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Greater Cincinnati Real Estate Community Guide

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Learn about the Greater Cincinnati real estate market and what each community has to offer. Greater Cincinnati includes Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana with plenty of different housing options to choose from.

Cincinnati Realtor – Google My Maps. Great Things To Know About Relocating To Cincinnati. Having lived in Cincinnati for over a decade now I know about picking up and moving to a new location very well. Moving is never an easy task and finding out about your new community can be challenging without having ever lived in the particular area. Rest assured that Cincinnati has plenty to offer for anyone who is looking to move here. As one of the best real estate agents in Cincinnati, Ohio I have come to learn my way around the area very well and am sure those moving here will enjoy what it has to offer. While there are many reasons for moving to Cincinnati, Ohio I recap some of the very best reasons here for your consideration. Housing Affordability In Cincinnati Cincinnati ranked at number 15 of one of the most affordable housing markets in the United States by Forbes magazine. Cincinnati has brand new construction 2-3 bedroom homes starting in the $150,000 and up price range. Employment Community Food Paradise The Ohio River Recreation & Entertainment Ready To Move To Cincinnati?

Search Greater Cincinnati, OH Homes For Sale In The School District Of Your Choice. November 2017 Cincinnati, Ohio Luxury Real Estate Market Report. As is to be expected during the holiday season home sales begin to slow down as fewer luxury homes are bought and sold. Fewer sellers are looking to put their homes on the market during the holiday season due to travel or family visit plans.

The upcoming tax bill making its way through congress could change the landscape of real estate by eliminating or limiting mortgage interest deductions as well as increasing the time required for a home seller to be in a home to get a tax break on any gain from the sale of their home. Currently a homeowner must live in a house for at least two of the last five years to be entitled to a tax free gain from the sale of $250,000 for a single person and $500,000 for a married couple.

In the tax law as proposed the timeframe would change to require homeowners to live in the home for at least five years out of the last eight years. Consumers Shift To High Gear, But At What Cost? 14 Reasons You’ll Love Living In Cincinnati, Ohio. Planning on relocating to Cincinnati, OH? Here are some reasons why you will love the Greater Cincinnati Area which encompasses parts of Indiana, Ohio and Northern Kentucky. You can travel between the three states and still be close to your home. Cincinnati has lots to offer for anyone looking to relocated here, where you want hip uptown living, suburban neighborhoods or rural living. Be sure to check out the Cincinnati Life Facebook group to get up to date information and check out the wide range of homes for sale in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. 1. Cincinnati has a vibrant community with plenty of places to go, meet and be social. 2. For the past few years a number of Cincinnati eating establishments have been ranking pretty high in the nation.

To get a great selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, produce and more be sure to check out some of the local farmer’s markets many of the communities sponsor in their locations. 3. 4. What you are looking for. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. River. 11. Why Cincinnati is an Awesome & Affordable Place to Call Home. There’s something about Cincinnati, OH, that’s uniquely American.

From the elaborate architecture and landmarks, like Music Hall on Elm Street, to places like the art deco style Union Terminal in the Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati holds something special. Maybe its because Cincinnati is home to many literary figures, professional athletes and two former presidents. It’s all of these features, as well as its hundreds of years of history that stretch so far away from America’s coastal cities, which makes the Queen City the first truly American city.

A city you’ll be excited to call your new home. Cincinnati Real Estate Cincinnati has an excellent real estate market right now, whether you’re looking for an apartment downtown, a family house in Pleasant Ridge, or a small one bedroom in North College Hill. Cincinnati Neighborhoods One of these great neighborhoods is Mount Adams. Cincinnati Schools Cincinnati Eats You should add Over-the-Rhine’s Findlay Market at the top of your list. Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Statistics for July 2017.

Terrace Park, Ohio Real Estate & Community Guide. Terrace Park Terrace Park was originally settled in 1789 and officially incorporate into an official village in 1893. Terrace Park is located in Hamilton County, Ohio north-east of Cincinnati and directly west of Clermont County. Terrace Park zip code is 45174. The total land area for Terrace Park is 1.22 square miles. Terrace Park REAL ESTATE MARKET Since Terrace Park is a small village with only 1.22 square miles of land dining choices are found in neighboring communities like Mariemont, Madeira, Milford and more. Terrace Park government is actively managed by a mayor and city council.

Terrace Park is an established market with high end luxury homes being the predominant type of home you will find. Terrace Park prices start around the $300,000 range and can exceed $1,000,000.00 for some homes. Terrace Park ECONOMY Terrace Park estimated median income for 2009 was over $135,574.00. Terrace Park CLIMATE Terrace Park receives on average about 44 inches of rain per year and 16 inches of snow.

Indian Hill, Ohio Real Estate Market Informationn. Video Guide to Anderson Township Real Estate Market. Indian Hill, Ohio Real Estate Guide. Indian Hill started out as a farming community which later then changed to a rural weekend getaway for Cincinnatians in the early 1900s. In the 1920s a couple of business individuals encouraged their other friends to join them in building a community that featured large mansions with stables, kennels and even some very large estates. Indian Hill currently boasts of being one of the richest zip codes in Ohio and was named the “best place to raise a family” by the Robb Report in 2002.

Indian Hill was also named number 8 out of The 50 Best Suburbs In America by Business Insider in 2015 neighborhood. Indian Hill is located in Hamilton County, Ohio just north of Cincinnati. Indian Hill only has one zipcode which is 45243. All of the land within the City of Indian Hill is zoned for single family residential or agriculture use only. Indian Hill government is actively managed by a mayor and city council. Indian Hill estimated median income for 2013 was over $200,000.00. IHSD schools include: Anderson Township, Ohio Real Estate Guide. Anderson Township Anderson Township originally settled in 1788 was later organized into an official township in 1793. Named one of Greater Cincinnati’s most livable neighborhood, Anderson Township is located in Hamilton County, Ohio just east of Cincinnati and west of Clermont County.

Anderson Township zipcodes include 45230, 45244 and 45255.The total land area for Anderson is 30.3 square miles.Elevation is 725 feet.The 2010 Census showed 43,446 people living in Anderson Township.The Cincinnati Public Library maintains the Anderson Branch at 5 Mile and State Road. Being named one of Greater Cincinnati most livable neighborhood means Anderson has plenty to offer for everyone. From a variety of dining options to many parks and recreational facilities ensure a vibrant community for all to enjoy.

Being only minutes from Downtown Cincinnati results in an easy morning and evening commute. The Township Government is actively managed by three elected trustees. FHSD schools include: