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Hair Tutorials

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Get Ready Fast – 7 Quick and Easy Hairstyles. Every college girl has been there – after a late-night library session and only a few hours sleep, you wake up late with only a few minutes to throw something on and book it to class. With barely enough time to get dressed, not enough time for a shower, and bed head on top of that, what’s a stylish girl to do? Go to class with bad hair? Never! Bookmark this page, because College Fashion has your solution. 1. Beat oily “second day” hair with this easy trick: grab some baby powder if you’re light-haired or matte bronzer if you’re a brunette and apply it to your roots with a big fluffy makeup brush. 2.

For an elegant style that’s so Blair on Gossip Girl, smooth out your hair with a brush, then pull on a wide headband to cover up messier strands and look instantly polished. 3. This is the basic go-to staple for most college girls because it takes two seconds. 4. This is one of those easy hair ideas that only looks difficult.. it’s actually insanely easy to do. 5. 6. 7. Lauren Conrad’s Hairstyles & How to Do Them. Lauren Conrad rocking a chic ponytail hairstyle.Photo: Pacific Coast News I got the following email recently and thought it would make a great article: "I am starting college next January and I want to do a Lauren Conrad hairstyle. What are some of her hairstyles so I can get this look?” – Sandra I like Lauren Conrad‘s many hairstyles on The Hills, and have wanted to write about them for a while, so here goes. What’s great about Lauren’s look is that it’s always changing – it seems like LC does her hair differently in every episode, so there are many ways to get that Lauren Conrad hair for yourself.

Hair Styling Basics Before we get into the tutorials, let’s go over a few basics that you need to remember when you’re working with heat and your hair and attempting these styles. Really Important: ANY and EVERY time you heat-style your hair, be it with a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron, you need to use a heat protective product first! Now that you’ve got all that, on to the tutorials…