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Grow Your E-Commerce Business: Expand to Southeast Asia - Payment Asia. E-commerce is booming in Southeast Asia (SEA), and there has never been a better time for businesses to go online and expand into this region. Research suggests that SEA’s GDP will rise to 4.7 trillion dollars by 2025. Therefore, take your business to new heights by expanding to SEA. Here’s everything you need to know about expanding your business, from choosing Southeast Asia online payment solutions to inventory management and more.

Narrow Down Your Target Markets Although SEA is a large market, not everything will be in demand everywhere. Therefore, before you jump into the deep end, figure out which market should be your target. Make Your Website Accessible Your e-commerce website might be perfect for your country but may need some overhauling to appeal to international consumers. Offer Multiple Payment Solutions About 70% of adults in the SEA region are underbanked or unbanked. Prioritise A Mobile App for Your E-Commerce Business Rethink Inventory Management.

Offering Uncomplicated, Secure and Prompt Payment Processing Network. Payment Asia: Online Secure Payment Solution. Asia-Pacific is long considered to be a robust engine of global economy and trading, but until the late 1990s and early 2000s, either in Hong Kong, other parts of Greater China, or Southeast Asia, the region lacks payment gateways for facilitating intra and inter-regional trade. To ride on the express of China business and Asian economic boom, a group of ingenious minds established Payment Asia (PA) in 1999, the era of Web 1.0. Payment Service Is No More about Payment Only If globalization means goods and services are simultaneously exchanged from one to another across the borders and regions rapidly, then the positive payment experience behind is the lubricant that is smoothing the transactions. We are living in an Internet-driven world where our daily activities are connected with smartphones, e-mails, social media and streaming media.

“Our strategy is diverting customer traffic into merchants’ revenues, with the full of support of our qualified artificial technology (AI). Payment Asia: Mobile Payment Solution. Based in Hong Kong, Payment Asia was established in the year 1999. It is a leading e- Payment and eCommerce company across Asia, providing the most secure and innovative technology for online and mobile payment solutions to local and global businesses. Over the past decade, the company has reformed its businesses by comprising digital marketing, eCommerce consulting and artificial intelligence to suit clients’ business needs. The company’s mission has always been providing eCommerce and digital advantages to clients.

The vision and roadmap of Payment Asia today will be a key success to clients in their online and offline business eco-system. From generating traffic through online social media and providing a payment gateway, and by client engagement modules, such traffic is converted into sales. “Do not position ourselves as just a service provider with our clients but a life-time business partner!” Services to Rely On Payment Asia takes pride in delivering its services to its clients. Payment Asia: Ecommerce Payment Solutions. Payment Asia: Future Proof E-Commerce Solutions. Payment Asia: Online Payment Gateway. PaymentAsia Combining Payment With Digital Marketing And AI Technology. Online Payment Service Provider in Hong Kong. The Edge Technology of Payment Solutions | PaymentAsia.

Developments In E-commerce By PaymentAsia. Payment Asia : A Guide To eCommerce Payments. The e-commerce payment system has become popular with the explosion of internet-based shopping portals. In its simplest form, the acceptance of electronic payment for online transactions is the basis for e-commerce transactions. During online shopping, the customer would expect to be served properly, as well as in a brick and mortar shop, well-presented goods, qualified services, and online payment methods. To secure customers’ attention and ultimately loyalty in today’s fast-paced business environment, an online store merchant needs the most sophisticated payment service provider. Working in e-commerce With the growth of big data analytics, the definition of e-commerce service providers already expands beyond passively offering payment solutions.

The market offers experts in a comprehensive e-commerce solution providing to various kinds of enterprises. E-commerce, a fast favorite The e-commerce solution providers are on the rise globally. Technology’s Role In Managing Finances. Technology can make or break a business, especially when it comes to money. With most businesses turning to payment technology to manage their finances in this new digital-focused world, businesses need to keep up in order to succeed in this fast-growing world.

Online payment technology Online payment technology is an internet-based method of processing economic transactions. Such systems are also called e- payment systems or online payment systems. They allow vendors to accept payments over the web or over other internet connections, such as direct database connections between retail stores and their suppliers, a common method of maintaining just-in-time inventories. Electronic payment methods This innovative payment solution has grown increasingly over the last decades due to the growing spread of internet-based banking and shopping.

