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Left 4 Dead 2. Down in the bayou of Louisiana, all hell has broken loose in this second entry of the multiplayer zombie-fest.

Left 4 Dead 2

Players assume the role of four new survivors, each with their own personality and new dialog. The game leads them through the southeastern region of the US — from Savannah, Georgia through the bayou country, and climaxing in New Orleans’ French Quarter. This co-operative action horror FPS takes you and your friends through the cities, swamps and cemeteries of the Deep South, from Savannah to New Orleans across five expansive campaigns. Mad Riders. Sometime between populating getaway resorts with the walking dead in Dead Island and evoking the perils of the Wild West with the Call of Juarez series, Polish developer Techland also released the flawed Nail’d, an off-road arcade racer with a manic sense of speed and expansive big-air drops.

Mad Riders

Beyond some minor additions to its already tried-and-true formula, the downloadable Mad Riders is essentially a remake of its older brother and suffers from a lot of the same problems as a result. As off-road arcade racers go, Mad Riders deals with mostly familiar standards. Your chosen all-terrain vehicle features a boost meter, which can be fuelled up by performing midair tricks and quickly sliding around corners. Driving through some lines of colour-coded tokens gated along specific parts of a track also provides you with small supplements of boost, while driving through others grants you the option to open up previously hidden shortcuts.

Download .torrent. Madden NFL 13. With physics you can feel, Madden NFL 13 delivers revolutionary gameplay in the ‘013 edition of EA Sports’ football franchise.

Madden NFL 13

Powered by the all-new Infinity Engine, true player impact and authentic momentum transfer ensure that no two plays ever look or feel the same. Madden NFL 13 revolutionizes the way sports video game career modes are played with Connected Careers—a completely new and fully connected universe defined by deep gameplay, unique storylines and social integration. The game continues to evolve the sport sim experience with cutting-edge Infinity Engine technology, revolutionary Connected Careers and a complete audio and visual overhaul that delivers best in class presentation. Enter Madden NFL 13. With an overhauled presentation and a more refined animation system, this is the best version of the long-running franchise yet.

Download .torrent You need uTorrent for downloading .torrent files. Medal Of Honor Warfighter. Upon completing Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s campaign, you are met with a heartfelt dedication impressing upon you the heroism of the men in uniform the game depicts.

Medal Of Honor Warfighter

Mirror's Edge. Like its heroine, Faith, Mirror’s Edge tries to hurdle some significant obstacles, but unlike Faith, it can’t always make the leap.

Mirror's Edge

No doubt, this fascinating action platformer possesses its share of innovations, from a first-person perspective to a clean and crisp visual style, yet it looks to the past more than you may initially notice. NCAA Football 13. N real life, sports are a merciless competition in which only the strong survive.

NCAA Football 13

Punishment is swift and severe for teams that languish, so there is a constant push to make huge improvements from one season to the next. Virtual sports are very different. The NCAA Football franchise has been lagging for years, shoving the same basic content out the door without any major changes to keep things fresh. Its lack of evolution goes against everything professional sports have been built upon. And NCAA Football 13 continues this unfortunate trend. There is one notable addition to this year’s update: Heisman Challenge. Despite the appeal of reliving past glories, there are two obvious problems with Heisman Challenge.

Download .torrent. Need For Speed Carbon. Aficionados of scrappy, arcade-style racing games will feel right at home with Need for Speed Carbon for the Nintendo DS.

Need For Speed Carbon

While the DS game doesn’t include all of the features that its counterparts on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox have, it does ape enough of their features and atmosphere such that it delivers the same sort of spirited street-racing experience. Beyond that, it’s also a fun, sometimes-hectic game that gives players a good selection of cars, parts, and courses to fiddle with. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Hot Pursuit is a Need for Speed game in name only.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

This blisteringly fast racer has more in common with developer Criterion Games’ own Burnout series than it does with any previous Need for Speed offering, despite lacking a number of features that are commonly associated with Burnout games. This isn’t a game in which you’re rewarded for crashing spectacularly or for jumping through billboards, but it is a game that encourages you to drive dangerously and to take down your opponents by any means necessary. The option to play both as illegal racers and as the cops that are chasing them brings some much-needed variety to the action, while spike strips, road blocks, and other satisfying countermeasures ensure that Hot Pursuit doesn’t feel quite like any racer that you’ve played before.

Regardless of whether your interest in Hot Pursuit stems from a love of Need for Speed, Burnout, or neither, you won’t be disappointed. Download .torrent You need uTorrent for downloading .torrent files.