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Papworths Construction Testing Equipment

PCTE is one of the leading suppliers of large range of proven technical products that have been used and demonstrated to be effective in their respective applications. For more details, visit their website.

Buy Soil Triaxial Test Systems at PCTE. It is very important to establish the mechanical properties of soils when designing foundations, embankments and other soil structures.

Buy Soil Triaxial Test Systems at PCTE

Building constructions, excavations, tunneling and similar applications have several effects on the subsoil structures. Buy Schmidt Hammer from PCTE. Silver Schmidt Hammer The new Silver Schmidt comes in both N and L configurations to estimate concrete strength.

Buy Schmidt Hammer from PCTE

It has two distinct advantages over the original Schmidt. Concrete Corrosion Testing Equipment by PCTE. California Bearing Ratio Test (CBR): PCTE. The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test is a measure of the strength of subgrade soil and highway sub base and subgrade via a penetration test.

California Bearing Ratio Test (CBR): PCTE

It is designed for testing cohesive materials with a particle size less than 19mm. Laboratory Machines CBR Test Machine with Load Ring – UTS-0852 This machine includes a load ring and dial gauge and is used to measure force and piston travel. Two travel speeds 1mm/min & 1.27mm/min. 50 kN capacity. Buy Universal Testing Machines from PCTE. PCTE - Concrete Strength Test. PCTE - Get Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity tools.

The Pundit PL-200 continue the illustrious Pundit tradition that began in the 1970s.

PCTE - Get Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity tools

The first to use a new generation touchscreen display unit. Soil Testing Equipment - Half Cell Potential - PCTE. As the direct successor to the Galvapulse the CorroMap provides easy to use half-cell potential and galvanostatic pulse corrosion rate measurement with many user-friendly features.

Half Cell Potential - PCTE

The CorroMap is a rapid, non-destructive technique for the evaluation of reinforcement half-cell potentials and corrosion rates. It maps the contour plots of half cell potential and resistance in colour on the screen and for transfer to PC. The CorroMap is a lightweight system with rechargeable batteries for optimum portability and is designed to be operated by one man.

It offers reliable evaluation of reinforcement corrosion also in wet, carbonated or inhibitor treated concrete so that the Half-cell potential and electrical resistance to the cover layer are given. Ground Penetrating Radar by PCTE. In November 2016 We will be presenting a training course "Ground Penetrating Radar for Concrete Structures and Underground Asset Location".

Ground Penetrating Radar by PCTE

This is a great chance to try these systems hands on and get a better understanding of GPR theory and practice. What is GPR? GPR, short for “Ground Penetrating Radar” is an imaging technology used for subsurface earth exploration. Papworths Construction Testing Equipment (PCTE) Construction NDT. News on Non-Destructive Testing Welcome to the November issue of Construction NDT.

Construction NDT

We are ready for the ACA conference in Brisbane next week and to that end have prepared a corrosion focused issue, we will be discussing both the most common means to investigate a structure for corrosion activity, along with examining what monitoring options exist for installation in new structures. The concrete institute of Australia recently held its biennial conference at the Gold Coast Convention centre in Queensland in October.

As exhibitors PCTE had the opportunity to meet many of existing clients and talked with many new faces. Our full product range was on display, including new systems like the DY-2 from Proceq and strain gauges and other sensors by Geosense. Corrosion Monitoring Corrosion Monitoring generally makes use of installed probes. Construction NDT. News on Non-Destructive Testing With the start of 2014 PCTE is looking forward to introducing the next generation of Proceq equipment.

Construction NDT

We have received and trained on the new Pundit PL 200PE ultrasonic system with both ultrasonic pulse velocity [UPV] and pulse echo testing. We will soon be launching the next generation of the ProfoMeter cover meter also. As we have been working hard improving our knowledge this issue of Construction NDT delves into more advanced applications of both ultrasonic tests with a case study for UPV tomography. For pulse echo we will be reviewing different scan formats that can be collected, and when and how different processing methods can be applied to refine data for the easiest and most clear interpretation.

Construction NDT July 2014. With a new financial year we are pleased to announce of new partnership with Utest Materials Laboratory Testing Equipment.

Construction NDT July 2014

From April 2014 PCTE will represent Utest within Australia and New Zealand exclusively. This move really does make PCTE your one-stop shop for construction materials test equipment. We will continue to be able to service your field testing needs with our comprehensive range, however our excellent range and service will now extend into the laboratory. Construction NDT October 2014. The first three months of the new financial year have been fulfilling for PCTE and we cannot wait to update you on some of the exciting news.

Construction NDT October 2014

With an aim to further assist our customers in the West we have formalised the Perth office with dedicated sales staff, our MD Reuben Barnes. In NSW, we exhibited at the Australasian Tunnelling Society conference and received an impressive industry reaction. We have a quick overview of the event on our website here. In addition, PCTE welcomes Larry Olson, the world renowned expert in Non-destructive evaluation of civil structures. Construction NDT March 2015. RH meter available online at PCTE. Hygropin comes with a small, fast sensor making it the perfect solution to identify and monitor concrete moisture levels more quickly and easily than ever before. The Hygropin provides the smallest available sensor on the market, minimising damage to the surface and reducing the installation efforts immensely. Due to the small air volume of the test sleeve, the humidity equilibrium process is extremely fast. High moisture content is one of the main sources of floor coating failures, paint blistering and other coating damage.

The relative humidity test outlined by ASTM F2170 requires placing a measuring sleeve at a specific, well defined depth in the concrete. This can be done either by drilling a hole or pre-installing cast holes in fresh concrete. Surface based testing methods only measure up to 20mm at best and don’t essentially reflect reality. Online Vibrating Wire available at PCTE. Schmidt Hammer. Strain Gauge device available Online at PCTE. Strain is defined as the ratio between the length of an element before and after a force has been applied to it.

In concrete strain can be seen in the change of concrete or reinforcing steel due to temperature, curing and forces applied during its use. These VW strain gauges can be set up individually or in concert to monitor the shrinkage/movement of concrete. Loggers can be monitored manually or remotely. There are a number of various methods as follows: Surface mounted strain gaugesEmbedded strain gauges & joint metersSpot weld strain gaugesCrack & 3d joint meters. Pile Integrity Test at PCTE. Sonic Echo / Impulse Response (SE/IR) investigations are performed to evaluate integrity and determine the length of deep foundations. Sonic Echo is also commonly known as Pile Integrity Testing or Low Strain Dynamic Pile Testing and is covered by ASTM D5882-00 and AS 2159-2009. The SE/IR test can be performed on concrete, wooden and steel piles. The test can also be performed on shallow wall structures. It can be used to determine the depth of a foundation, to locate defects, intrusions, and bulbs in the foundation or pile damage such as breaks or cracks.

Geotechnical Testing device available online at PCTE. Vibrating Wire Piezometer Geosense® VWP-3000 Series of Vibrating Wire Piezometers use the well-proven method of converting fluid pressures on a sensitive diaphragm into a frequency signal. More Information... Vibrating Wire Liquid Settlement System The Geosense® VWLSS-200 Vibrating Wire Liquid Settlement System is used to monitor settlement or heave in soils and other structures such as embankments, earth and rockfill dams. Half Cell potential available at one of the leading store - PCTE.