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Learn the Value. Results with Baldrige in Education. Baldrige Award Recipients' Contacts and Profiles. E-BALDRIGE SELF-ASSESSMENT AND ACTION PLANNING: USING THE BALDRIGE ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE FOR EDUCATION. Self-Assessing. Education Criteria for Performance Excellence. About the Baldrige Education Criteria: Introduction to the CriteriaSample pages from the Education Criteria booklet (PDF) (including the Organizational Profile and Item 3.2 Customer Engagement)Organizational Profile: A snapshot of your organization, the key influences on how it operates, and the key challenges it facesEducation Criteria Category and Item Commentary: Additional guidance on the CriteriaSelf-Analysis Worksheet: A self-assessment tool to use with the Criteria (MS-Word).From Fighting Fires to Innovation: An Analogy for Learning: See how organizational learning—a Baldrige core value—moves your organization from reacting to problems to preventing them.

Education Criteria for Performance Excellence

(JPEG, EPS)Steps toward Mature Processes: Locate your organization on this continuum from reactive activities to mature processes aligned with your key strategic and operational goals. (JPEG, EPS)The Role of Core Values and Concepts: Values and concepts that underlie the Baldrige Criteria categories. (JPEG, EPS) As a result, Baldrige FAQs: Using the Criteria for Performance Excellance. Why are the Baldrige Criteria good for running my organization?

Baldrige FAQs: Using the Criteria for Performance Excellance

You cannot know the complexities of my work. No one can tell you how to run your organization. The value in applying the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence is in using a validated framework to assess your organization's performance. The Criteria-based assessment is tailored to your organization and its success and is driven by your Organizational Profile, your strategic and action plans, and your customer focus. Studies by NIST, universities, business organizations, and the U.S. Doesn't this quality and performance stuff just apply to manufacturing? The categories of the Criteria for Performance Excellence apply equally well to all business, service, and nonprofit organizations as well as to education and health care organizations.

How do you use Baldrige in a small organization? Because Baldrige is a nonprescriptive framework for organizational excellence, it is applicable to small businesses or organizations. Baldrige by Sector: Education. Why do so many education organizations around the country use the Education Criteria for Performance Excellence?

Baldrige by Sector: Education

The Baldrige Criteria provide a comprehensive way to achieve and sustain high performance across the entire organization. Education organizations such as business schools; community colleges; centuries-old universities; and K-12 school districts in Chicago, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, and Oklahoma—as well as one covering 22,000 square miles in Alaska—use the Baldrige Criteria to improve their schools and their students’ education. Your education organization can do the same. How Baldrige Relates The Baldrige Criteria address all key areas of a running a successful education organization and are compatible with other performance improvement initiatives, such as School Improvement Planning, ISO 9000, Lean, and Six Sigma. Improve Your Results See what the Baldrige Criteria can do for your organization and learn the value of the Baldrige process.

Baldrige Impacts. The Global Voice of Quality. Applying for the Award. New Study Finds that Baldrige Award Recipient Hospitals Significantly Outperform Their Peers. A new report has found that health care organizations that have won Baldrige National Quality Awards for performance excellence or been considered for a Baldrige Award site visit outperform other hospitals in nearly every metric used to determine the 100 Top Hospitals, a national recognition given by Thomson Reuters.

New Study Finds that Baldrige Award Recipient Hospitals Significantly Outperform Their Peers

Commissioned by the Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, a private organization, and conducted by Thomson Reuters, the report found that Baldrige hospitals were six times more likely to be counted among the 100 Top Hospitals, which represent the top 3 percent of hospitals in the United States, and that they statistically outperform the 100 Top Hospitals on core measures established by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. "[H]ospitals using the Baldrige process are significantly more likely than peers to become 100 Top Hospitals award winners, thereby achieving performance equal to or better than the top 3 percent," the report states.

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