As these increase, improve, and provide ever more secure online payment transactions the percentage of check and cash transactions will decrease. Are You Looking For Online Credit Card Payment Solutions? Best Mobile Payment Service App - PaymentAsia. PaymentAsia offering the most secure and innovative technology for E-Business Management Companies. PaymentAsia- The Answer to All E-Commerce Solutions. Payments and Commerce Market Guide 2018-2019.

Artificial Intelligence to Amplify Customer Satisfaction By PaymentAsia. PaymentAsia - Intelligence to Amplify Customer Satisfaction. Payment Asia Introduction. Five Considerations for Selecting an E-Commerce Payment Solutions Provider. Difference between Online Payment Gateway Solution and Online Payment Processor. Setting up an e-commerce payment solution can be tricky. Terms such as ‘e-commerce payment gateway’, ‘payment processor’ and ‘electronic wallets’ are thrown around liberally by some payment service providers. Read on to know the differences between these terms. What Is a Payment Gateway? An e-commerce payment gateway is a technological solution that authorizes card payments. An online payment gateway works as a channel between the e-commerce website and banks or card companies.

What does A Payment Processor Do? How Do Electronic Wallets Work? Payment Service Providers Are Vital LinksAn e-wallet is considered to be an alternate payment method. Now that you understand the differences between these terms, go ahead and discuss your requirements with a top-rated Hong Kong online payment services provider! Like this: Like Loading...

Offering Secure Payment Network To Domestic and Global Businesses. Payments and Commerce Market Guide 2018-2019. Datatech.Ai: Artificial Intelligence to Amplify Customer Satisfaction By PaymentAsia. Payment Asia: Redefining E-Business Management Company. Mobile Payment Service In Hong Kong. For clients whom own brick and mortar stores, you can receive immediate notifications of payment and transaction reports when you use PA Pay. In comparison to credit card transactions, by using PA Pay, a mobile payment gateway app, you are offered a shorter settlement period which effectively lowers your operation costs. PA Pay includes both RMB eWallet and HKD eWallet, and all transactions are settled in HKD. In addition, this mobile app payment solution is suitable for all types of Hong Kong merchants.

PA Pay also supports worldwide online payment systems so that merchants can connect to the global market through our app. In the future, we will keep expanding our coverage to more payment platforms to maximise the strength of PA Pay App and thus let our merchants benefit from it. The definition of e-commerce is being broadened in the same pace as the development of social media. Payment Asia follows the trend and is developing the digital marketing business in both China and Hong Kong. Best E-commerce Payment Solution Provider Company | PaymentAsia. Save Time, Increase Revenue and Strengthen Your Business with Online Payment Solutions. To increase the revenue in business, most companies are now accepting online payments. Innovative payment solutions help save time, efforts and added costs from physical transactions. Mobile Payment Solutions One of the earliest payment solutions made is browser-based shopping on the mobile.

Here the customer can make purchases towards e-commerce shopping but not for retail purchases. Newer technologies now allow a range of in-app mobile stores to buy and sell to customers within a closed system. Mobile credit card readers are a benefit to merchants who can just swipe a credit card with the help of add-on hardware and accept spot payments. All that is required is that the mobile is waved in front of the wireless reader which is able to capture the necessary information relevant for payment.

Advantages of Online Payment Solutions Online payment options provide a quick and easy way of making a transaction from anywhere. Building Businesses by Prioritizing Payment Options and Customer Satisfaction – PaymentAsia. Business owners can lure in customers by incorporating online payment solutions that will enable quick and easy transactions. Online Payment ModelsElectronic wallets, commonly known as e-wallets is a popular payment mode because customers don’t need to fill in their details every time they make a payment. By loading virtual accounts, customers have the ability to pay online. The service provider on the other hand actually completes the transaction by taking money out of the e-wallet and into the online store’s account.

In an IPSP model, the service provider opens an account which is then leased to other businesses entrepreneurs.It involves a number of security checks at the payment gateway and is a convenient option for small businesses where the losses all on the service provider alone. PSP, on the other hand, creates individual merchant accounts for each client after they have fulfilled certain formalities and requirements.

