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How Payment Gateway Helps in Fixing Payment Decline Issues and Increasing Transactions. Reaching out to most of your customers is an integral part of your marketing campaign.

How Payment Gateway Helps in Fixing Payment Decline Issues and Increasing Transactions

One way to make that happen is to facilitate online payments, which includes installing a payment gateway to ensure little to zero payment problems. In this post, we’ll discuss how payment gateway helps in fixing payment decline issues and increasing transactions. Multiple Payment Options There’s nothing like payment issues to scare customers away. You might have the best inventory in the world, but that can be a no-go for potential buyers if your transaction process is puzzling for them. How A Simplified Checkout Page Helps You To Reduce Transaction Bounce Rates – Payment Gateway In India. Your website may experience high transaction bounce rate due to various reasons.

How A Simplified Checkout Page Helps You To Reduce Transaction Bounce Rates – Payment Gateway In India

Online shoppers have limited time and want to navigate easily around a site. They quickly abandon broad categories and tedious checkout processes, and you lose revenue. You, therefore, should understand the intention of users visiting your website. Business and Finance - 3 Tips For Choosing a Payment Gateway Provider. Whether you’re looking for a reliable POS system or simply want a solid Internet gateway provider that makes transactions simple and seamless for shoppers, there are specific things to consider.

Business and Finance - 3 Tips For Choosing a Payment Gateway Provider

Choosing the right provider will help your business refine its processes now and subsequently grow in the future. Here are a few tips for choosing the best payment gateway company out there. 1. Selecting the Right Payment Gateway to Accept Online Payments. The numbers of new and emerging small businesses in India is increasing and this is largely thanks to the boom of e-commerce, allowing for sales and trade within India and internationally.

Selecting the Right Payment Gateway to Accept Online Payments

But one problem that new entrepreneurs may find themselves facing is online currency transfers. How to Do Online Payment Collection For Events. How To Do Online Payment Collection For Events Events are great for business.

How to Do Online Payment Collection For Events

They boost sales, awareness, get products sold, and are an amazing way to network. Through events, you can not only considerably increase the profile and reputation of your company, but you can create a large media buzz surrounding your little event. However, events do come with a pretty hefty caveat – they are expensive. No joke, running a successful event no matter how small comes with a long list of financial obligations.

That makes ensuring proper funding and a large return on investment for small events all the more critical. Best Payment Gateway Integration In Wordpress at PayUmoney. Overview PayUmoney offers electronic payment service to your website through its various partnerships with banks and payment instrument companies. Through PayUmoney, your clients would be able to make electronic payments through credit card, debit card and online net banking account. PayUmoney also offers an online interface (dashboard) where the merchant can view transaction details, settlement reports, analytic reports etc. This online interface can be accessed through by using the username and password provided to you.

Payment Process Flow The following diagram explains how the customer makes the payment and how the process flows. Step 1 The consumer selects the product on your website/app and clicks on "Pay Now" button. Step 2 The consumer is then taken to the transaction page of PayUmoney wherein all the payment related details are entered by the consumer. Step 3 PayUmoney redirects the consumer to Visa, MasterCard or the relevant bank for the next level of authorization. Best Payment gateway integration in magento at PayUmoney. How to Receive Online Payments in India Using Credit Card? How Payment gateway integration with website works – PayUmoney. A payment gateway binds together all the stakeholders involved in a transaction like buyer, merchant, buyer’s bank and seller’s bank.

How Payment gateway integration with website works – PayUmoney

Which is why it takes a long time for an individual to become fully comfortable in implementing a gateway in a website. So, we explain here the API calls that usually happen when making a transaction with a payment gateway. The image below shows the main integration steps API integration steps. Start Accepting Payments Instantly With PayUmoney – PayUmoney.

Accepting payments is the most crucial aspect of any business.

Start Accepting Payments Instantly With PayUmoney – PayUmoney

A cost effective and an efficient payment process can help you focus on growing your business with confidence. It enables your customers to pay through multiple payment options, thereby giving your business a competitive edge. With PayUmoney, you can integrate a reliable and secure payment experience which is simple, smooth and swift.

Trusted by over 1.98 Lakh plus merchants across India, PayUmoney has successfully powered payments across online, offline and on mobile. We believe in technological innovations that can help you stay up-to date while collecting payments seamlessly. Six Best Ways to Increase Online Sales during New Year – PayUmoney. Christmas and New Year are one of the biggest sales month for the Indian eCommerce ecosystem.

Six Best Ways to Increase Online Sales during New Year – PayUmoney

The reason behind this sudden push is that India consumers buy more during this season. Around 40-50 percent of the total annual retails makes up during this festive season. Hence the market places are competing among themselves to provide the largest selection from wide range of product and services. Best Payment Gateway online in India at PayUmoney. Payment Gateway API Integration - PayUmoney. Accept Card Payments with India's Leading PayUmoney POS Machine.

Payment gateway integration in Magento. Exciting Offers On This Festive Season. Free Payment Gateway for The Website in India. Payment Gateway - Setup online payments in Minutes‎ How to Rank Higher on Google. // Published August 19, 2016 by Arun Agrawal Google is visited by millions of users every day and each visit has the potential to convert a reader into your customer.

How to Rank Higher on Google

It is one of the most powerful source to drive traffic. How to Start Free Marketing on LinkedIn. // Published August 22, 2016 by Arun Agrawal LinkedIn is world’s largest professional network with 450 million members globally.

How to Start Free Marketing on LinkedIn

The demographic of LinkedIn consists of decision makers which makes it even more powerful than Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, it is important for you to build a comprehensive marketing strategy on LinkedIn. There are number of ways to market your online business on social media, but here are few simple tips which you can use to start marketing on LinkedIn: Create Your Business Page. Six Best Customer Acquisition Ideas. // Published August 24, 2016 by Arun Agrawal Customer acquisition is one of the most important aspect that drives sales. Therefore, having right strategy to acquire customers is an ongoing challenge that online businesses face. And for B2B business, acquiring new clients is tough since you are usually targeting a much smaller and niche customer segment.

So, how do you ensure customer acquisition? How to Drive Online Sales Through Facebook. // Published August 31, 2016 by Arun Agrawal Home to 1.57 billion active users, Facebook is the most efficient way to increase online sales. With large customer base, reasonable cost and easy-to-use advert platform, Facebook can help you connect with customers interested in using your products/services. Facebook adverts ensures that your money is spent wisely as it allows you to target audience specifically as per age, location and behavior. Five Customer Experience Competencies to Drive Growth. // Published August 2, 2016 by Arun Agrawal Building a growth driven engine requires an effective customer experience.

Online businesses today are competing primarily on end-to-end customer experience. This framework has shifted from driving marketing or sales to creating a satisfactory on-boarding experience. It impacts the manner in which your company brings new product or drive its definition of growth. Working through such competencies will result in the overall transformation of your customer experience. Impact of GST on Online Businesses. // Published August 5, 2016 by Arun Agrawal The introduction of GST is the boldest and single largest tax reform since the opening up of economy. It aims at providing a cohesive tax approach across India. For online businesses especially for eCommerce, it is a welcome step as passing of GST tends to rationalize seamless integration of goods and services across the country.

Ways to Improve Emailers for Business. // Published August 9, 2016 by Arun Agrawal Two prominent goals of content marketing are increasing website traffic and fostering the leads you have. Buy Best Payment Gateway in India at Cheapest Price.