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A Cold Summer Night by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Baen Ebooks. Terror Stalks the King’s Woods ...

A Cold Summer Night by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Baen Ebooks

From acclaimed author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (writing as Trystam Kith) comes the first book in the Trouble in the Forest duology, a medieval fantasy that turns all too quickly to terror. Deep in the forest, trouble is brewing. No one is safe in the thick, dark forest—no peasant, monk, minstrel, merchant, traveler, forester, or King's man may go into the forest without taking his life and his soul in his hands. Those who dare the deep green are found dead soon after, or worse–disappear. Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips on Our Capacity for “Fertile Solitude” “All of humanity’s problems,” the French scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote in 1654, “stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips on Our Capacity for “Fertile Solitude”

Three centuries later, the great Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky shared his single most urgent piece of advice to the young: learn to enjoy your own company. And yet today, in the golden age of solo living, Pascal’s words ring all the more urgently true and Tarkovsky’s counsel seems all the more unattainable. The age of Social Everything makes the art of solitude appear increasingly difficult to attain, even terrifying. The Home of the 101 Things in 1001 Days Project. About us – Our Next Life. Hi friend!

about us – Our Next Life

That’s as much of ourselves as we can show for now. But once we quit our jobs in late 2017 (so soon!) , we’ll put our real names up here and take those silly badges off our faces. If you want to know what this blog is all about, and what we’re all about, you’ve come to the right place. Campaign to End Loneliness. How to Bullet Journal: The Absolute Ultimate Guide — The Lazy Genius Collective. 33 Days Later: an Update on My Use of the Bullet Journal Method Task Tracking System – <tamingdata /> In short, success.

33 Days Later: an Update on My Use of the Bullet Journal Method Task Tracking System – <tamingdata />

In this post, I’ll talk about why I like it so much, and what I’ve learned from using it for the past 33 days. You may remember that in prior posts I had criticized the Bullet Journal method for being a “recycled version” of the Franklin Covey method. Then, I rethought my criticism, as my own method, a.k.a., the “sticky note” method, was not better. I decided to give the Bullet Journal method a go. I began using the Bullet Journal method on January 1st, 2014 as part of my New Year’s resolution to stay on task better.

It works. Two and half years ago I went completely digital. Efficiency can be deceptive, though. How I Bullet Journal: My Approach in 2016. Omnivoracious. Adoption Disruption UK. AdoptiveAdopting in the UK In the UK, Adopters commonly only meet their future Adoptive child when they have come to take them home.

Adoption Disruption UK

The Adoptive Parent must be approved by a panel of approximately 14 people prior to even meeting the child they wish to potentially adopt. There is a two week period of settling in – the only information the Adoptive Parent will have received by this point is the CPR report (Child Permanence Report) – a report compiled from psychiatric/doctors reports on the parents and reviews on the child’s development by Social Workers and current Doctors information relayed by Social Workers visiting the child, a Doctor’s report and visit, and a short video and a couple of photographs. Alumni and Development. Fantasy Books. Popular Price Drops. The Stories — THE LINE. Seanan McGuire's Discussion Board. Health & Beauty magazine March / April 2014. EDI Great Reads (Edinburgh, Scotland. 2014 New Releases « Wicked Scribes. Brain Pickings.

Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Fall Semester 2012. Home - Cheryl Strayed. Dancers Among Us - Jordan Matter Photography. Towson, MD - Rachel Bell.

Dancers Among Us - Jordan Matter Photography

Emma Stibbon. Emma Stibbon joined the Fine Art Printmaking Department as Senior Lecturer in 2006.

Emma Stibbon

She studied for her Fine Art BA at Goldsmiths, London and Research Fine Art MA at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Recognised as an artist working primarily in drawing and print, her practice considers the histories and geological narratives of place. Emma Stibbon has established her reputation through an international exhibition profile and a series of residencies and awards. Bloglovin. Amateur Architecture Studio - Hangzhou - Architects. WANG Shu and LU Wenyu founded the Amateur Architecture Studio in 1998.

Amateur Architecture Studio - Hangzhou - Architects

This Hangzhou-based practice has grown during the past eight years into a famous name in China. The Amateur Architecture Studio’s best-known projects are the Wenzheng Library in Suzhou University, the Harbor Art Museum in Ningbo and the Xiangshan Campus of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. The Amateur Architecture Studio was engaged in experimental research projects, for example Sanhe House in the China International Practical Exhibition of Architecture in Nanjing, the Ceramic Tea House in Jinhua Architecture Park in Jinghua.

The projects have been shown in international exhibitions from 2001 including “TU MU-Young Architecture of China” in AEDES Gallery, Berlin (Germany), Shanghai Biennale 2002 at the Shanghai Art Museum in Shanghai, (China), Alors, La Chine? 20 Ways to Get Good Karma - By The Dalai Lama. The Secret Door - Step Through To The Unknown… Brochure of DIGNITAS. Click on this text in order to open the information-brochure of DIGNITAS as a PDF-file which allows you to print and/or download it.

Brochure of DIGNITAS

Patakk. Wislawa Szymborska - Poetry: Utopia. Peter Marino Architect. Edmund De Waal — Profile. Edmund de Waal was born in 1964.

Edmund De Waal — Profile

He studied English at Cambridge University and ceramics in both England and Japan. He is best known for his large scale installations, which have been exhibited in many museums around the world. Much of Edmund's recent work has been concerned with ideas of collecting and collections; how objects are kept together, lost, stolen or dispersed. Free Online Course Materials. TheCut – Fashion, Beauty, Politics, Sex and Celebrity. Happy Birthday Quotes, Sayings for Birthdays, Birthday Card Ideas.

We know we're getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it. ~Author Unknown. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Public Domain. Maryse's Book Blog — A blog about Vampire books, paranormal romance and other stuff.