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Loft Resumes Little known fact: Recruiters spend six seconds before making an initial “fit/no fit” decision... The 6-second-rule is a discovery which came from an eye-tracking study that observed 30 professional recruiters during a 10-week period. The study found recruiters had an erratic “gaze-path” when reviewing an average resume. To add to the erratic “gaze-path,” the study found that recruiters had high levels of cognitive-load (mental activity), which means it was harder for a recruiter to make a decision based on the average self-generated resume. Interrupt the 6 second thought sequence... Your recruiters mind is focused on finding the right resume as quickly as possible.
As a senior executive, you may think you know what Job Number 1 is: developing a killer strategy. In fact, this is only Job 1a. You have a second, equally important task. How leaders kill meaning at work - McKinsey Quarterly - Governance - Leadership

How leaders kill meaning at work - McKinsey Quarterly - Governance - Leadership

The Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Northwestern University
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Business Card Websites, part 2 3 months ago I launched my Business Card Website (coining that term). The reactions varied from extremely positive to people saying they didn’t understand the purpose of it. Here’s a brief recap of what happened since then. People have been writing / tweeting about it, people have been analyzing it. Can I use/buy it? Business Card Websites, part 2
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