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10 Tips for Glowing Skin For Bridal Makeup. A Bride wishes to look beautiful and gorgeous on her wedding day. Quite often, she is in a bit dilemma about how to plan & prepare her skin before the wedding functions. Most of the brides are only serious on getting makeover and skin cure just a few days before the main wedding event, but they fail to realize that there are many small things which needs to be done regularly 2-3 months prior to the wedding in order to further boost the appearance on her big day.

A few small initiatives by a bride can make all the difference and can be summed up by way of 10 tips for Bridal Glowing Skin as under: Water intake must be increased during the day. Your morning must start with drinking two glasses of water as this flushes out the system thereby adding glow to the overall body.Physical Fitness is extremely crucial to get and maintain a glowing skin. Follow the above steps in well planned manner, get the Best Bridal Makeup in Delhi NCR and finally have the stunning looks that you desire. Go Organic for Vibrant Skin. These days, markets are flooded with so many products and creams claiming to beautify you to get requisite skin care.

However, most of these products are chemical based and they may be harmful to your skin tissues if used excessively or in ignorance. Media and advertising world have been advertising those products frequently and the innocent customers at times get away and start following those items eventually making no good to them. Today, all of us are living in a fast moving world and wish to gain quick results. Many of the skin care and beauty products are chemical based ones and might give some instant sort of benefits but finally leaves you in a fix.

People have gradually started feeling side effects of those items and are gradually moving towards Organic Skin Care Regime. Organic products are made of safe and natural ingredients and lends you in more positive results doing no harm in the process. · Organic items have the capacity to preserve natural goodness of your skin. Gorgeous Bridal Hair Dos. For a bride, there are many options to style for big occasions - especially on the big day. Hair make up plays a vital role in any bridal-makeup and enhances the overall persona of the person concerned, if done wisely. You can ditch the old-fashioned buns and instead go for other option to give hairstyles a vibrant and lustrous looks altogether. Brides of today may not very much like traditional hair-styles of classic buns but instead are more experimenting which are in fashion and give more glamour. Traditional Braided Hair-Styles A thick long-braid, highlighted with flower strings, pearls or chic golden accessories is considered to be a traditional hairstyle variety for the Indian-bride.

Hair-Style with a Veil A well-designed side downdo is the new substitute for side braid. Long-Downdo with a Maang Tikka This will permits you a modern free hairstyles with a bouffant & will go well with both thick and thin and of course with Maang Tikka as well. Cute Side Curly Down Do. Wed Planeta — Pre-Wedding SPA Therapy. Bridal Make-Up - Look Stunning and Elegant on Wedding Day. For any woman, her wedding is once in a lifetime affair and she would definitely like to look her best on the Big Day. A marriage brings in a new energy altogether and a sort of vibrancy comes to her mind also. Post marriage, she will start a new life which also brings in lots of mystery, tension and pleasure.

Everybody likes this new journey and expects to start it always with a good note. Thinking of a marriage brings in high expectations for the coming future with peace and prosperity. Any would be bride would select her attire very carefully. Her wardrobe may include clothing, jewellery and other accessories. One can get in touch with beauty parlors to get that extra make up and bring in glow. The would be bride normally goes for light make up for events like Ring ceremony, Roka, Sangeet, Sagai and Mehandi etc. Again, she cannot entirely bank upon makeup artists to groom herself. Bridal Mehndi Art. Mehndi Ceremony is a very important ritual in case of any big occasion and Indian weddings. Mehndi is applied by our women folk on many festivals like Teej, Karva Choth and Diwali etc. in India, mehandi is also considered as part of enhancing gorgeousness and grace.

Mehandi Art has been prevalent since the time immemorial in our country. It occupies an integral part in any marriage ceremony in and any marriage event is incomplete without this ritual. Mehndi is also predominantly part of the 16 Shringaar i.e. sixteen adornments of any bride and an integral part of overall beauty regimen. In our marriage ceremonies, mehndi event is held at both the families place participated by all the relatives, friends and family members. This ceremony is quite often combined with Ladies Sangeet also. Indian brides apply mehndi on their hands, arms and feet.

Mehndi Art has been taking place in many designs including Arabic Mehndi, Rajasthani Mehndi, Crystal Mehndi and Tattoo Mehndi. Latest Bridal Hairstyles For Every Bride. Every bride aspires to look at her best on wedding events. Hairstyle plays an important role in giving her that perfect bridal look. In earlier times, not much credence was given on hair styling but today’s bride has many options to choose from. In good old days, the brides were given simple hair styles on wedding like plat, pony and buns. With changing time, brides have become increasingly conscious and experimental about their look and appearance.

Many beauty parlors and salons now help a bride to choose the right hair styles to match the occasion and brides’ personality. At times, you have to mix traditional and trendy look which is possible by change in hair styling. Coming to hair styles, a pony, braids, juda, straight plates, blunts etc. depend upon size and shape of your hair. Now, hair colors are available in a wide range and should be chosen according to your complexion and the natural color of your hair. Groom Make Up - Gaining Popularity. As we know, one of the important features in an Indian wedding is Bridal Makeup. We have often seen that bride & family are most concerned about her looks. Usually, brides starts their beauty regimen about a couple of months before the wedding day. She takes care of her diet plus fitness regimen.

Makeup has often correlated with women, but since recent past, even men feel concerned on this aspect. Like every bride, all grooms desire to look smart, handsome & distinctive. Here are few suggestions for Would-Be-Grooms while they opt right makeup regimen: General Diet Grooms must make sure they have a nutritious food 2-3 months before big day. Water Intake Make Sure you drink at least 3-4 liters of water daily. General Fitness Try having 30 minutes jogging / brisk walking besides few other exercises in your daily routine. Hair Care Make sure that you don't facing any hair fall or dandruff problems. Avoid Excessive Cosmetics Avoid Allergic Material. 7 Tips of Grooming for Big Day. Marriage is such a solemn occasion that it is celebrated in much fun and flora. Both Bride and Groom have to look at their best on & before the wedding day. Till about a few years back, Grooms were not that concerned on their looks and attire.

However, now the grooms are also quite particular on their appearance, personality and outfits. They make it a point to prepare them for the big day so as to look different and distinct from the crowd around. A few tips are here for the prospective grooms to follow to enhance their persona before the wedding ceremonies: Ensure Fitness He must follow strict health regimen to be in shape on the D- Day. Keep Junk Food Away Must minimize intake on the junk food and follow proper food. Start Grooming Would-be-groom should keep his hands and feet duly manicured / pedicure and keep them softer. Well-Tailored Attire On should, in advance finalize his attire and give to the good tailor.

Accessories Do in What You Feel Good Too Much is Bad. Bridal Nail Care. Any woman has to prepare herself for the Big-Day ceremonies and has to follow many rituals. She has to look different and stunning as all eyes will be focused on her on that particular day. All guests around keep their maximum attention on would-be-bride and therefore special concern has to be taken at her end to bring in perfection in overall persona. Even a small things can't be underestimated and due regard is to be given to every detail small effort. Nail Care is one part of Bridal Makeup and would-be-bride must start taking care at least a month before D-Day. She cannot therefore take chances and has to undergo proper care regimen.

One can go on matching art with Saree / Lehenga. So, as a bride don't be shy and go for vibrant nail art to give in tandem with Bridal Attire and look stunning on your Bid-Day. Get Rid Of Hair Fall Problems. Be it a Bride or Groom, both are always attentive to their hair. Rather, every person tries to keep his/her hair in proper shape and strength as lots of their personality depend thereon. It is normal to have hair fall upto 100 strands daily as new strands will shortly take place. But anything above is a matter of concern. In case, one is not mentally or physically fully fit, then also excessive hair falling may take place. There may be plenty of reasons of excessive hair fall, a few of which are summarized as under: Hormonal ImbalancesPost-delivery in case of ladiesAny long illness like Typhoid, Fever etc. Mental tensionCrash DietingHair straightening on excess use of Hair DryerMore junk food intake There are general Do’s and Don’ts which one must keep in mind in his/her daily routine to keep hair falling problem at bay: Above are normal and routine precautions which everyone can take at home quite easily without spending much money.

Like this: Like Loading... Groom Make up. As we know, one of the important features in an Indian wedding is Bridal Make up. We have often seen that bride and her family are most concerned about her looks. Usually, a bride starts her beauty regime about a couple of months before the wedding day. She takes care of their her diet and fitness regimen. Groom Make up is often correlated with women, but now even men are also equally concerned on this aspect. Like every bride, now all grooms also desire to look smart, handsome and distinctive. A few years back we used to see men working on their looks while in college or in their teens. Here are a few suggestions for would-be-grooms before they opt to go for Groom Make up: General Diet: Grooms need to make sure that they have a nutritious diet 2-3 months before their big day.

Water Intake: Make sure that you drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day. General Fitness: Try and include 30 minutes of jogging/brisk walking and a few other exercises in your daily routine. Hair Care: