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Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry. Digital transformation will enable healthcare providers to improve healthcare services, patient experience & healthcare staff productivity.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry

Digital transformation opens more opportunity for self-management and empowering patients to have healthcare on their own terms. Now, its what patients can do with the technology rather than what technology can do for them. Improved analytics & reports EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) was introduced in 2009 and transformed the healthcare industry. What is Product Lifecycle Management? What are the benefits of implementing a PLM Software? What is Product Lifecycle Management?

What is Product Lifecycle Management? What are the benefits of implementing a PLM Software?

– It is a process that manages product information, communication, workflows & process. It is a systematic approach to manage the activities that a product goes through, that is, from design, development, support to disposal. As per Wikipedia,“Product lifecycle management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products.” Product lifecycle management is usually associated with Manufacturing industry but this has been implemented in software development & service industry. It has got basically 4 stages: Pre-production stage Production stage Post-production stageDisposal or recycle stage. How does PLM help in managing next-generation product complexity?

Leveraging Liferay Platform for SEO. In digital era, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role in optimizing specific web pages or complete website.

Leveraging Liferay Platform for SEO

This makes the website pages and its content search engine friendly and scores higher in search results. Liferay Site Administration for SEO Meta tags, page title and sitemap are important aspects of SEO that can be configured for web pages of Liferay sites from control panel. In Liferay, administrator can configure meta tags, title tag in different languages for public and/or private pages. Managing the Data Volume with MongoDB. Replication Replication provides redundancy and increases data availability.There are two kinds of sever in it: primary and secondary.

Managing the Data Volume with MongoDB

We can write data into primary and only read from secondary and acts during Automatic Failover. When a primary does not communicate with the other members of the set for more than 10 seconds then secondary node becomes primary node automatically.So replication helps our application to be redundant without failure. Sharding and Replication Sharding and Replication both are combined to harness the benefits of both the features of MongoDB. To configure Sharding and Replication in local, we will demonstrate with one App server, one Config server, two Shard servers and one Replica server corresponding to each primary server. How can Implementing Chatbots in Car Dealerships Improve Customer Experience? Continuous Learning for Quality Management from Endless Data An enormous amount of data is collected by brands with varied data sources like CRM systems, live call transcripts, internal databases, voice transcripts and FAQs which provides valuable information to chatbots.

How can Implementing Chatbots in Car Dealerships Improve Customer Experience?

It is analyzed by the AI system. The more data one feed to the AI system, the more it learns from the data, the more patterns it identifies and the more correctly it can communicate with customers in real time. This data can further be translated into deep machine learning that creates a higher level of intelligence and catering them with the ability to ‘learn’ the correct answer to any question over the time. Omnichannel Personalization Considering the ever-evolving customer expectations to receive personal digital experience across all channels at all times, chatbots can be deployed on almost every digital interface like mobile apps, the web, SMS, instant messaging, and voice response.

[Infographic] How the Left and the Right Brain Work in Mobile App Design? “Welcome to the human brain, the cathedral of complexity.”

[Infographic] How the Left and the Right Brain Work in Mobile App Design?

—Peter Coveney Brain-science and psychology play a vital role in a user’ experience (UX) with the mobile application. There are several characteristics that the brain-science has put together with every single hemisphere of the human brain. It is no more a secret that human brains are skilled in two distinct types of thinking. While the “left brain” is believed to be objective, focusing on logic and analytics; the “right brain” is increasingly subjective, often triggered with look and feel of your design. By having a better understanding of how the mobile app designs are perceived, the designers can make modifications; to make the apps more effective.

Creativity can be chaos, analytical problem solving can be monotonous. Liferay Digital Experience Platform: For a Better Customer Experience. Liferay Digital Experience Platform is an emerging class of enterprise software with the goals of meeting the business requirements of enterprises undergoing digital transformations and providing exceptional customer experiences.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform: For a Better Customer Experience

Liferay DXP caters an architecture for enterprises to digitize their business operations, deliver connected customer experiences and gather actionable customer insights. Angular or Angular JS : Understanding the detailed differences. Web development is a great place to start your adventure with programming.

Angular or Angular JS : Understanding the detailed differences

When we talk about the best frontend framework, angular is the buzzword. Angular is an open source front end framework. Most of the newbies usually get confused in between Angular and AngularJS, as most of them think that both are the same and it’s just a matter of a word. Although it is not true. AngularJS is an open-source, JavaScript-based, front-end web application framework for dynamic web app development, whereas Angular is the blanket term used to refer to Angular 2, Angular 4 and all other versions that come after AngularJS.