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Google Translate. Vienna Attractions Top 10. Please click on one of the different attractions to get a detailed online description about the history and also some information and recommendations about the different visit opportunities, details about the closest Metro station, pictures in different perspectives and the most important related links.

Vienna Attractions Top 10

With these details it's very easy for a tourist to decide how and where to spend the valuable time during a city trip. A short and compact version of these descriptions is also available as a PDF file for free downloading. This summary sheet is perfect suitable for print out and take along at your sightseeing tour through the center of the city. The most important information to the top 10 attractions of Vienna is displayed here in compact style on an A4 sheet with some pictures of the sights. To download this document just click on the respective picture. Home - Rudis Beisl. Our menu of daily specials you will find here as a pdf-file (it is open a new window) From July 3rd up to and including July 13th 2014 we are on HOLIDAY Starting July 14th 2014 we will provide sustenance again !

Home - Rudis Beisl

With IMMEDIATE EFFECT we take orders for our roast goose 2014 Über`n Stammtisch auf der WiedenHab` ich heut` etwas geschrieben.Da pickt ma` in der Mitt` n,In der winzig klanen Hütt` n. Warum ist er denn so beliebt? Nur ka Platz, das is ka Witz,Wär nur das Lokal noch größer, Wär die Küche a net besser,Weil was er net selber kocht,A anderer sicher net gut mocht. Christmas Markets in Vienna. The Christmas Markets in Vienna truly are an age-old tradition.

Christmas Markets in Vienna

The forerunners of the present-day events date back to the Middle Ages when in 1298 Albrecht I granted Vienna's citizens the privilege of holding a December Market or "Krippenmarkt". Since then, the character and prevalence of these markets has changed considerably. Nowadays, over 20 official Advent Markets sell a vast array of seasonal gifts and mouth-watering treats. Glacis Beisl. Untitled. Untitled. Vienna Christmas Market - Information & Reviews about Vienna Christmas Markets. The Christmas Market season starts on Saturday, 15th November as the Advent season descends upon Vienna once more.

Vienna Christmas Market - Information & Reviews about Vienna Christmas Markets

During Advent Vienna is a city of nostalgia and romance, concerts and nativity displays and traditional Christmas markets. Classics include the Christmas market in front of City Hall, the traditional Viennese Christmas market on Freyung, the markets at Spittelberg, Am Hof and in front of the church of St. Charles Borromeo (Karlskirche), and . The aromas of candied fruits, cotton candy and other delicacies like Christmas punch and roasted chestnuts wafting around the small wooden market stalls still retain their magical power.The Magic of Advent in Vienna during November and December complements the market in front of City Hall. The adjoining Rathauspark is a place of seasonal inspiration with festively adorned trees, pony-riding, trips on the Christkindl Express and fairytale scenes portrayed in artistically-arranged displays.

Hotel Vienna-Staatsoper Motel One. Food & Beverages at Cafe Imperial in Vienna. Viennese Cuisine at Cafe Imperial Vienna. It is an honour for us to treat you to seasonal Austrian delicacies.

Viennese Cuisine at Cafe Imperial Vienna

Our menu provides the perfect meals for big appetites and for those popping in for a small bite to eat. For those with special requests our head chef, Rupert Schnait, will gladly create a personalised dish for you. With his culinary concept, Herr Schnait tries express a "piece of the old Vienna", which fits perfectly with the importance the Imperial places on its traditions. To achieve this he combines classic Viennese cuisine with modern international elements and focuses his menu on seasonal, organic Austrian produce. "I procure specialities from all of Austria’s regions, whether it be Styrian pumpkins, Alpine salmon or Arctic char. Vienna Restaurant │OPUS Restaurant at Hotel Imperial Vienna.

 Picture gallery.  The Chef recommends.  Breakfast in Café Mozart. Do you know who calls the tune in the Café Mozart every morning?

 Breakfast in Café Mozart

Of course our highly esteemed breakfast guests! Be sure that we will do everything to make you feel at ease, for our motto is: Have breakfast in the Café Mozart and let your day begin! Served until 11.30 am Cup of coffee, Melange or Großer Brauner or pot of:Coffee, Assam tea, English Breakfast tea, Hot chocolate1 portion of butter1 jar of Staud’s jam or honeyHam, Cottage and sliced cheese1 soft boiled egg1/8l freshly squeezed orange juice Cup of coffee, Melange or Großer Brauner or pot of:Coffee, Assam tea, English Breakfast tea, Hot chocolate2 soft boiled eggs served in a glass1 roll & butter1/8l freshly squeezed orange juice served until 3 pm Cup of coffee, Melange or Großer Brauner or pot of:Coffee, Assam tea, English Breakfast tea, Hot chocolate1 portion of butter1 jar of Staud’s jam or honeyFresh fruitNatural yoghurt, if desired with muesliHam, cottage and sliced cheese1/8l freshly squeezed orange juice.

Landtmann's Feine Patisserie. Landtmann's Feine Patisserie.