?

Or ever heard your name pop up in conversation without having heard a single thing that was said before that? If you’re familiar with either of these situations, chances are that you have ‘selective hearing’ to thank for this. (Yes, it’s actually a real thing.) The Benefits of Silence. Modern science has confirmed it: silence affects our mental, emotional and physical health.

The Benefits of Silence

Modern science has also unfortunately confirmed that people don’t get enough of it. And the evidence is obvious; today the leading cause of illness and disease is stress. Thankfully, the numerous benefits of silence effectively help to relieve stress. The best part? We can actively put this into practice and enjoy the benefits. How To Prevent Aeroplane Ear These Holidays. It’s not just the snores from the fellow passengers and the loud conversations from the people sitting right in front of you that can make your flight unbearable.

How To Prevent Aeroplane Ear These Holidays

Unfortunately, (and as if to add insult to injury!) , many air travelers suffer from a rather painful condition known as aeroplane ear. What causes aeroplane ear? The ear pain experienced during flights is the result of a rapid change in air pressure. This change in pressure causes a large difference in pressure between your middle ear and the air around you. Absolute threshold of hearing. Thresholds of hearing for male (M) and female (W) subjects between the ages of 20 and 60 Psychophysical methods for measuring thresholds[edit] Measurement of the absolute hearing threshold provides some basic information about our auditory system.[4] The tools used to collect such information are called psychophysical methods.

Absolute threshold of hearing

Through these, the perception of a physical stimulus (sound) and our psychological response to the sound is measured.[5] There are several different psychophysical methods which can be used for the measurement of absolute threshold. These methods may vary in many ways; however, certain aspects are identical. Some procedures use a series of trials, with each trial using the ‘single-interval “yes”/”no” paradigm’. Classical methods[edit] Method of limits.

Hearing Test - Can You Hear This? We got a lot of positive feedback on our Can You Hear Like a Teenager?

Hearing Test - Can You Hear This?

Article, and it inspired us to take it just a little bit further. The Role of Aural Protection within Clay Pigeon Shooting. [Interview] Harley Street Hearing. Harley Street Hearing is one of the UK’s most respected aural health practices in the UK.

[Interview] Harley Street Hearing

Being located in London’s famed Harley Street, Harley Street Hearing has provided professional and sought after aural health advice and hearing aids for 27 years. They also specialise in musicians’ hearing services, having served members of the entertainment industry for over 25 years – including the Script, Zane Louw, Pete Townshend and Coldplay, amongst others. We asked Harley Street Hearing a few questions about the process of having earplugs fit: Could Noise Be Affecting Your Child’s Academic Success? Continued... - PERFECTfit. Continuing from our initial discussion regarding children using ear plugs, the use of ear plugs is becoming more and more popular with adults; whether used by frequent fliers, sportsmen or at work. Ear plugs create a pleasant environment by cutting out distracting and unnecessary noise.

But what about our kids? Too Close For Comfort by Peter Jones - PERFECTfit. I love my job. Well, it’s more than that really. Just think for a moment….what do you like to do at the weekends to relax. It could be walking, photography, sport, cooking…there are any number of hobbies or pastimes that really make you happy and content.

Hock Filters: Ear Defenders - PERFECTfit. Many readers may be asking themselves, “What are Hocks Filters?” Hock filters are specialised custom ear plugs that professional shooters, from all around the globe, use to protect their hearing. But what specifically do they do and how do they help the sportsman? Unlike solid plugs, Hocks Filters do not cut sound out entirely but, rather, red uce the intensity of sound waves. Depending on the strength of the wave, Hock Filters react to changes of air pressure arriving at the filter and that enter the user’s ear. Hearing loss, what does it sound like?

Name that sound - What does hearing loss sound like? Hearing Loss. Effects of Hearing Loss on Happiness - PERFECTfit. We’re all familiar with the concept of hearing loss, many of us don’t consider how it actually makes us feel. There are both physical symptoms as well as emotional responses to experiencing hearing loss. These are the common symptoms of sudden hearing loss (which occur less severely in hearing deterioration over time): Tinnitus (a constant ringing in the ear)Discharge from the ear (can also include blood)Ear ache (deep pain in the ear canal)Ear pressureDizzinessIssues with balanceNausea While suddenly experiencing these symptoms is less common that gradual hearing loss, these symptoms do indicate that something may be very wrong with your ear canal or sense of hearing.

While recovering from these symptoms is the most important, the emotional affects can also be severe. Could Noise Be Affecting Your Child’s Academic Success? - PERFECTfit. Young children can be easily distracted by external agents like noise. Do Sleepless Nights Really Affect You? - PERFECTfit. Avoiding sleepless nights is easier said than done. We’ve all heard that we should all get 8 hours sleep a night, but how realistic is that? With kids, pets, alarms, worries (and great television shows!) Hearing Loss UK Infographic - PERFECTfit. Avoiding Kids' Summer Holiday Earache - PERFECTfit. Three "Ears" for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games! - PERFECTfit.

While the sun has set on the FIFA World Cup, sporting events are in no short abundance. Next week kicks off the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games that sees 17 sports unite in 14 venues across the Scottish city. Competitors from around the globe will be participating in various games and we know what will give those winners the edge – customized ear plugs. This year we have our eye on the shooting events which include clay target, full bore and pistol and small bore. Sounds Like The Football World Cup - PERFECTfit. As the world sat on the edge of their seats this week watching the FIFA World Cup semi-finals, shots of the ever passionate crowd were beamed across the globe.