Like this: Like Loading... Artificial Intelligence special edition for Customer Satisfaction. PaymentAsia The Leading Payment Service Provider. Smartphones Leading To Rapid Growth In The Mobile Payment Sector | Posts by paymentasia. The explosion of the internet and advancements in technology has led to the popularity of smart phones which are now being used extensively for mobile payment the world over. It is estimated that the mobile payment service sector will exceed several billion dollars globally.

Mobile payment is also being encouraged in developing countries to enable the un-banked to avail of financial services. There are different ways of making mobile payments using the smartphone devices. NFC or near field communication payments are possible when the NFC phones and NFC enabled card machines are in close radio frequency identification. Sound wave based mobile payment enable transactions to be processed without internet using sound waves that contain payment information in encrypted data. Magnetic secure transmission also enables secure contact less mobile phone payments. Types Of E-Payment Solutions Other e-payment solutions include mobile wallets which use NFC or QR technologies.

Enhancing People’s Lives through Secure, Reliable Advanced Technology. Blockchain - the edge technology of payment solutions. Artificial Intelligence to Amplify Customer Satisfaction. Paymentasia. Payment Asia Introduction. #paymentasiareviews - Review Payment Asia Hongkong. Data analytics and chatbots provide new business opportunities for merchants. Artificial Intelligence to Amplify Customer Satisfaction. Online Payments Solution Provider. Trying to find an online payment solution provider but don’t know where to start? When evaluating an online payment solution provider, look for these top attributes. Flexible Payment Methods As payment types proliferate and customers expect merchants to support their preferred online payment methods, it’s important to offer multiple payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, mobile payments and Bitcoin.

In China, alternative payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat Pay and China Union Pay are very popular. Easy, Seamless Integration Along with an omni-channel payment solution, seamless integration should also be taken care of. Protection against Data Theft and Card Fraud As online payment methods increase and online payment volumes increase manifold, it’s more important than ever to take steps to mitigate risks. Responsive Customer Care. Five Ways Your Business Can Benefit With a Mobile Payment Solution. From the barter system to using gold, coins, cash and debit/credit cards, man has been very resourceful in inventing innovative ways to pay for goods and services. The latest trend is mobile payments where you can make or accept cashless payments through your smartphone. Here’s how merchants of all types can benefit from offering this convenient payment option to customers.

Satisfy Customer Needs It’s no secret that people in China are very comfortable with cashless payment solutions such as credit cards, debit cards, WeChat pay and Alipay. Convenience plays a major role in the popularity of mobile paymentsolutions and with smartphones becoming a staple in most people’s lives, the popularity is set to increase. Increase Sales and Revenues Providing mobile payment options is beneficial to merchants as well, especially merchants who operate brick-and-mortar stores. Offer Omni-Channel Payments Provide Contactless Transaction via QR Code Use Solution for Business Analytics. Payment Asia Introduction. Artificial Intelligence to Amplify Customer Satisfaction. Digital magazine Artificial Intelligence special edition | APAC CIO Outlook -1. Four Important Benefits of Adopting an Omni-Channel Payment Solution.

Enable Shopping On-The-Go and Grow Your Business with Mobile Payment Solutions | Posts by paymentasia. In China, cashless payments done via mobile devices are a big trend due to the convenience and security they offer. So, should you offer mobile payment options to your customers? Scroll down to know the answers. Useful for Online Shopping Businesses, both online and offline, need to offer a range of payment options to meet customer needs and preferences. Mobile payment options are very popular with smartphone-savvy individuals, especially millenials. ROI for E-Commerce Businesses In an intensely competitive e-commerce world, you need to cover all customer segments.

Popularity of Offline Mobile Payments In the offline world, mobile payment options eliminate the need to carry large amounts of cash or even traditional wallets. Offline Alipay Mobile Payments The same payments solutions company that works as an e-commerce solution provider also has solutions for brick-and-mortar stores. To activate effective mobile payments solutions, get in touch with Asia’s leading payment solutions provider! Gain Competitive Edge and Grow Your Business with Innovative Payment Solutions.

