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Encyclopedia of ATX to Bench Power Supply Conversion. This guide has almost every ATX computer power supply to bench power supply published to date on Instructables ( as of Dec 2014, about 70 unique instructables).

Encyclopedia of ATX to Bench Power Supply Conversion

It should be interesting to both those who want to do a conversion, and to those interested in the evolution of a popular topic that has been done over and over on the site. Sometimes the new projects had something to add sometimes not so much. Some of these projects are great, some original and some just so so. I have sorted more or less by year. The first instructable listed, is I think the first one, by date, on the site. ( but this may have been messed up byupdates that are now added at the top ) I have added a brief comment on each one. Salvaging Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) - All. 10 Breadboard Projects For Beginners. Use of arduino in this instructable is prohibited :D Breadboard is a great way to construct electronic projects easily and in less time without the need of soldering.

10 Breadboard Projects For Beginners

A problem that is faced by beginners in the field of electronics is that they cannot solder the components neatly on printed circuit boards. One bad solder joint can lead to the project not working. When the project does not work, they eventually loose their confidence and cease to continue making projects. Before attempting another project, they have to think twice. This instructable gives a walkthrough of ten projects that can be made easily on a standard size breadboard thus solving the problem of hobbyists.

It feels good sometimes to make something apart from arduino, microcontrollers and explore the world of digital and analog circuits. Update: Corrections have been made in schematics and breadboard layouts. Here is a list of all the projects in the correct order: UobboU Photo Arduino. Un graveur laser à commande numérique à base de Raspberry Pi. J’ai contacté Daniel pour obtenir son accord afin de traduire son article.

Un graveur laser à commande numérique à base de Raspberry Pi

Il m’a répondu très rapidement que cela ne posait aucun problème : « Hi François, Sure! I definitely love to see the project translated to French and have more people get interested in it. Please go ahead and translate it, and fell free to let me know if you have any question. Thanks.Best,Daniel« Comme il est intéressé par cette traduction, je vous propose de découvrir son projet qui est vraiment très intéressant. N’hésitez pas à vous rendre sur cette page qui donne tous les détails de la construction. Raspberry Pi GPIO home automation. DIY SMD metal stencils – the definitive tutorial.

In previous posts (here and here) I described my efforts and research to develop a DIY method to make good quality SMD metal stencils at home.

DIY SMD metal stencils – the definitive tutorial

I have since experimented some more and I believe I found the best method (so far) to do this with very cheap materials, yielding very good results. Since transferring the toner to the soda can aluminum alloy was the most challenging part, I kept experimenting with different transfer mediums and other ways of possibly facilitating and perfecting the transfer. Finally the solution is here: consistent, repeatable, “perfect” toner transfer, every time. Step 0 – Be safeBe safe and wear a respirator mask, goggles, gloves and use ventilation! Your lungs were not designed for breathing acetone and acid vapors. Step 1 – Prepare soda can aluminum Cut and unbend the aluminum on a flat surfaceHeat the aluminum with your iron for a minute. FoldaRap. FoldaRap2 Release status: working In my obsession dreaming of a folding RepRap, I finally started to make one, after 5-7 months of development I'm able to travel with it around the town/country/world :) (adventures pictured on flickr / youtube / ustream) And now several people have build one : FoldaRap_Hall-of-Builds, even some by sourcing themselves the parts : google-maps (the red dots) Specifications Printed Parts: 33 Non-Printed Parts: 285 (including every bolts/nuts/washers/ferules/etc.)


Special Features Foldable ! Community FoldaRap 2.5 new plates arrangement for the v2.5, to ease color associations ;) FoldaRap 2.1 after several tries and suggestions with Xav83, I ended with this simple piece that hold an endstop with a zip-tie :) (for the Z-endstop, or any machine using 20x20 extrusions) FoldaRap 1.0. Idée d'insoleuse. L'objectif de cette page est d'inciter tout novice en électronique, qu'il peut réaliser une insoleuse légère (j'insiste), de qualité et pour un prix très abordable.

idée d'insoleuse

Celle présentée est prévue pour faire du double face, mais qui peut le plus, peut le moins! Matériels nécessaires: 8 tubes actiniques (U.V) spécial circuit imprimé 15W (4 par faces). 1 mallette plastique de largeur au moins égal à 50cm, de profondeur ~35cm et d'épaisseur ~12cm. Vu chez Radiospares (pub gratuite) Du miroir adhésif (on en trouve dans des camions itinérants). Ou bien de la feuille d'Alu épaisse. 2 réglettes alu de 1m (selon l'adhérence du miroir adhésif). des colliers "CLIPX" pour tube de canalisation électrique, de diamètre 2,5cm (qté 2*8). 8 lampes économiques 15W.

/book: Bootcamp : "Make ta machine"