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Health & Physical Fitness

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Pre Marriage Physical Fitness To Gain Calmness. Marriage is the occasion which is full of a very high level of anxiety for both Bride & Groom.

Pre Marriage Physical Fitness To Gain Calmness

While the wedding stress may be temporary phenomena with emotional issues to tackle, it can take the spirit out of you. So, you have to learn how to de-stress yourself while managing emotions. Positive approach may help you plan for your big day by enjoying every minute of it. Stress may be positive and negative. While positive stress is good, you need to manage negative stress as otherwise you will start feeling mentally tired and worried. You can feel uneasy at times but must see that feelings of anxiety don’t overtake. Deep Breathing A person filled with anxiety virtually forgets to breathe. Massage Therapy Massage therapy can result in wonders by letting your stress go away.

Acupressure Our palm and foot have key points connected with the whole body. Essential Oils Essential Oils possess properties which, if penetrated properly in the body, can diffuse tissues very quickly. Nutritious Salads For Healthy Life. An Indian Wedding happens to be an event of a lifetime not only for the Bride and Groom but for all the relatives and guests attending too.

Nutritious Salads For Healthy Life

The Hosts try their level best to entertain their guests to their best. They offer them best of the food servings and beverages according to their capacity to make those marriage events memorable in the minds of everyone. Guests enjoy the sumptuous food while taking active participation in the marriage events to make host happy. Any food is incomplete without salads. It’s a kind of starter along with snacks and people can pamper them as per their respective liking. As people are going health conscious, they will get delighted with healthy spreads on their salad plates. Many variants of salad can be chosen from: In the present era, among all the food servings, salads can be the only items with fresh delights served to your guests’ platter. 7 Tips for Dental Hygiene: wedplaneta.

12 Tips for Health Care in Winters. Winters bring in much needed cheers and respite from summers.

12 Tips for Health Care in Winters

But in winters, people are a bit lethargic on their daily routine. They frequently miss daily morning walk and exercise, keep less activity and indulge in overeating. Following such a schedule, one can easily invite lots of health problems. That may result not only over spending on account of medical help but also affecting your basic health in the longer run.

Slightly disciplined life routine shall keep you not only healthy but you will be able to enjoy life king-size. Take these 12 Tips & Precautions and then see the difference: 7 Best Nutrients for Stronger Bones. Our bones start getting weak once you attain the age of 40+.

7 Best Nutrients for Stronger Bones

In some cases, bones start degeneration process even earlier. So, you must follow some Fitness and Diet regimen to keep your bones strong and remain fit & active. You must reduce intake of alcohol and stop smoking as these two are biggest culprits coming in the way of your following any Fitness Mantra. Our body needs many nutrients everyday which are available from many fruits, vegetables and other products. Bare minimum presence of those ingredients / vitamins in the body is essential to maintain immunity and keep your outer skin look glowing. A few nutrients necessary for all of us may be got with the intake of many food sources described as under: Calcium It is available in plenty from Milk, Yoghurt, Cheese, Spinach, Kale, Peas, Collard greens and Soybeans. Protein You can get sufficient Protein from Fish, Poultry, Nuts, Dairy products and Legumes etc.

Magnesium Phosphorus Potassium Vitamin D Vitamin K Like this: Fresh Juices for Being Healthy. 5 Tips To Be In Good Shape. Wedding Guide: Easy Ways to Burn Extra Calories. Any Bride or the Groom, both wish to look energized and vibrant before their Big-Day.

Wedding Guide: Easy Ways to Burn Extra Calories

Before, the marriage, they are busy in shopping spree, making rounds to visit family friends and relations and in the process eating out maximum ending with higher calorie intake. All this may happen just before one month prior to the marriage date. You will then get worried how to burn those extra kilos to appear fit and radiant in the big day? One may be a Physical Fitness freak but at that time, everyone doesn’t have time to knock the doors of a Gym. You are otherwise so engrossed up in many a activities that virtually no time is left for this ritual. You can follow 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at home itself combining slow and fast run ups for 10 minutes each. Walking - the Simplest Fitness Mantra. Every person, would-be-bride or groom wishes to be a fit person especially well before marriage.

Walking - the Simplest Fitness Mantra

Sometimes, they wish to attain fitness miraculously in a few days only and they start doing rounds of Gyms and other regimen. Permanent fitness cannot be attained in this magical way and even if attained, that will be very short-lived. As a person, everyone must take care of certain basics in his/her life so as to remain active and reasonably fit. Walking everyday is one of the daily fitness ritual one must follow. A daily 30-minutes walk can do wonders for attaining overall fitness.

Start slowly A beginner must start slow during initial days. Right Posture.