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The Ultimate List of Uses for Old Computers - Waterfox. Are you wondering what to do with that old computer?

The Ultimate List of Uses for Old Computers - Waterfox

Well, I will start by skipping the usual… I will not talk about the obvious uses which you probably already know like: “Sell it on eBay”, “Cannibalize it”, “Give it to the Kids”, “Donate it”, “Recycle it” etc. If you wanted to do any of those you wouldn’t be reading this article in the first place, would you? Or other uses that are simply not practical for 99.9% of us… Like building a cluster… That is, if you have more than one old pc, and are prepared to spend more on electricity than what these computers are worth. I am going to give you real no-nonsense uses, which will save you money, make your life easier, and will be plain fun. I will provide you with links that will help you and not just leave you with empty-handed suggestions. File server: I would venture to say that this is easily the most popular use for an old computer now days. Build your own TiVo: Build your own SLINGBOX: Want to watch programs at work?

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In most of the cases the issue is privacy. To most of the users Facebook account is very important. As a result neither they can delete it nor keep it. In this situation Facebook provides a facility to deactivate the account temporarily. When you deactivate your account, your profile and all information associated with it disappears from the Facebook immediately. The 1140px CSS Grid System · Fluid down to mobile - Waterfox. Rarely known YouTube features - Waterfox. YouTube Slam: It is an experiment that was introduced by the Google Research team as a new way of video discovery, in order to find out the next viral sensation among user-generated videos.

Rarely known YouTube features - Waterfox

Every day, the Google team puts up two videos head to head in each category – like Comedy, Cute, Music, Bizarre and Dance – and users get to vote for their choice. They also get bonus points if the video chosen by them wins the round. Users can then also compete to earn a place in the leaderboards in this fun and simple game of voting. It also helps YouTube to popularize user-generated videos. Play YouTube Slam! YouTube Leanback: You guessed it right. Relax and enjoy YouTube Leanback! Comment Search: This feature is not available anywhere in the normal interface and it can only be found in the “Testube”. Try out Comment Search. Video Editor: YouTube has also got an online movie maker like video editor in which users get to edit their own uploaded videos. Edit your videos using the Video Editor. Tom's Hardware: Hardware News, Tests and Reviews - Waterfox.

Windows Utilities

Security Monitoring : Tech Center - Dark Reading - Waterfox. Technology News - CNET News - Waterfox. Help: Public Library Books for Kindle - Waterfox. Windows Speech Recognition Macros - Home - Waterfox. Create an Advanced Speech Macro The Advanced Speech Macro allows you to generate a Speech Macro from XML.

Windows Speech Recognition Macros - Home - Waterfox

In this tutorial you will create a Speech Macro from the "Weather.WSRMac" file. a) On the Downloads tab at the top of this page, select the Weather.WSRMac file. Read and agree to the license terms. Select open from the pop up window and the file will open in the Advanced page of the wizard. e) Click on the Next button f) The final panel of the Wizard lets you review the Speech Macro and save it Review Panel: This panel shows you the summary of your Speech Macro. Note: The file must be saved in the Speech Macros folder and it should contain the extension .WSRMac in order for it to load. All templates - Templates - - Waterfox. The Official Windows 7 Repository - Waterfox. Download ISO File, Create DVD & Activate Windows 7 Legally.

If you are using various available versions of Windows 7 Operating System viz. Windows 7 Starter , Windows 7 Home Basic , Windows 7 Home Premium , Windows 7 Professional , Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 7 Ultimate on your Desktop/Laptop/Netbook Than, you can easily Download Windows 7 ISO Image File and create your own Windows 7 Retail Disc (DVD)! Even you can also activate it LEGALLY, if you have a Genuine Windows 7 Product Key! Following are the 3 Very IMPORTANT steps in this guide, which you should follow in order to Download and Create ISO File of Windows 7 [All Version] & Activate Windows 7 without calling Microsoft: 1. No matter which version of Windows 7 viz. Following are the links for Downloading ISO Image File of Windows 7 (x86) or (x64) in English Language: