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Top 9 Greek Breweries. Greece is principally famous for its exceptional olive oil, the agricultural products, its unique Mediterranean cuisine and its rich history dating back to Ancient Times.

Top 9 Greek Breweries

The one thing left out of the list is the domestic production of high quality beers, a section that fairly claims its participation in the “Quality Greek Products” list! Drink Responsibly The history of beer is vast and beer lovers around the globe just countless! Travel with us in this hidden part of Greek tradition and be a Greek beer lover too! Craft is a genuine example of success. Craft Beer Royal, Epos, Pale Ale Special & Real Ale bitter, four distinct varieties coming from Corfu Island (Ionian Sea), all exuding an aristocratic aroma that perfectly suits this magic island created by a small sized but modern brewery.

Corfu Beer The two varieties of “Piraiki Microbrewery” are the perfect outcome of tradition and technology combination, leaving the best impression to those who taste it. Piraiki Beer Brinks Beer Fix Beer. BeerAdvocate - Respect Beer. Untappd - A Fun, New, Mobile-Based Social Network for Beer Enthusiasts.