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Présentation du mandat d'arrêt européen

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WikiLeaks: Interpol a lancé mardi soir un mandat d'arrêt international contre Julian Assange. PAYS-BAS : Mandat d'arrêt européen contre Klaas Faber, un des criminels nazis les plus recherchés au monde, actualité Société : Le Point. Fenêtre sur l'Europe. WikiLeaks: la Cour suprême suédoise confirme le mandat d'arrêt d'Assange.

European arrest warrant. The European arrest warrant adopted in 2002 replaces the extradition system by requiring each national judicial authority (the executing judicial authority) to recognise, ipso facto, and with a minimum of formalities, requests for the surrender of a person made by the judicial authority of another Member State (the issuing judicial authority).

European arrest warrant

The framework decision entered into force on 1 January 2004 and replaced the existing texts in this area. However, Member States remain at liberty to apply and conclude bilateral or multilateral agreements insofar as such agreements help to simplify or facilitate the surrender procedures further. The application of such agreements should in no case affect relations with Member States that are not parties to them. Mandat d'arrêt pour viol contre le fondateur de WikiLeaks - Monde. Arrest Warrant Issued WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange … Rape Allegations.