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Dark thoughts

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Burning Flag Lyrics - Marilyn Manson. They want to sell it outBuy it upDumb it downA good god is hard to findI'll join the crowd thatWants to see me deadRight now I feel I belongFor the first time Multiply your deathDivide by sexAdd up the violence andWhat do you get?

Burning Flag Lyrics - Marilyn Manson

We are all just stars and we're waitingWe are all just scarred and we're hatingWe are all just stars on your burning flag You can point your gun at meAnd hope it will go awayIf god was alive,He would hate you anyway My right wing is flappingThe left one is grayLet's hear it for the kids butNothing they sayThey gyrate and G-rateOn Election DayWe got out ABC's and our F U C K Multiply your deathDivide by sexAdd up the violence and What do you get?

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