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Facebook Twitter - Complete Directory of the Best Art Schools, Art Institutes, Art Colleges, Art Programs, and Art Classes. Find Your Art School! ART FUNDAMENTALS. Program Description In the AFD program you’ll gain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of traditional arts.


You’ll study creative visual and communication skills with courses that include drawing, illustration, design, colour theory, photography and art history. Most importantly, you’ll grow and improve as an artist, expanding your knowledge and appreciation of the arts with each day. Our strong, hands–on curriculum was created and continues to be taught by working artists.

During the course of the program, you’ll benefit from general education courses, which will provide you with the opportunity to explore different areas of the liberal arts. Art Fundamentals - Sheridan College Institute - Oakville Ontario. School of Design. Video Game Design Schools. Slide Show Is Loading ...

Video Game Design Schools

Video games and interactive immersive worlds grab you and provide not only entertainment, but education, cultural enrichment, and groundbreaking social interaction. There is no limit to the potential in the video game design field, which is quickly becoming the premiere medium for cultural storytelling, information and entertainment. New York Film Academy - Film School - One -Year 3D Animation Workshops & Programs.

Screenwriting This class is designed to help students develop their scripts for their animation.

New York Film Academy - Film School - One -Year 3D Animation Workshops & Programs

It focuses on the fundamentals of visual storytelling and provides students with constructive analysis and support as they take a story from initial idea, treatment, step outline to a rough draft, storyboard and animatic. The intersection of story structure, theme, character, tension, and conflict is examined through detailed scene analysis. Storyboard A storyboard is essentially a comic book version or visual expression of the script, produced before the movie to help the film director visualize the scenes.