The days when e-commerce businesses offered traditional payment options such as credit card, debit card, cash on delivery or bank transfers are fast disappearing. With payment technology evolving by leaps and bounds, there is an increasing need for e-commerce businesses to adopt and offer innovativepayment solutions. Read on to learn what these new payment technologies are and what factors should influence your choice of payment methods. Safe and Efficient E-Wallets The need to adopt innovative payment solutions arises from the need of customers to be able to select from a range of new, convenient payment methods. E-wallets are getting popular these days for their ease of use and convenience – e-wallets do not have any physical form, they are electronic cards that need to be linked with a bank account or credit card.

Users can load as much money as they want in their e-wallet and use that to make cashless payments. Mobile Payments and China Union Pay Choose Payment Methods Wisely. E-Commerce Payment Gateway – The New Lifeblood of the Chinese Economy The increasing complexity,... Smart Tips to Choose an Online Payment Solution. Hey there! Are you experiencing poor traffic to your site? Is the bounce rate on your site increasing day by day? If yes, are you looking for ways to maximize your site traffic? Well, here is some useful information for you! Still, several sites do not possess their own ecommerce payment solutions. Type of Business Online paymentsolution providers generally customize e-payment gateways for every kind of business unless they belong to the high-risk sector of business. Payment Method Choices As internet users are increasingly becoming comfortable making payments online, they are now looking for sites that offer payment facilities online.

The authenticity of the Company Several companies existing in the market claim to be the best in the business; do not solely rely on their words. Offers Higher Security Another important aspect of your chosen online payment solution provider would be to have security making transactions on the gateway. Fees They Charge. Artificial Intelligence to Amplify Customer Satisfaction. Preemptive Fraud Management Practices for Merchants By Payment Asia. Payments and Commerce Market Guide 2018-2019. Apacciooutlook. The Silicon Review. The security and reliability of Payment Asia – A hit among customers. Payment Asia – The ultimate choice of progressive businesses nowadays In the present time, all t... Paymentasia. Electronic Business Payment Solutions Company | PaymentAsia.

Payment Asia Preemptive Fraud Management Practices for Merchants. Artificial Intelligence to Amplify Customer Satisfaction. The Impressive Role a Payment Gateway Plays in the Success of E-commerce | Payment Asia Reviews. The Numerous Pros of Confiding with Online Payment Technology. Payment Asia – One of the Best Online Payment Platforms for Smooth Ecommerce Business. Payment Asia – Your Ultimate Guide to Business Success. Customer Satisfaction in the Payment Solution is Important. The Internet has Revolutionized Retailing. ECommerce is The Happening Thing. Payment Gateway Providers - Payment Asia. Mobile payment Options - Payment Asia.

Online Payment Technology - Payment Asia. E Commerce: Giving your Business Wings. Online Mobile Payment Service Options | EWallets | PA Pay App | Alipay | PaymentAsia. Transform the World of Business Online Payment Technology! How are Online Payment Methods Influencing the Businesses? Significant Benefits of Hiring an E-Commerce Service Provider. Advantages of offering innovative payment solutions to purchasers! Payment Asia and its Manifold Influences on E-Commerce | Payment Asia Reviews. Suspended. Let Electronic Payment Solution Help You Increase Your Profits | Payment Asia Reviews. How Online Payment Solution is Leading The Cashless World. Things to Consider While Selecting Online Payment Solution Provider for eCommerce Business. Electronic Business Payment Solutions Company | PaymentAsia. Data analytics and chatbots provide new business opportunities for merchants. Payment Asia: An All-round E-Commerce Solution. How E-Business Management Companies Are Helpful for E-commerce Businesses.

How Can Online Payment Processing Services Benefit Businesses? | Payment Asia Reviews. Role of Electronic Payment Solutions in Taking Business to New Heights. How Secure Online Payment Solutions Become Integral For e-Commerce Businesses. How Chatbots Services Help Merchants to Provide Top-Notch Results. Things to Consider before Selecting the Top E-commerce Solution Providers | Payment Asia Reviews. Top 25 E-Commerce Solution Providers - 2017. How Payment Asia Data Analytics Work Effectively. Key Types of Electronic Payment Methods. What are the Advantages of Online Payment Systems over Manual Payments? What Are The Benefits of Online Credit Card Payment Solutions? | Payment Asia Reviews.

How is E-Payment Crucial to the Success of an E-Commerce Platform? | Payment Asia Reviews. How Easy Payment Processes Can Help Online Customers and Businesses by onlinecreditcardpaym.